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Montoya is almost too surreal to be believable. He says no one is talking about the weir dam then posts an entire article on how the State of Texas and local representatives are talking about the water crisis developing in the LRGV. Does anyone but a homophobic fool believe all of these people Montoya is saying are talking about the water crisis in the LRGV have taken the weir dam off the table? No - dams are water - and even a homophobic drunk should be able to understand such a simple issue.


Adela knows the TSC budget when voted on is divided into groups with money allot to each group. You can see the budget here broken down into sections.  The budget was unanimously approved by the board.

What the above shows is Adela Garza and Art Rendon voted to pay United Brownsville the $25,000 annual dues.  I would have voted no.  It is wrong that TSC is using taxpayer money which in part comes from cities other than Brownsville, to fund an organization which has as its primary purpose to promote and develop Brownville.  To be fair an argument could be made there is an indirect benefit to the surrounding cities in terms of possible jobs, housing development etc.

Click here to see agendas  If you look to August there were endless workshops wherein TSC went over the budget proposal with the Trustees.  In the work shops the Trustees get the more detailed information as to how the money will be spent within each subgroup listed in the above budget.

If Adela opposed payment to United Brownsville then she should have put the issue on the Agenda to have it taken out of the budget.  She did not.  When the budget was unanimously approved Adela Garza and Art Rendon in effect voted to pay United Brownsville the $25,000.

But here is the deal - as is always the case with Montoya because he has zero intellect to make an intelligent argument he always raises the bogyman to get his 2 supporting readers to believe his trash.

In October there was a vote to SUSPEND the already approved payment to United Brownsville.  It failed.  You cannot vote to suspend payment of something which has not already been approved.  This is the lie.  Given the fact the payment was approved in August when the annual budget was approved by even Adela Garza herself, there was no need for a new vote to approve the payment.  It had already been approved.  All the October vote was, was an attempt to stop the payment.  And for the record - I would have voted to stop the payment.  Even more because I actually understand budgets, unlike Adela Garza, I would have tried to put the issue on the August agenda to stop the payment from being put in the budget in the first instance.

So here is your choice - Adela Garza paid Montoya to lie, or she is admitting she knows nothing about how the budget at TSC is created - you decide.

To the extent Art Rendon in fact has stated he never vote for payment to United Brownsville he is a liar.  The Budget vote was unanimous, which means he voted for it.  So one, Montoya is lying about Rendon's claims, two Rendon does not understand how the TSC budgetary process works [kind of scary I would say] or three he is a liar. You choose.


To understand Montoya you must understand his own son has been dealing with this mess all semester at TSC and he has said nothing in defense of his own son or his son's peers.  But boy, Adela cuts a check and he has plenty to say.

I am on record for over a year I am against the Ebooks and Pearson.  But if you read Montoya's piece Dr. Lily Tecero is some incompetent leader who is the only community college president or university president who has bought into this bad policy.  If she is following the lead of major universities including UT, then you cannot argue she is a stand alone incompetent on the issue.

Princeton University Press - Contrary to Montoya and Adela Garza's claims standing along side with the policy decisions of Princeton University does not make you  incompetent.

University of Minnesota  - ebooks

Cambridge - ebooks

Oxford ebooks

Columbia ebooks

My point has been made.  The best universities in the world are going to ebooks.  So why then only mention Dr, Lily Tecero?  Because Adela Garza wants to micromanage TSC and to do so she must destroy Dr. Lily Tecero.  A professional and competent trustee would have done their research on the issue and raised their concerns with research at the Board Meetings.  A professional does not pay a drunk to post lies and disinformation to defame Dr. Lily Tecero.


The following demonstrates in part why I oppose ebooks and Pearson.  But it also shows that The University of California and California State University have both bought into the idea.  My point being, Dr. Lily Tecero is not alone in believing ebooks and Pearson are good.  She is part of a national trend in support of ebooks.  But then there are those of us who oppose them.  The following is a good argument against ebooks for universities and colleges.

"here’s a huge difference between casual and college reading, and recent studies prove beyond doubt that while e-books are perfectly fine for the latest John Grisham or Fifty Shades of Grey, they actively discourage intense reading and deep learning.

For example, a 2007 study concluded that “screen-based reading can dull comprehension because it is more mentally taxing and even physically tiring than reading on paper.” And a 2005 study by a professor at San Jose State University proved that online reading encourages skimming while discouraging in-depth or concentrated reading.

The solution might be to print out the chapters you want to read. But e-book packages intentionally make that as difficult as possible."

Click for full article

Montoya makes the following argument.  When I click on the link he provided the book is $84 and not $10 as Montoya alleges.

"his seemed like a good idea until parents and students realized that there was no hard copy of the book available and that there were some severe add insult to injury, if you go to the Pearson website, the same tome in a hard copy is available for some $10 less.
See for yourself:

 Now, if we are to believe the premise that the new TSC regime under board president Kiko Rendon and his majority and president Lily Tercero want to lessen the costs of a community college education, why are the eEbooks more expensive than the hard copy"


In 2013, the BV posted its first review of Pearson - you see Montoya prefers a system which grades students wrong for saying the U.S. is a democracy when according to Pearson the correct answer is Saudi Arabia.

