Monday, December 29, 2014


I do not care what the profession is, there is a brotherhood which tends to protect their own.  If you cannot rely on your brothers in profession to protect your back who can you rely on?  This is simple.

I am watching problems at the VA devolving into chaos because the administrators have pitted the doctors against one another, so the doctors are now compelled to run cover for one another - on my issue because I can document with the notes of the pharmacist I am going to the IG.  Nothing will get done locally - no matter how bad the pharmacist gets the doctors are not going to expose the truth to the administrators.  Why?  Because the Administrators mismanaged the situation and have forced all of the medical personnel into protecting one another, even if it means the veterans suffering.

For no better reason than ignorance two NYC police officers were laid to rest this weekend.  I spoke about this several weeks ago - how the opportunists on both sides of the Ferguson mess and choke hold case inflamed both sides to the detriment of all.  This weekend we saw the result. Two very innocent police officers laid to rest after being assassinated for no better reason than being police officers.

I get the police chief has to find a way to discipline those who need disciplining while also maintaining a professional and positive relationship with the officers.  It is a near impossible balancing act.

But this balancing act is made worse by the Police Brotherhood which seems all too willing to get defensive when the conduct of one of their own is called into question.  This feeds into the paranoia of those who see honor in assassinating two innocent police officers for no better reason than they are police officers.

I am not going to pretend it is an easy balancing act for the rank and file.  When should they circle the wagons and protect their own like brothers should - and when should they say - "you are not my brother because my brother would never bring such shame to our profession?"

It is an impossible balancing act.

But if the Police Brotherhood do not start doing a better job in working to expose among their own those who do not honorably serve the Brotherhood, more and more innocent police officers are going to suffer along with their families.

What is sad is, we are dealing with such an incredibly small number of bad apples I do not see why the Brotherhood seems so adamant to protect such a handful of officers which bring shame to such an honorable and essential profession.

And guys, I'm not talking about police officers who help fix tickets for one another's family members.  This is a professional courtesy done all over the U.S. - and to be honest - I am cool with it - we have to give them some extra benefits.  I am not talking about a police officer who allows a kid to walk on a warning for a small crime - such as smoking a joint.

I am talking about police officers who run cover for the bad conduct of other officers.  This is when the Brotherhood has a duty to say "no, you are no longer our brother."  This is when the police chief needs to say "no, this is beyond a common courtesy between officers." 

When officers falsify reports, use their badge to intimidate people into paying debts, or falsify evidence it needs to be the Brotherhood which says - "no - you are not our brother because your conduct is endangering all of us."

But if the Brotherhood continues to operate with the idea they  can do no wrong, more innocent officers are going to be assassinated.  This is wrong.  The Brotherhood better look long and hard at how these two officers died, before they continue to run cover for the officers outright abusing their office.

The opportunists who are exploiting the acts of a few bad apples or the innocent acts of officers just doing their job are not going away - they are going to continue to inflame people into not trusting the police - and this is bad for everyone.

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