Monday, December 1, 2014


My source on this is solid.   Dan Sanchez is actively lobbying for the votes.  Sofia Benavides has already committed her vote for John Wood.  Gilberto Hinijosa cannot just take no for an answer.  The people rejected John Wood - that should end it.  I can just imagine what Gilberto Hinojosa and John Wood are promising Sofia Benavides -

If John Wood gets the job I am as certain as I can be that a Republican will take back the position of county judge in 2 years.  It will also cost Sofia Benavides her job as a county commissioner.

Here is a fact for you Sofia - Bill White as the Democrat for Governor 4 years ago got a higher percentage of the vote than Wendy Davis did under Gilbert Hinojosa.  Anyone aligning with Gilberto Hinojosa has to be as clueless as humanely possible.

I have made calls to determine  what Alex Dominguez will do.  Alex is not as clueless as Sofia so I am assuming he understands aligning with Hinojosa is a liability.  I suspect he is going to keep his vote to himself until that moment he must cast his vote.

Gilberto Hinojosa is just further splitting the Cameron county Democratic Party.  Could one man be any more clueless?  The fact he is pushing John Wood means one thing - Dan Sanchez is refusing to kiss Gilberto Hinojosa's ring and act as his lapdog.  John Wood in his entire political career has never come up with an original idea.

I suspect David Garza will vote for John Wood in exchange for the Republicans backing him for county judge in 2 years as a Republican.  The Republicans desperately want the job to go to John Wood. They know he cannot win in 2016.

I can only hope Alex Dominguez is smart enough to know aligning with Gilberto Hinojosa could end his political career. It is no great secret Dominguez wants to be a state representative - if he thinks Gilberto Hinojosa can help him he might need to ask himself - why did Wendy Davis get a smaller percentage of the vote than Bill White did 4 years ago?  He might want to ask himself why it is anyone associated with Gilberto Hinojosa running for county judge loses.

Sofia Benavides might want to call around to Austin and find out what is happening.  There is a very active movement to force Gilberto Hinojosa out.  They know for three election cycles in a row Hinojosa himself and his candidates have lost three times to a Republican.  They know by percentage fewer people voted for Wendy Davis than those who voted for Bill White 4 years ago.

Sofia can do as she pleases - but I am convinced if she backs John Wood it will cost her, her position as a county commissioner and possibly her daughter her position as a JP.

There is a new Democratic Party forming in Austin which will also form in Cameron county.  The question is will Sofia remain loyal to the old guard which cannot win elections or will she join the ranks of the new Democrats who want to send Gilberto Hinojosa packing once and for all.


Anonymous said...

You really do not have a clue do you? Push all you want for Dan Sanchez, he will not be named County Judge. Sophie will not listen to you, no matter how much you try to scare her. Your opinion is worth nothing to them or anyone else for that matter.

BobbyWC said...

Mr. Clueless:

First of all Sofia Benavides is too dense to by moved by anyone - she is intellectually dependent on the old guard and simply does as they say - no one with any amount of proof will move her from Gilbert Hinojosa

As to Dan Sanchez I defy you to copy and paste anywhere where I said he is the only choice.

You hate Dan that is clear - so like Sofia no amount of reality will move you.

All I did was publish my interview with Dan and said this is what we should be looking for in a county judge. At no time did I ever say he is the only person who meets this criteria.

Next, the number of elected and party officials who called me on this tell me they want to use the BV to move the vote. The new party developing which wants to put Gilberto Hinojosa in the past.

They know, unlike you, John Wood is dead wood in terms of being able to win a county wide election.

These Democrats want the County Judge position back. They know John Wood as the interim county judge will guarantee the Republicans will win in 2016.

So if I am clueless so too is everyone else in this county who sees Gilberto as a liability.

In case you did not know - he lost to a Republican - his boy John Wood lost to a Republican - and his boy Joe Rivera lost to a Republican

So you keep on believing Gilberto can deliver

My point is simple - John Wood is a guarantee the Republicans win in 2016.

It is that simple and it has nothing to do with Dan Sanchez - they can find another candidate if they do not like Dan

But I know a lot of people are working on the bridge and reviving the weir dam as a joint project.

Austin understands the weir dam may now be necessary to meet the water demands of Space X.

This are different this time.

You go with your hate of Dan and I will go with the elected officials and private citizens working to make the new commercial bridge and weir dam a reality.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

John Wood never saw an office he didn't think he wasn't qualified for and thought he should serve. Him being elected to the Navigation Board makes as much sense as the Queen Elizabeth being docked in Walden's Pond. The only thing more ridiculous would him being County Judge but then if that happened the Port would win with his resignation.

Anonymous said...

lol too funny. you mean Wood won the election and Cascos had to Straighten Roger Ortiz late at night. huh. We all remember that election.

Anonymous said...

If John Wood becomes, county judge, he will be Gilberto Hinojosa Puppet. Don't get me wrong Mr. Wood is a nice man and all, but he doesn't have the BALL'S TO BE COUNTY JUDGE. EVERY KNOWS THAT GILBERTO HINOJOSA HAS AN AGENDA UP HIS SLEEVE THATS WHY HE IS OUSHING WOOD.. GOOD LUCK TO OUR COUNTY..

Anonymous said...

John Wood I Think he was't qualified to be a maus