Wednesday, December 10, 2014

FBI Launches Task Force to Combat Corruption | | CHANNEL 5 NEWS | Breaking News Breaking Stories


FBI Launches Task Force to Combat Corruption | | CHANNEL 5 NEWS | Breaking News Breaking Stories

Click above for video and entire story from News 5.

I have been saying for over a year the Valley is a target for public corruption.  I have discussed how our agents are overwhelmed.  Well, what this video shows you is the FBI finally gets it - the bulk of the special team are not tied to the LRGV or even permanently assigned here.

There are many, many investigations and indictments can be expected to follow.  We just have to be patient. 

I am hoping that because this is a special task force they will be able to move the indictments faster.  One cause for so much corruption in the LRGV is the Brownsville and McAllen offices have to go through SA, who then clear prosecution through Houston.  Brownsville and McAllen really need to be made part of the Southern District so the main FBI office and main DOJ office are in Houston instead of two separate cities.


Anonymous said...

I simply don't trust anyone in law enforcement at this caliber either. The federal office in Cameron county should be the first in line for this investigation. Due diligence includes all past and present Judges and attorney's just to name a few.
All I want to say is, "I wish for Justice throughout my lifetime".

BobbyWC said...

This team if I understand has no ties to the law enforcement in the LRGV. Everyone and every act is on the table. This task force is not totally new - I was told about it maybe 4 years ago when the first agents started to arrive and the FBI had rented a large section of one of those Hotel Apartment places -= I think in McAllen.

I think they have seen enough at this point that they need to move full speed ahead. They needed to prove the locals could not be trusted to do anything - including the local FBI and DOJ.

I do not care who they indict - if they have the evidence let heads fall.

I will say several AUSA's are targets for a variety of violations

It is going to be a blood bath over the next two years - no one is protected.

US Attorney Robert Pittman of the Western District who made himself a major obstacle in prosecuting all of the bad people in the Villalobos case will formally receive his pay off next week as a life time federal judge. The vote is set.

Guys who believes Ted Cruz and John Cornyn both very anti gay rights recommended openly gay Pittman for a life time federal judgeship without deals having been cut with Pittman while he was a US Magistrate and US Attorney? - like not including Dannenbaum top Republican contributor in the Villalobos prosecution and the dropping of criminal charges in exchange for forfeiture money - remember that million for the bridge to no where?

With Pittman gone as a US Attorney his obstructionist ways also will be gone and if there is justice this new group will find cause to indict Pittman himself for protecting Dannenbaum

Bobby WC