Monday, December 15, 2014

This morning's emails informed me that tomorrow I will receive my "English Grammar for Dummies."  I know only a complete geek would get excited over a grammar book, but now that I am on the Nuvigil for good - since yesterday - I am hopeful by going back to my many grammar books and this new one over 6 months things will improve.
This is who I am - always working at self improvement and puzzles of the mind.  Yes it makes me quirky - but better quirky that than not always being in a state of learning new things.
The other good news is my new CPAP mask is also coming tomorrow.  The Velcro on the mask never lasts more than three months and then you really need a new mask otherwise the Velcro will pop, the air will leak and you will wake up.
And for the record, along with my sleep apnea I now spend a lot of my money on healthcare outside the VA - the bureaucratic process at the VA is just so depressing.  There are so many good doctors spending for too much time fighting bureaucrats who think they are the doctors.  Even for the patient it becomes exhausting so I am now paying for private care on certain issues. 


Anonymous said...

Going outside VA is a smart move. Too bad more are not willing or able to do this as lives could be saved. They are so slow and can not do anything that is not on the list. Sad but true. Doesn't seem to be getting a lot better.

BobbyWC said...

But know there are a lot of great doctors - I am very happy with my doctor but they are killing her with the nonsense.

The woman who basically manages medical records directly with the Veterans is getting low ratings because the idiot who runs the place wants her to stop helping the line of veterans outside her office where she works nonstop and can solve nearly any problem to answer her phone and only help the veterans who call in. The director needs to be committed to an institution - why should she say to all the veterans she helps every day who line up outside her office - :"sorry the director says I have to help those who are calling in first." Also the VA will not install voice mail so people do not know to call veterans back. They need to hire a second person.

They need to go with security - line up all of the non-medical staff director and assistant directors and escort them out with a big blow horn saying "you're fired"

If a doctor gets behind because they have an emergency walk in then they mark the doctor down for getting behind - it is causing major morale problems.

Even for a regular visit - if the doctor hears something wrong with the veterans heart my doctor is expected to finish the appointment in the allotted time and just send the veteran on his way instead of ordering an emergency EKG and blood heart enzymes. It is bizarre - the administrators are actually forcing the doctors to kick the patients out whether they are done or not just so they can say veterans are seen within 15 minutes of their appointment. I will wait 8 hours to see my doctor if need be without complaint because she is that good.

The veterans also need to understand that it is better the doctor completes their job than say - there goes the alarm - time up - see you in 6 months

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I agree that the doctors are not the problem it is the system. The doctors seem to have little control. When a person was told they needed surgery immediately it was put off by the VA for over 2 months. The 2 months would not have kept him from dying but might have allowed for a longer time and a not so invasive surgery. I have heard about the problem with not getting called back. This is not the RGV but the problems seem to be the same.