Monday, December 22, 2014


A candidate for city commission asked how much I would charge for an ad.  I said I do not do that, but if I did it would be $250 a month which would include a link to any web page or FB Page, and at their discretion a post twice a month talking about anything they want - conditioned it is about issues, and not attack pieces which serve as distractions.  You can say, I oppose Tenaska and my opponent supports Tenaska - that would be a fair issue - but it would the be fair for me to post a story by your opponent denying your claims.  My views would not change - William Garza who is running for mayor claims he will lower your taxes, while increasing expenditures on infrastructure.  It cannot be done, and I can assure you he could take out an ad with the BV and my position in covering the election will remain the same - he is not qualified to be mayor - But if William Garza is so confident in his positions he should not fear my coverage.  He should see his ad and link as a way to convince my readers I am wrong and he is right - which is how it should work. I will cover the issues.

I am not buying into this nonsense of anyone but Tony Martinez - that is how we got him in the first place - we were so anyone but Pat, we failed to do our due diligence on Tony,  Although before the election the BV noted Martinez had no water policy and in fact had been short on announcing any game plan.

The BV's city election coverage will try and be different than in the past - in parts - if I see any candidate playing games with lies and distractions I will expose them - no sacred cows on that one.

There are so many good issues which have valid points on both sides.

The weir dam LRGV water problems - Space X water needs - development of downtown.

Tenaska - I favor it for its long term benefits - Brownsville's cost for its 200 megawatts [I am being told the fine print on this is still being worked out]  of the power generated will be the cost of running the plant for the 200 megawatts , which includes the costs of natural gas.  The natural gas will be coming from Texas - and not some country which could hold us hostage over our foreign policy. 

Anyone who has ever built a business understands the upfront costs are always high - you must invest to make money.  But those opposed to Tenaska are so short sighted they cannot get beyond the high start up costs.  There are potential issues with natural gas where Texas and in fact the US could find the natural gas bonanza come to a quick end.  This is where the anti-Tenaska people are not doing their research - but every future benefit always has a risk - bottom line is intelligent candidates can make valid arguments for and against.

The extraterritorial jurisdiction debate has valid arguments on both sides.  There is no need to be nasty - just make the arguments to the voters and then let the voters decide.  I would love nothing more than for each side of the debate to post to the BV their argument as to why they are right and then let the voters decide.

What should be Brownsville's role in creating a metroplex?  This is an issue where good and intelligent candidates can make diverse arguments.

UTRGV and Lincoln Park - again - the candidates can debate this issue without being nasty.

So, the BV does not know what it will do about advertising. My readership numbers are propriety - so they are not for review - but if you want I can manipulate my google stats to make it look like I get a million hits an hour if that will make you feel better.  If as a candidate you think the better informed voters thrive to read soft porn, and endless homophobic comments then you know where your advertising dollars should be spent.

Again if I do it, there will be no sacred cows.  I will not want to hear from a candidate that their opponent is also advertising and once or twice a month posting a policy statement. Everyone who pays will have equal time.  Also, I will not want to hear complaints when I go after you for using distractions and lies to win.

There are far too many good issues - Space X and the expansion of the airport as another two good issues for quality candidates to debate.

I will continue to post my views on the issues - but those are my views - my favorite anony post on Lincoln park was from a woman who said she favored selling Lincoln Park to UT, but did not like how it was being done.  It was a good perspective on the issue.  I do not want to give up Lincoln Park - but her position was well founded.  I'm certain if given a chance she could make a very persuasive argument for selling Lincoln Park to UT at a fair price.  There is no right answer to these issues - sometimes we just have to agree to disagree.


I favor Tenaska - but if you as a candidate work for someone getting paid by Tenaska to promote the project, and you favor Tenaska, like myself, I will still have a duty to tell the voters you are working for someone who is being paid by Tenaska to promote Tenaska. This is something the voters would need to know. 


I am considering the advertising issue as a way to redirect the conversation to ideas only.  If a candidate cannot come on to the BV twice a month and post a policy position without making false attacks on their opponent, then they should not be a candidate.  BTW - if I do - on policy statements I either will not allow for a response - or only allow for responses which go to the issue without being argumentative -

I want your views on two issues:

One, should I do the ads with the conditions I have outlined?

Two - how do you feel about forcing the candidates to use their social media to state their positions on these issues, and any others you may think are important - clearly my list is not inclusive of every possible issue.


Anonymous said...

So much for being the "unbought voice of the community".

BobbyWC said...

It is clear to my readers you hate the BV over a personal score and have no use or interest in facts.

So explain to my readers if William Garza were to take out an ad and I were to continue to say he is not qualified exactly what it is he would be buying from me - now you said it - explain to me readers what exactly it is he would be buying from me? Well except a place for a link wherein he can explain his position and how you can lower taxes while increased spending

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Now the hate for Montoya and McHale is out in the open. You go after them because they make money from their blog and you do not. If you did research, you would know that Google pays out money for their advertisers on your blog like Barton does. I would bet that Barton makes a lot of more money than Montoya and McHale combined, over a years time in advertisement dollars. Montoya and McHale could also be making this on top of what local candidates pay them.

BobbyWC said...

first of all google pays pennies to local blogs - second McHale did link to google ads and was removed for his porn and complaints

So get your facts straight

So again, if I use the ads to promote the candidates to push their ideas while still reporting on the election with no sacred cows how am I bought - you cannot answer the question without lies while avoiding the actual question.

Barton gets chump change if that much from google ads - they do not pay - they are good for large national blogs - but locally the only one making money is google because they tell the saps who pay them - look a billion blogs have your ads - it is a money maker for google but not local blogs

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Since you are the type person who hates facts or even willing to google reality to get facts here you go.

The only way Barton makes money is if you actually click on the ad. Then on average he gets .15 cents per click - not on his page - but on readers actually clicking on an ad. So if 100 people a day were to click on an ad, he would make $15 a day - on a really good month he might make $500. That is less than political advertising pays.

I am assuming a lot that 100 people a day click on the ads. I have never clicked on an ad on a blog.

The only people making the money is google

Bobby WC