Monday, December 8, 2014


Pictured below is Rodrigo Moreno on the Maclovio O'Malley show run by Cris Valadez.  This is the show wherein Texas Democratic Senators have the tape of Valadez mocking black men and repeatedly using the N word.

Carlos Cascos and Cris Valadez according to Cameron County agenda items pushed to give Moreno a contract with the county.  There was only one problem - he was in the country illegally and running from the Border Patrol.  Cascos and Valadez knew it - but hey this is Cameron county - the compadre system is everything and the law means nothing.

I had multiple conversations with Cris Valadez about hiring the right lawyer who could negotiate a green card for Moreno in exchange for evidence that Enrique Escobedo was engaged in illegal conduct.  Cris had no problem calling me soon after Moreno got his green card.

To remind everyone on the day Escobedo was found dead, he was being served with a search warrant at his home.  Eyewitnesses at the previous night festivities remember how Escobedo went sour after receiving a phone call. Before that call everyone reported he was in high spirits.

It was McHale who approved a comment from a Matamoros reporter who figuratively accused Moreno of killing Escobedo while also detailing Moreno's alleged criminal history in Mexico and con jobs.


The Austin American Statesman is as incompetent as the Herald when identifying a newsworthy stories - so they will be of no help.  The Texas Democratic Senators who will be part of Cascos confirmation hearing will be using all anti Cascos information to negotiate deals with Abbott instead of exposing the truth. 

Abbott has made himself a big target of the Obama Administration - so my next step is to send the documentation to the lawyers defending President Obama's Immigration Executive Order in the lawsuit filed by Greg Abbott.  The hope is they will get the national press core to show Abbott's hypocrisy on the issue. 

I can assure you, Cascos knowingly hiring an undocumented worker using your tax dollars will be immediately declared not newsworthy by the Herald.  Outside Texas - this story would go viral.  But this is Texas where the rich rob from the poor, and the N word even by Democrats is considered acceptable.

Trust me, if I had the money to move Bela and her family from this state I would.  I will never abandon Bela - my strength is to live long enough to pay for her college.  Texas is going backwards so fast it blows my mind - but it will survive because the corporatists see it as its home base for robbing from the people and slowly destroying our liberties and trust in one another - divide and conquer.


Hinojosa is so selfish he will do nothing with this story because he fears it will cost Cascos the nomination for Secretary of State.  Hinojosa desperately wants his boy toy John Wood to be county judge.  If the Democrats do what they should with this story, Cascos will lose the SOS job, Abbott will be humiliated before he even takes office, and a qualified candidate in 2016, will destroy any Republican who runs for county judge.

The story could also help rebuild the Democratic Party statewide.  Hinojosa is on the outs in Austin - they want him gone.  It shocked the leadership to see Wendy Davis by percentage got less of the vote than Bill White did four years ago.  And for the third election cycle in a row a Republican won the county judge job in Hinojosa's home county.

But do not fret Carlito - Gilberto is too short sighted to see anything but John Wood becoming county judge in January.  So you win Carlito for the same reason you always win against Gilberto - he is selfish and too short sighted to see what he can really do.

Gilberto has the ability to do major damage to the Texas Republicans, but will not because all he sees right now is John Wood becoming Cascos' replacement -


Anonymous said...

Question: Did Moreno receive the county contract before or after the green card? Did you investigate if Moreno had a criminal record in Mexico? If he did, does it affect the process of receiving a green card due to his criminal record?

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for helpful questions. According to Valafez at the time he did not have a green card. In fact after Cata got Moreno the bus advertising contract Valadez callef me all of the tme demanding i run this story but blaming Cata for knowingly givin tbe contract. To an undocumented worker. As to his alleged criminal history if the feds want information you have your criminal history in mexico will not matter.

Again thanks for helpful questions


Anonymous said...

Why run the story now if you knew all along?

Anonymous said...

