Saturday, December 6, 2014

Contrary to all of the experts on what did or did not happen in Ferguson MO, or in the chokehold case in NY, such as the experts I was not there to know what happened so I have stayed out of it.  What all of these non-eyewitnesses have done is fuel distrust on both sides.
I hate to repost this graphic but it is key to this post.
I do not know if we will ever get to the truth behind both of these incidents, but I do know there has been irreparable damage done to all of our lives because of the distrust fueled by the racists at Fox News and the Al Sharptons who love to fuel the fire during these type incidents.
Before we reach the point of no return and a functioning government becomes impossible we better start to think about these paid hacks who make a living at fueling the fire on both sides, or publishing nonsense and lies on blogs to fund their drinking problems. 
There are consequences people for your willingness to make yourself party to this nonsense - but then of course you will find someone else to blame but yourself when functioning government becomes something of the past, or when you get caught up in such a mess.

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