Wednesday, December 31, 2014



Anonymous said...

Good to be alive, and lucky, too! It amazing how many idiots fired weapons into the air last night. I repeat, idiots!!!
Thanks for your efforts with the blog.
BTW, what do you think about the argument of not posting anonymous comments? I heard some talk of it on some morning show.

BobbyWC said...

The Supreme Court has refused to take the case with conflicting rulings as to googles liability, and the bloggers liability. Judge Posner I believe said it best - he could not find anything in the law which protects the bloggers, but that he was going to go long with the 9th circuit so as to avoid a conflicting opinion.

Well now there are conflicting opinions

Anony is as American tradition - but we as bloggers decide what gets approved and what does not - so under old law and actually well established law we should be liable for anony comments which are defamatory.

I think Congress will fix this soon enough - if not the courts - if a newspaper posts an letter to the editor which is defamatory the paper can be sued - so why not the blogger - it makes no sense and as Judge Posner noted it is not in the law - the 9th circuit just made it up

The solution is holding the bloggers liable - also the providers need to be held liable if it can be shown to them that a blogger posted a defamatory story and the provider - like google - does not shut down the blog

Right now google will only shut down a blog for defamatory statements if a judge signs order saying a story is defamatory.

The law needs to be reformed - to protect the American tradition of anony commentary

Bobby WC