Friday, December 19, 2014

I want to be clear about something - in my opinion the BPD Officers do an extraordinary job.  By no means is this post to be a reflection on the department.  It is only a reflection on those involved.
Begin by looking at the drawing.  Could the person who is driving the unit which hit the motorcycle have been sober?  According to off duty office Martinez, who was in uniform, and two other officers, Alejandro Paz walked out of International Bingo stone drunk.  Officer Martinez saw him get in his car and speed away, out of control and hit the motorcycle.  According to the victim Office Martinez told all of this to Officer David Trevino.  Why is none of this in the narrative?
I will admit my research is incomplete.  One police officer told me Office Martinez should have stopped Mr. Paz, because he clearly saw Mr. Paz as a danger.  My research shows, although not clearly stated that police officers especially in uniform are on duty 24/7 in terms of stopping crime.  In Texas the off duty police officers should call in to dispatch for an on duty officer unless there are exigent circumstances, or the person presents a danger to the public.  A drunk who drives this out of control clearly presents exigent circumstances, and a danger to the community.
The victim was in the Bingo Hall when he was called out and Officer Martinez told him what he saw.  The victim remembers three other off duty officers in uniform at the scene.  No one did anything to stop this man.
The police report lists the name of Paz's mother - who in fact told the police where he lives - in Harlingen.  This means the police allowed a man this drunk to get on Price road and then the highway back to Harlingen  thereby endangering everyone in his path.
Officer Martinez is an eyewitness that this man was drunk - an eyewitness that the man could barely stand - an eyewitness that he stood there and did nothing as the man got in his mother's car and drove drunk.
Do you now begin to understand why Officer Trevino left this all out of the report?  Officer Martinez had the authority to stop the man and chose not to - so now Officer Trevino in order to protect Officer Martinez must present an incomplete report.
The victim has asked that a formal complaint be filed with the new DOJ corruption task force.  No on expects the police chief to do his job and investigate and take the proper action.
DA Saenz will be asked to interview Officer Martinez for the truth so the man can also be charged with DWI.  Officer Martinez personally saw the man drunk, personally saw the man get in his car, and personally saw the man cause the altercation and personally saw the man drive on to a public road - all of the elements are there to charge the man with DWI, in addition to the class B for leaving the scene after striking a vehicle..
It does not end there - with these facts International Bingo should have its liquor license pulled.  Of course this would cause officer Martinez and the other officers to lose their jobs as off duty security guards.
I have interviewed other patrons who were at International Bingo on the night of the incident.  There was no bartender overseeing the distribution of the free beer.  They had the kegs out and the people were serving themselves.  You could be as drunk as a skunk and get as much beer as you wanted because the BPD off duty officers were turning a blind eye to what was happening - namely patrons serving themselves all of the beer they wanted regardless of how drunk they were.

So now we shall see what happens - the victim does have a lawyer ready to move on this if the insurance companies balk given the facts.  This was beyond gross negligence on the part of International Bingo, the driver and the BPD.  The victim told me he would rather wait two years to collect if that is what it takes to put officers Martinez and Trevino on the stand or through deposition to prove a cover-up to protect themselves and International Bingo.


Anonymous said...

I've always had a problem with our BPD moonlighting as private security for private businesses. Where do their loyalties lie? Should they "protect" the business owner that hired them or the public at large? How subordinate are they to the business owner? How will they respond when asked to cross the line(unethical, illegal orders)?

Anonymous said...

So basically, it is all hear-say? isn't this post unethical?

BobbyWC said...

I have spoken to two eyewitnesses who heard what officer martinez said to the victim. I have spoken to multiple people who served tjeselves beer. Then there is the diagram. Do you think you are helping the oficers by suggesting that a sober petson could have pulled out the way he did, also the mother in front of numerous witnesses sd het son was drunk. She aditted ro same already to the victims insurance company. We have a to of evidence to ptove coverup