Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Erasmo Castro put Bela's plea on his page and several people posted the name of several apartments.  Unfortunately only one included a number and I could not find phone numbers for any of the other apartments.  But see the previous post.  Rebeca Apartments did post and while it did not work out because of BHA rules, it was nice to know people cared to post ideas.

Bela says thank-you to the Cheez and his Ch-elves.

We finally found a perfect apartment - price - no background check - good energy efficiency - tomorrow it will be in BHA authority's hands - the owner needs an immediate move-in - the mother is ready to move - but the question is will the BHA allow her to move so fast.


Erasmo Castro said...

Happy Holidays...

Anonymous said...

I've declined to work with BHA. They seem to take forever to send their inspectors to check out the apartments. Yes, inspectors, plural, one to check the building and another to check the utilities, electrical and plumbing and they visit you on different dates. They made me loose a month of rent while waiting for their approval.


BobbyWC said...

I have heard your complaint so many times - but in this case I would want a 2 week delay because it works to the advantage of Bela's mother.

What really makes me mad is I have seen homes approved by he BHA which are slumlord apartments

Bobby WC