Friday, December 19, 2014

UPDATE:  At least one trustee has now admitted to me that maybe they did not do their due diligence in the beginning on any of this.  But Dynamic Campus is nothing more that the company running the technology for TSC.  Yes, they oversee ebooks and Pearson - but they oversee them as part of the technology task given to them by the Board,.  The board - not Dynamic Campus chooses the ebooks or Pearson - Dynamic Campus just oversees the execution of these programs chosen by the board.  Blaming Dynamic Campus for ebooks or Pearson is like blaming the nurse for which surgical procedure the doctor chooses. 
Montoya and I are agreeing again, but for different reasons..  Adela Garza and the entire board at that time [there are new board members who were not part of the original decision] knew exactly who
Dr. Leonardo de La Garza was and his relationship to Dynamic Campus. [NOTE: Trustees are saying this was in fact not known - but are conceding a possible lack of due diligence on their part]  So the feigned shock over the alleged conflict of interest is not flying.  It is nothing more than Adela making noise which a distraction and damaging to TSC and staff morale.

But I was greatly disappointed the Board voted to continue the relationship.  This feigned shock by Adela Garza as to the conflict is as stupid as the propaganda resolution the majority voted to pass. 

18 months ago I argued against ebooks and Pearson.  Now 18 months ago the top universities in the world were all excited over this technology with no one really doing their due diligence in investigating these companies, and that included the entire Board and in particular Adela Garza.  But it also includes some of the best universities in the world.

But now with the research showing ebooks and that baby-sitting technology approach of Pearson is not in the best interests of the students it is unforgivable that any Board or administrator would recommend their continued use.  [TO CLARIFY FROM ORIGINAL POST - Dynamic Campus has nothing to do with this - they are just executing on the Board's decisions - I am being told the real problem is not with Dynamic Campus because they are doing their job, the problem was with not exploring is there is a better option.]

Adela Garza does not get to feign shock of some possible conflict of interest she knew about or should have known about and voted for from day one - it is typical Adela Garza.  Her focus should be 100% is, are the students benefiting from ebooks and Pearson?  The research tends to say no.  This is the winnable argument.

But for a majority to continue the agreement at this point showed a complete and total lack of interest in the best interests of the students. They should have explored if there are better options.  And I care about the students and not this endless tit for tat between trustees which is only hurting the students and staff morale.

Adela and Kiko are going to end up taking one another out at the expense of TSC and that is sad.

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