Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Although they did their best to help with Bela's situation and the apartments are beautiful and well priced at $750 for a new construction 2 bedroom, the BHA has rules on how much clients on vouchers can spend.  Rebeca Apartments was ready to allow them to move in January 1, 2015.
They are on Jaime Zapate across from Palm Resaca. - between OPI and Robindale. You can call them at 956-550-0808.
The big mistake people make in buying or renting is they think they are saving with cheaper when they are not,  Bela's mom currently pays over $250 a month for electric in an old one bedroom.  The manager told me her two bedroom is running about $100 a month. 
You must inspect windows and doors for leaks - cheaper in rent is not always cheaper in overall cost of housing.
I highly recommend this place - not just because she was so kind to try and help, but because the place is beautiful and energy efficient.
Again, thanks for trying.

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