Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Montoya having been caught again taking money from Adela Garza to trash Dr. Lily Tecero does what he always does, turns to more lies and distractions.

I will deal with the TSC lies tomorrow, but first - a lesson in the English language.  Suspend- look at the definition.  This only proves how ignorant Adela Garza really is and how far she will go to discredit Dr. Lily Tecero - Montoya will not even think about how stupid his argument is so long as the check clears.

Anyone - someone - tell me how you suspend that which does not exist.  The budget was approved in August which included payment to United Brownsville - the issue was put on the October agenda to stop payment - hence suspend - since it was approved in the August annual 2014-2015 budget no additional vote was needed.

For the record I oppose TSC paying UB anything - UB is a con organization. TSC as a taxing authority covering more than Brownsville should not use the tax dollars of the other cities to fund an organization which benefits Brownsville and not the other cities.

But my point is the lie.  UB was funded in the annual budget in August and Adela Garza knows this.  It was explained to her in the workshops before the final vote - a unanimous vote by the way - if she did not want to support UB then she never should have voted for the budget. Adela Garza is a liar and determined to destroy Dr. Lily Tecero with her lies and her convicted drunk trained monkey who will print anything for a beer.


"There is no one pushing the weir dam, Babosa. That was the worm and you bit on it. Same goes for Cascos not accepting the Secretary of State appointment by Texas Gov.-elect Greg Abbott."

I defy anyone to copy and paste wherein I said Cascos is not accepting the SOS job.  It never happened.  All I said was all of this discussion as to who gets the job could be moot if Cascos does not accept the SOS job.  This is a reality Juanito - and many people around town are saying the same thing.  If I never said it, then how did Ernie Hernandez feed me the lie?

On the weir dam it was Cascos months ago who called me and discussed the issue because it needed to be revived - not Ernie Hernandez.  Has anyone even heard of Ernie Hernandez speak publicly of the weir dam?

Montoya has access to no one at this time.  Any number of people at the county will speak with reporters about the push for the weir dam, and the new commercial bridge to Matamoros - not the SPI bridge - another lie by Montoya - he does not even know what bridge I am talking about so he just throws in the so called SPI bridge.

On the weir dam I have been speaking about it for weeks once Pat Ahumada threw his hat in the ring as a possible candidate for mayor. I did not need to talk to Ernie to know about the weir dam.

Cameron County and Austin are actively looking at the water problems facing Space X and Cameron county.  The weir dam like many other issues are on the table.  Just the other day I was at PUB on an issue and discussed the weir dam, and yes it is being discussed along with the desalination plant.  But the desalination plant may not be enough - so the weir dam is on the table.  Water is a big issue in Cameron county politics, Space X needs and Austin.  Just because something is on the table does not mean it will happen.  Good policy wonks will have many issues on the table which may never come to fruition.

Montoya is all lies - Adela got caught again paying for lies to discredit Dr. Tecero, so Montoya has to go with a lie I repeated planted information given to Ernie Hernandez - when the simple fact is all one has to do is look at my post and see I never said Cascos is not taking the job, I never mentioned the SPI bridge, and I never mentioned Pete Sepulveda's name - but according to Montoya I said all of these things.  Well my written words prove him a liar.  As to Sepulveda, why would he give up a higher paying job to have even less in two years?  This makes no sense.

But it all begins with his stupid post on UB and Dr. Lily Tecero - you cannot suspend that which does not exist - that is how everyone with even a simple understanding of the English language knew he was lying to defame Dr. Lily Tecero in exchange for a check from Adela Garza.

Finally Montoya who never uses the spell check function on BlogSpot takes me to task for misspelling misanthropes

Here is my post


Click for proper spelling on plural of misanthropes


Anonymous said...

So much for cutting the mustard, I am sure that Ernie is grateful for the free advertisement on his new BBQ place. With so much being said I am getting hungry.

BobbyWC said...

You know Michael Cowen who represented Yolanda Begum against Erin Garcia posted a very nice comment about Ernie's BBQ. Not everyone lives their lives trying to settle scores. Some of us are actually emotionally healthy.

The other day I was headed to HEB on 802 cutting through on Paredes from Boca Chica - I was thinking of my brother in East Texas and decided I wanted BBQ so I pulled in

Norma who handles the register will verify I forgot to pay and on my way back from HEB I went in and paid - I never accept anything from anyone - ever - it was an honest mistake and because of my policy of accepting nothing I went back and paid - she thought I was nuts.

I like BBQ - it is very good - you can ask for moist or dry - I prefer the moist - the price is good and the taste is good -

so because I have political differences with the family I should deny myself good BBQ

Today Saenz and I shook hands in front of the entire press core - we both get it - the good the bad and the ugly - I am the type person who can try a case with you on Tuesday and lose and then treat you to a drink if you conducted yourself in a professional manner - nothing is personal to me

Life for me is about working with people when I can and working against them when my moral compass directs me to do so.

I never waivered on the politiquera issue as to any candidate or elected official - I did not play the game of blaming one family for what happened - it was a county wide problem. Many people currently holding public office used ballot harvesting

What matters to me is the practice is dead - time to move on.

On UT Regents - I do not need a court order saying we win - I much prefer they find a way to gracefully walk away from Lincoln Park - it will make it easier for us to work with them in the future which is important for our children.

But when the Hernandez family refused to pay McHale and Montoya they needed to be punished - and everyone who buys into the endless attacks on this one family while ignoring the politiquera issue was a county wide problem is in fact part of the extortion scheme and the real criminals who need to be stopped in this county.

I am not a fake student of Joshua [aka Jesus] redemption means something to me - I do not belong to the fake church of Zeke Silva, Montoya, Begum or McHale

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So who at County and Austin are pushing the weir? You never mention anyone...or department.

BobbyWC said...

So unless I give up my sources you will not believe the story - fine - I'm heart broken you do not believe the story. Maybe I will turn to drinking as a solution.

My access to every local agency, officials in Texas and federal government is based on my silence as to them speaking with me.

My access is not based on the BV - I have said many, many times, nothing is ever as it appears.

For everyone not wanting to believe the FBI is getting serious about prosecuting more public officials - well now they have verified it - but you did not want to believe it because I would not give you the name of my source.

Your childish approach only prove to my readers your need to keep the corruption going

Bobby WC