I am confused. In your post you stated that Cascos and Valdez were trying to give him a contract with the county but nothing about the school district giving him a contract. Now, you stated that the district gave him a contract but what about the county? Did the county not give him a contract because he was hear illegally or for other reasons. In regard to the green card, does an applicant have to testify about any criminal history prior to his application?

Anonymous said...

All your stories seem to have an "according to Valadez" before them. You also claim to not believe a word he says. So what gives?

BobbyWC said...

To confused - the county did give him the contract - and I just verified at the time commissioners court was aware he did not have papers.

As to according to Cris - I call around and ask other sources what they know about what he is saying - and in fact it was verified for me today again he did not have papers.

Also it is one thing for Cris to call me on one thing and let it go - but after Moreno got the BISD bus contract Cris called me a lot wanting to know why I had not run the story on Moreno not having papers - he wanted to punish Presas-Garcia for giving Moreno the contract - he wanted to make her look bad.

My response was simple - I was not going to go public on such a claim if it meant someone with American born children losing their father.

The first time I told this story was after Cris told me the lawyer had gotten Moreno his papers - once I knew he was safe from deportation was when I first told the story

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"In regard to the green card, does an applicant have to testify about any criminal history prior to his application?"

You forgot to answer the second question posted. In addition to the question, if he lied about his criminal history; is liable for deportation?

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the voters from CAMERON County elected a Republican, there for I think they should elect a Republican to be the county judge, when Carlos Cascos resigns.

Anonymous said...

so basically, Moreno got a greencard in exchange for information on Escobedo?

BobbyWC said...

Okay, I guess part of this is confusing - I will take blame for that - but if Moreno got his Green Card in exchange for turning over information on Escobedo which I believe he did, then any alleged criminal conduct in Mexico would not have mattered - It would not be the first time this has happened.

I have to repeat Cris called me several times in search of a lawyer who could secure Moreno the Green Card in exchange for turning over evidence on Escobedo - had it been one call I would have dismissed it- but it was several.

Your question was helpful because I can see how this can be confusing to people


Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I am still confused. You say you said nothing because you did not want to take a parent from thier American born child, but are you not trying to do that now by a
Your obvious attempt to get him deported?

Anonymous said...

What happened with the BISD 2 million dollar lawsuit?

BobbyWC said...

I'm not sure what else to say - what I sad was told was he cut a deal with the government on Escobedo to get his Green Card - why would they deport him? The government is the one who cut the deal.

On the BISD lawsuit - I just checked Pacer and no changes since the last filing on 9/16/2014

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You are just like the Republicans, wanting to deport people. Shameful, and on top of that you wrote all this without checking it out first! You were making calls tonight to verify what you had already written? Come on man.

BobbyWC said...

No one believes you are as stupid as you believe. I posted this same story over a year ago - there is nothing new here except that Abbott is suing President Obama over undocumented workers at the same time he makes his SOS a man who has used taxpayer money to hire undocumented workers - that is the only reason it is newsworthy again. As to me calling around today - it was nothing more than trying to learn the extent of the knowledge

The agenda item is public record - the checks written to pay for the services are public record.

I verified the story a long time ago and refused every request by Cris to go public until such time as reliable sources told me Moreno had his papers. Cris was the first to tell me and then I checked with another source who would know and they told me he in fact had obtained his papers.

Once I knew that is when I first related this story.

As to deportation my readers are not as stupid as you think - they understand because he cut a deal with the government he is protected from deportation. It is not even on the table.

Further it was not the BV which published the claims from the Matamoros reporter it was McHale - I have never said Moreno has a criminal record - I simply stated a Matamoros reporter posted on MCHales web page that Moreno had a criminal record. The BV never would have approved such a comment without verification. But once McHale approved the comment it was out there and I know Brownsville many of you will believe anything simply because it was posted.

No one has ever produced any evidence Moreno had a criminal record in Mexico - it was simply an allegation by a Matamoros reporter. The first clue the poster was from Mexico was he said Rio Bravo instead of Rio Grande

Bobby WC