Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Apparently Gilberto Hinojosa's obsession with dividing the Cameron County Democratic Party became too much for a lot of Democrats and he was informed John Wood would never be county judge.  However, with Wood out the demand was made that Dan Sanchez also stop lobbying for the job.

Apparently there is a legal question - why I do not know.  All they have to do is wait until Cascos is sworn in as SOS and he will no longer be a holdover and be entitled to vote.  There is a question of if Sanchez resigns to seek the county judge position, can he get the remaining votes.  It is a big gamble knowing Hinojosa is now fuming over Wood being sent packing.

A third candidate has emerged who is not an elected official.  The behind the scenes situation is simple - can those backing this third candidate secure the votes for their candidate?  Dan Sanchez would do well to drop his bid so that in 2016, he can say he got behind the wishes of the new Cameron County Democratic Party [unofficial group by the way - just voices saying they are done with Amber Medina and Gilberto Hinojosa]. 

The new candidate I am being told will be a caretaker county judge for only 2 years - having agreed to not seek the job in 2016.  Politics is politics and we must live with it - but with Austin now pushing the weir dam along with Space X and numerous county agencies, I do not believe a caretaker county judge is in the county's best interest.  We need someone who will be engaged in the new bridge and the weir dam.  But again politics is politics and the boys would rather fight to a draw and leave us with nothing, than simply allow the for a county judge now who can also win in 2016, while using the next two years pushing the new bridge and weir dam.

Of course all of this could change if Cascos decides he does not want the SOS job.


Anonymous said...

And the winner is !!! Pistol Pete !!!

Anonymous said...

Who in Austin is pushing the weir? I have never heard anyone from Austin that is doing this or any bridge.

BobbyWC said...

So you interviewed everyone in Texas government in Austin - I wish I had that kind of time - good for you

Cascos raised the issue with me more than a year ago. It was seen as a necessary part of the water problems we are facing.

Now that Space X needs water those who are part of the project are exploring options which includes the weir dam

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but Mr. woods doesn't have the balls to run CAMERON County.. He will be the Democratic's Puppet for Gilberto Hinojosa