Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Everything is subject to rebirth - movement in markets bring changes every day - A reader the other day posted an article about how the price of gas is causing the price of natural gas to come down which is making those who want to export natural gas rethink their investment.  I had already spoke about this - guys the low price of gas is a short story - Saudi Arabia is working with the US to squeeze the Russian, Iranian and Venezuelan governments.  All three are suffering major economic hardship.  Once we get what we want, Saudi Arabia along with some other allies will cut production and the price will go back up - really guys - how long do you think the major oil companies are going to remain silent in Washington as this foreign policy scheme plays out?

In time once the balance between the price of oil and NG returns, the investors will line up again and the development of NG for export will be up and running again.  I keep on reading about the Chinese Asian market for the export of the NG, but the European papers are talking about wanting to get away from their dependency on Russia - we shall see.

The port started as a dream and then became something.  It can and will become something again - everything has its cycles.  Brownsville and Cameron county have a lot of potential right now - I can only hope that the county commission picks a new county judge based on competence and not political promises.

Now is when we need a county leader more than ever.  I also hope that come may we will have a mayor who does not divide the city and who can work closely with the county to make the metroplex a reality.  We need leaders who are looking to harness our natural resources, and not making Austin happy.


Anonymous said...

The Chinese just signed long term gas contracts with the Russians and will build gas pipe lines to supply it, much cheaper than LNG. Europe is tied to Russian gas for at least the next 20 years. Watch Saudia Arabia where the King is on his death bed. New King will be even more of a hard liner. Gas in the 40's for three years, killing tar sands and fracking.

The Port of Brownsville is headed in the same direction as the passenger rail service from Brownsville to Houston went.

BobbyWC said...

You may be 100 percent correct. Great comment. Thanks