Wednesday, December 3, 2014

8 months ago my friend applied for a Border Card.  He has provided them his birth certificate, his father's - US born - birth certificate and border card, all of his school records, signed statements, and his Baptism papers. 
This man has been paying taxes and social security for 30 years, since age 17.  If you call the number they provide the message says the system is under maintenance and updated information on your border card is not available.  If you email them at the address they provide you get a message that it is being processed and it should take no more than 6 weeks -or a message the system is under maintenance and information is not available at this time.  If you write to them at the address they provide - you get nothing - no response.
Today a Motion to Show Cause will be prepared and filed in the federal case which has since settled wherein the Department of State agreed to stop the nonsense concerning U.S. citizens born by midwives.  It is sad poverty is still a crime in the U.S.  People could not afford to go to the hospital and midwives were the only option.
I get there was fraud during this period.  But the evidence in this case includes this man's father's birth certificate which shows he is a U.S. born citizen which makes his son then a U.S. citizen.
The lack of response from the Department of State only makes matters worse.
I am certain it will take the Department of State a year to investigate what is happening thereby further delaying the issuance of border cards or passports for these U.S. citizens.

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