Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I am certain I will get in trouble for this post - the mother will not be happy - but since I will have Bela and her mother live in my home for the next 20 years before I allow her to go homeless, I've decided to write this story.

Because Bela's mother has no credit report she cannot lease an apartment except from landlords who do not do credit checks.  She has a housing voucher for a 2 bedroom but everyone who accepts housing vouchers does credit background checks.  Since the mother has no credit report she cannot get an apartment.  It is really that simple. 

Now I can hear it - get a job - like it is so simple - she has been to the Texas Workforce and agreed to all of the training they were willing to offer - but people do not want to hire single moms with children at home.

Greg Abbott on child support is a worthless as a tit on a boar hog - I cannot tell you how many times we have provided the Child Support Office with the father's address, and nothing - they will not even try. 

I am working on getting a Dallas law firm to sue the landlord for defamation per se.  The entire thing started because some seniors did not want a certain male visiting his mother at the complex.  Bela's mother had no control over the situation and it was a different apartment .  When Doug Kvalvog the owner was notified that Bela's mother had no control over what was happening he started with some very serious false claims which are defamation per se.  He was mad he screwed up and was now going to punish this young mother for standing up for her rights.  He is a two-bit bully who never learned how to be a man and is a pathological liar.

The good news because he is the type landlord who would pay a lawyer to sue god for making him stupid he hired Christopher Lee Phillippe.  The lawyer probably knows  as much about landlord tenant law as he does open heart surgery.  He is as incompetent as they come.  This has worked to Bela's mother's advantage.

In the first agreement to extend her lease he did not request Bela's mother release Doug Kvalvog of the defamation per se charges in exchange for extending the lease for a short period of time.  A first year law student would not have made this mistake.

In early August she did find an apartment across from Perez elementary school which would have been a perfect location for a variety of reasons.  She signed a lease and paid a deposit - the day we went for the key the landlord said he had spoken with her current landlord and changed his mind. We were able to use that little stunt to extend her time again.

Then last month the mother paid the deposit on a duplex just down the block which means Bela would not have to change schools.  Her landlord then shows and tells her all is well and they want her to stay and would she please pay the rent.  So she paid the December rent.  In fact they gave her a few days to come up with the last $100 until she could get her deposit back from the other landlord.  The next day Christopher Lee Phillippe sends her a letter by hand delivery stating she needs to get out by January 9, 2015, or else the attached eviction petition would be filed.

Do you begin to understand how vindictive and the kind of bully Doug Kvalvog is.  He knows she is moving per the written agreement, he knows she has paid a deposit for the new place and then demands she pay the rent for December claiming all is well just so that she will give up the place she has found to rent, and then the next day has his lawyer serve her with notice to move in 30 days or get evicted.  This is twice she has lost a place to live because of Doug Kvalvog's conduct,

We need laws which shut down landlords like Doug Kvalvog.  I have read the petition for eviction and if the law is followed, it will go nowhere.  It is defective and the claim does not form a basis for eviction.  I have a signed document to prove the truth.  So Doug Kvalvog will pay Christopher Phillippe for a jury trial, and if Bela's mom loses, then another jury tial in county court.  This case will go on for as long as the law allows, and so long as Bela's mother pays the rent she stays.


Someone out there has to know some apartment manager who will accept the voucher for a two bedroom.  When you go by Bela's apartment her mom is the only one who decorates for every holiday - she keeps it clean.  I have seen how Bela interacts with the seniors at the complex - they adore her.  But the mother is tired of fighting Doug Kvalvog because his father never taught him you do not bully single moms after they point out you were mistaken.  He is a too bit bully who never learned to be a man, honor or integrity.  I know the evidence and will stand on my comments in court - I am fully aware this guy is so stupid he will pay Phillippe $100,000 to sue me to lose because he cannot conceive of the idea he is a too bit bully who needs to be taken to task and shut down.  I would love nothing more than to face him head on in court before a jury - I am certain I will bankrupt him and put him and his wife on the street where they belong.


Someone has to know a landlord who will rent to Bela's mother and accept the voucher.  Unless we find someone in short order I will not let them go homeless -they will live here - even though I know that means it could be years before they can move out. 

So anyone who knows a landlord who is not a heartless bastard please contact me so we can find a place for Bela to live - I will not release the name of her school for security reasons - but it would be nice if she would not have to change schools - she is good at the social game and loves her school, teachers, staff and friends - she hated Thanksgiving week because she wanted to be in school.

Oh, Bela knows how to play me on school - she says she needs a Touch Ipad for school and that I promised to buy everything she needs for school - well I am doing my best to have Santa bring her a Touch IPad - anyone know where they are going for a good price? - I some how do not think she needs it for pre-K but she is very good on the computer and she has outlived the usefulness of her original pad - so she does need something more advanced to better develop her computer skills.


Anonymous said...

God bless you. You are doing a very good thing. Thank you for your humanity.

Anonymous said...

Schools at that level do not allow students to bring electronics from home.

BobbyWC said...

I never said she said she needed to bring it to school - but I also think I made clear she was playing me - but she has now shown me how it will help her learn so she is getting it - and I was wrong it is an Ipod - she knows a lot more about these things than I do

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Amen, brother! I know what you mean. I have a two year old and a five year old that know these electronic gadgets. I do not. Embarrassing. But at least I can read. LOL.