Click for First Article  I actually went into the interview to be an adjunct in American Government and lectured them on why Pearson was bad and why I would not use it.  I want to teach - not be a baby sitter while some preprogrammed electronic course teaches the students.  I was not going to lie to them.  When they told me how much they were going to pay, I did not get up and leave simply out of professionalism.  They are not interested in highly qualified instructors.  They want people who will take nearly minimum wage or less and who will use preprogrammed instruction.  Our students deserve better.

Click for Second Article  - scroll down to Side Note just under second graphic.  Pearson has failed the students. 

There is nothing wrong with technology in education - the problem is - bad ideas are being recommended by staff because they see it as a way to work less even if it means cheating our students of a quality education.


What I have proven here is, people who take the time to do the research can find problems at TSC.  But with Montoya it is never about the truth.  A check is offered and he trashes.  He does not even care how obvious it is to even stupid people you cannot suspend payment on something unless that payment has already been authorized.  He does not care because he  does not write for knowledge - he writes for drinking money.

We need to debate what is happening at TSC.  There are failures.  I am not happy that twice the accreditation application has been returned as deficient - not rejected - The Trustees need to demand who has been fired over the failed attempts at accreditation.  I oppose the Trustees micromanaging Dr. Tecero, Dr. Montoya, or the city commissioners micromanaging Charlie Cabler.  It is their job as trustees or commissioners to fire the top person if they are not doing their job.

I am very concerned that the same people who failed our children under the TSC/UTB partnership in terms of instruction are still using the same methods to now teach the TSC students.  If the administrator over instruction cannot force his/her underlings to change course, then it is time for Dr. Tecero to fire this person - if she will not then it will be time for the Board to fire Dr. Lily Tecero.

I personally would begin by firing those who oversee instruction in American Government and History.  We need people who are not tied to the old failed UTB system of instruction.  We need people who clearly understand a community college is not a university.  We need people who understand the purpose of an instructor is to instruct and not to sit as a baby sitter while computer programs direct the instruction.  If instructors will not write their own lectures and tests then it is time to fire them.

In the end my point is simple - why trash Dr. Lily Tecero under payment from Adela Garza, when in terms of technology Dr. Tecero is following the same path as the best universities in the world?  Answer - it is not about the quality of education - it is about Adela Garza wanting to micromanage TSC and that my friends will mean a complete disaster.

Why lie about the United Brownsville payment issue?  To mislead people into thinking Dr. Lily Tecero is corrupt and part of that bogyman organization known as United Brownsville.

Art Rendon and Adela Garza voted in August to fund United Brownsville - I would have voted no and made it an issue before the final vote on the budget. So either Art Rendon and Adela Garza are too stupid to be on the TSC board or they are lying.


We do not need garbage posts which are really power plays so Adela Garza can micromanage TSC - that is not going to happen Adela - so give it up.


Anonymous said...

" So either Art Rendon and Adela Garza are too stupid to be on the TSC board or they are lying."

Thinks like this are highly expected from A. Rendon and it most likely will continue.

Anonymous said...

"What the above shows is Adela Garza and Art Rendon voted to pay United Brownsville the $25,000 annual dues. "

Please excuse my blindness, but under what leap of faith does either that excerpted summary or the details in the 31 page budget reference, infer, or imply that the United Brownsville was budgeted a brass farthing? I could not find it.

BobbyWC said...

You did not carefully read my post - did you read how much each instructor earns or how much each secretary earns - no. Why? they are grouped by category. I explained detailed lists were given to the trustees in the workshops - I have verified with two trustees that that the information was provided in the workshops- but you seem to have missed the bigger argument - how do you suspend a payment which has not already been authorized?

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you in one point: A Community College is not a university BUT it is also NOT 13th grade. A lot of the TSC students are given 13th grade (high school education) in what is supposed to be more like a tech-prep higher education school. If they are trying to prepare for a higher education university then they should NOT be treated like they are still in high school. Not too long ago I saw one of my former students at TSC, and I asked her if she felt TSC was the 13th grade and she said YES. I was a student at the "old" TSC in the 1980's. Not all professors had PhD's but ALL professors treated students like adults and demanded all from each student. It all comes from leadership. Unfortunately Albert Besteiro and Arnulfo Oliveira are both dead. The professors and the students from that time are a reflection of the leadership those two men gave to the "old" TSC.

BobbyWC said...

I'm not sure I understand your comment. I have never said TSC should be a 13th grade - in fact I have consistently argued the exact opposite.

I have repeatedly outlined a line of instruction which forces the students to learn how to outline essay questions and then answer them. I have repeatedly argued against multiple choice exams.

For years I have been pushing for the TSC instructors to have to prep the students for the university by teaching how to outline essay questions and then how to answer them - this is hardly a 13th grade approach.

In fact I have been pushing the same methods for the high schools. I have been there - I have taught both in high schools and Houston Community College - I have prove even with so called special needs children you can teach them to write essay answers.

The problem is the professors are lazy and do not want to teach - they do not want to grade essay papers. they feel like it is beneath them.

In law school some semesters I had 150 comprehensive essay exams to grade from my community college students [for the record easily 80's got A's or B's]. while studying for my own finals. I had two days to grade those papers - and I did. I made a promise to my students to teach them the mechanics of American Government while prepping them for the university and I kept that promise.

At the university the professor should not have to teach how to address essay questions - but at a community college it should be incorporated into the instructional process - that is exactly what I did at Houston community college and it worked - the students loved it because they saw how it helped in their other courses.

This is hardly a 13th grader approach

Bobby WC