Tuesday, December 16, 2014


After former City Secretary Estela Von Hatten shocked city hall with her resignation chaos ensued.  Once I heard she had resigned I made phone calls.  I will tell you it was like Tony Martinez killed Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.  If they could order security to bar Tony Martinez and Rose Gowen from entering the building they would.

People are now ready to talk.  They not only want Tony Martinez and Rose Gowen gone, they want blood through indictments and UT publicly firing Rose Gowen.

Lincoln Park is not about the park, it is about the people of Brownsville finally saying, "we've had it."  Those few idiots who still give Gilberto Hinojosa the time of day might think about this if they want to continue in politics - three rejections and Sofia Benavides remains too dense to get it.  The people have had it. 

Hopefully, the offer of documents will continue - the goal must be to bring indictments of Tony Martinez, Diane Dillard [wife of federal judge Andrew Hanen - the new task force has no ties to federal judge Hanen], Horacio Barerra and Abraham Galonsky over the Casa del Nylon building.  [Side note - I am being told that after the deal was effectively consummated it was recommended Barerra not complete the deal because of the conflict and that he allow someone else to complete the deal - this changes nothing - Tony's law firm was making money on the deal while it was being consummated - just because they sent a different attorney at the last minute changes nothing - if anything it is an admission of guilt.]

Diane Dillard knew Tony Martinez was conflicted out on that vote, she knew she hid the facts from the City commission and she knew she was making herself party to criminal conduct - but relied on the protection of her corrupt husband federal judge Hanen.  We can only hope the new federal task force will quickly learn how federal judge Hanen used his position to promote his own corruption for the benefit of his wife Diane Dillard and himself.

But I do know reality - at this moment the anger at city hall is intense - by next week the employees will be getting their buzz from tequila and forget every thing Estela Von Hatten meant to the people and the staff at city hall and then blog away why no one is doing anything while they all of a sudden start to refuse phone calls again.


The BV broke the story of Tony Martinez spending city money without the knowledge or consent of the city commission based on the $35,000, rule - this is how he was able to get Diane Dillard to do his dirty work against the people of Brownsville and TSC - it took Montoya 8 months to catch up on the story - the BV broke the story on the Casa Del Nylon - the BV broke the story on the conduct of federal judge Hanen's wife Diane Dillard - the BV broke the story on Rose Gowen working for UT which became a key issue in the Lincoln Park litigation - the BV filed the criminal complaint on Margarita Ozuna for vote harvesting in the Pena/Hernandez election - Montoya vilified me and Ruben Pena nearly daily saying we did not understand this is just how elections are done in Brownsville - after it became known Margarita Ozuna would be prosecuted there has been zero evidence of ballot harvesting in Brownsville or in any commissioner race or county wide race - yes it continues in some of the smaller towns.

The BV broke the story over a year ago on ebooks and Pearson - something voted on by the Trustees and implemented by Dr. Lily Tecero - It took Montoya nearly 18 months to acknowledge the problem and then he blamed Dr. Lily Tecero and not the trustees including and most particularly Adela Garza who voted to spend the millions on ebooks and Pearson.  The BV will continue to work behind the scenes to try and calm things at TSC - but I have been told in no uncertain terms - they can censure Adela Garza and she will continue her actions until Kiko Rendon is unelected and she is made the Board President. I have also been told they want the story on the blogs to stop - not going to happen my friends - until I get the documents which prove what did or did not happen the story will continue.

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