Sunday, December 28, 2014


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I remember being in kinder and my mother asking as I was walking out the door if I had  put on the cream.  Since I was a baby, I have dealt with armpit and groin rashes from the sweat glands.  Within a few months of my first armpit hairs I have been shaving my armpits - it was the only solution.  The cream and powder would not work because the hair held the sweat - thereby the smell and thereby the rash - it. would sometimes lead to bleeding. 

A few years back they stopped making miconazole cream, except for women in a vaginal product.  You can now buy it again.  Well after a major outbreak with lots of bleeding in the armpits and groin I was sent to a dermatologist - that is when I started to use the powder Zeasorb.  It has miconazole in it.  So long as I shaved my armpits it worked - but I can tell you with the hair the miconazole cannot do its job.

"Consider a new haircut. Pubic hair traps dampness and odors, and also makes it difficult for the underlying skin to stay cool and dry, Redbord says. You don’t have to shave yourself bare. But pruning your hedges with a beard trimmer can help keep gross odors at bay, she says."
If I do not manscape within 30 minutes of showering I can smell the sweat - even with the Zeasorb powder rubbed in.  Manscaping is not for everyone - but guys I am telling you your partner whether a man or woman will not tell you she/he do not want to go down there because it smells.  You may not smell it, but they do when they get close enough.
Guys, whether you clip it or shave it - it does not look bigger.  I like the video on shaving the pubic hair in the Gillette commercial because it is like he says - you just feel cleaner.
Of course this is not for everyone - but check with your significant other and see what they say - demand they be honest - ask - "do I smell sometimes?"
I know the idiots out there will have a lot to say about this - but the fact Gillette has now launched a campaign to promote manscaping and it does have health benefits, it is time to have the conversation.  Do not worry about what the idiots will have to say about it.  Talk to your wife, girl friend - boy friend and see what they say.  Try it once - see how you feel.  If it makes you feel cleaner - why not? - if it makes her happy - all the more reason to do it.  But guys also try the Zeasorb after you dry - it will insure when that moment comes she will not be turned off by a smell.
I use Nair for Men - which is hard to come by in Brownsville because of shoplifting.  The only place I know which sells it is the HEB on 802.  It is great for the back and shoulders.  I do my hairline every Sunday to keep my neck looking clean.  DO NOT - use it in your private areas.  The skin in your private areas is not like the skin on other parts of your body.  I can assure you it will burn the hell out of your scrotum - a friend did not believe me and came running out of the shower screaming like hell with a strawberry red scrotum.
Ultra Sensitive by Edge - also Nivea for men Sensitive is also good to apply after you shave - if that is your choice - it is also good for the face after you have been in the sun.

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