Thursday, December 25, 2014


I took down the posts on the different elected officials.  So let's start with a clean slate and see where it takes Brownsville.  The May election presents a lot of good ideas which allow intelligent candidates to argue opposing views without being rude or using distractions.

Brownsville has so many options on the table right now.  We need leaders who can put yesterday behind them, and look forward.

I've done my part - I can only hope that in the selection of the new County Judge our commissioners will look to who can best turn Cameron county into a metroplex while harnessing all of its natural assets.

I can only hope that the May city election will be about real ideas with intelligent candidates defending their positions on the issues.  But I will say - The BV is not going to sit quietly with promises of fixing everything while lowering taxes.  It is a con job promise which does nothing for the people.

The candidates need to make their cases to the people. 

I get that Cameron county commissioners are at odds with the City of Brownsville over extraterritorial jurisdiction.  There are valid arguments on both sides.  The candidates just need to make them to the voters.  The BV will be an open forum for the candidates willing to discuss the actual issues - but the BV will not be party to the endless distractions and bogeyman associations.

Brownsville and Cameron county can only move forward on ideas which have been well researched.  We have so many opportunities on the table right now - we just need the right leaders who can work together, who know when to agree to disagree, and make Cameron county and Brownsville the top agenda.

I was against Space X because of its impact on Boca Chica beach - but it is coming - so now let's make it work to our advantage instead of continuing with endless conspiracy theories.

The naysayers would have us live in caves because you can die in a house fire or continue to ride on horses because you can die in a car crash.  Many astronauts died to get us to the moon.  Probably many more will die in the future as we reach for Mars and beyond - but you cannot move forward without sacrifice - let those who want to continue to live in caves be happy - but do not let them stop us from reaching man-kinds full potential.


Anonymous said...

Bobby your an idiot. You already said you are going to block walk for Jessica T. your not going to support William Garza nor Sergio Zarate. No one else has announced with exception of Tony so you can't be neutral. How do you expect your readers to believe you when you already made your choices????????

BobbyWC said...

So let's be clear - if I allow Sergio to post twice a month a policy statement - which I would recommend be a list instead of a long narrative - stating how he would do a better job than Jessica that is me being biased against Sergio? We all know who the idiot is.

If I allow William Garza to post twice a month his explanation as to how he intends to lower taxes while increasing expenditures on infrastructure - I am being biased against William Garza

What you do not like is my honesty

Jessica fought to get the city to resurface Iowa - of course she had to work with a lot of people - but she made it a priority - a lot of streets have been repaved in our district - should the people not know that.

I am offering Sergio an open forum to say why he can do better - how is that bias? Sergio knows me and he knows if I tell him I will not allow people to post distractions or lies about him he knows I mean it.

The same goes for William Garza and everyone else.

I have already said I will not be party to people bashing Pat Ahumada on his past mistakes - you will not see that on the BV - what I want to know is has he changed enough to me more effective. He had a lot of good ideas - he just did not know how to deal with the commission.

I will cover the election -

But how by allowing everyone to state their position twice a month in their words and why they are better than their opponents is bias is beyond me.

And when I say there will me no comments allowed on these policy statements which do not go directly to the claims with proof I mean it -

I have never asked my readers to go with my choices - I explain my views - I always tell my readers to go with their values and vote they way they think best and not how I am voting

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time explaining yourself to the first poster Bobby......your readers can figure out that it's probably Valadez again being hateful and annoying.

BobbyWC said...

Or it could be a candidate who prefers a campaign of distractions and bogeyman arguments.

All I am trying to do is provide a forum for all candidates to state and defend their positions without having to deal with nonsense and distractions.

Like I said, I support Tenaska - but if a candidate who supports Tenaska comes out in favor of Tenaska and I find out they work for someone who is working to push Tenaska I am going to report it.

It will be for my readers to decide what it means - is the candidate a plant or just someone like me who believes in the long run Tenaska is good for Brownsville and the region and in fact for the development of the metroplex

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Great discussions