Sunday, December 14, 2014

This was me after sanding my kitchen ceiling the day after I refloated it.  After you sand it you use the hopper to apply texture and then paint.
I am about to type another story about how a friend paid for me to go to Bingo last night after I spent three days rebuilding his kitchen cabinets and fixing a major plumbing problem.  You do not need a plumbing license to cut a few pipes, apply sleeves and then a new trap.  Actually it was a $2 fix, but by the time I got there - well lets say the $2 fix was a dream from the past because pipes had already been cut.  This is why we can buy our own supplies at Home Depot.

People have warned me against posting this picture - but hey this is who I am.  I am proud of the fact I was taught to do my own repairs and build things while being taught the importance of a more formal education.

My ability to go from refloating a kitchen ceiling to researching lis pendens is something I am proud of.  This issue is complex so I am actually reading old Kings Bench decisions, Lord Coke and Blackstone to get a good foundation before moving forward.  I do not think it will apply to the situation but I still need to do the research to prove it does not apply - unless there is an unknown variable I do not know about. 

On a side note - for the idiots and those who care about knowledge and want to be educated it is called gynecomastia {verified by cat scan].  It is caused by the failure of my hypothalamus.  My LH measured either .1 or .2  This the blood test told which them I had Secondary Hypogonadism.   It causes gynecomastia.  It is not fat.

If you go to minute 3:15 you will see when the doctor removes the breast tissue.  It is not fat.  You will note it is one piece. almost like a breast implant.  Men with gynecomastia have a higher rate, albeit very low, of breast cancer.  But the problem is, some clinical research is showing the testosterone replacement therapy which requires monitoring of the prostate for possible development of cancer now also requires the gynecomastia be monitored for breast cancer.  The VA in the appropriate cases is approving the simple surgery.  I am considering selling some of my retirement stocks, and paying the penalty, for the surgery. 

I remember about two years ago after I was sent to the dermatologist because of dark brown spots around the areola, she laughed and said I need to scrub harder in the shower.  It turned out to be dried discharge - which creates another problem.  The ring under the nipple has turned rock hard, so I will  discuss this next month with the specialist.

I only mention all of this because I know for men this is a difficult subject in part because of the idiots who have no life and seem to need to mock it.

In my case the gynecomastia will probably never be anything more than an inconvenience - but the specialist told me he can clearly feel the well developed pectoral muscles from my years of working out and that the surgery will return me to a firm chest with well defined pectoral muscles. 

I am up in the air about what to do - the cancer risk although higher because of the testosterone replacement therapy, still remains incredibly low - so do I waste the money and do the surgery -no amount of exercise or diet will fix the problem.

The other surgery with a 93% success rate which I hope the VA will approve will cause me to lose the weight and resolve a host of health problems including my sleep apnea, the fat around the heart and lungs - little success with the fat around the liver.  It will also mean no blood pressure medicine or cholesterol medicine.  It will probably also resolve the sleep apnea and naturally help raise my testosterone level along with the vitamin D level.

We shall see.

For those too afraid to ask questions of their doctor I hope this helped.  Look guys low testosterone does not make you less of a man - those who mock it are the ones who never learned to be men.  And guys in case you did not know, men have nipples because they were female before becoming male more or less.

I say if you are over 50 at least get a base testosterone level so you know where you are headed.  This is a lot easier to manage with a lot less damage to your body if you catch it when it starts.  If you have hot flashes and your doctor will not test you get a new doctor - it is that simple.  And do not stop there.  If you have low T then demand your doctor test your LH so he/she can know for sure if it is primary or secondary hypogonadism.  If caught early enough they can prevent the weight gain, gynecomastia with medication, and damage to your heart, lungs, and liver.


Anonymous said...

Put a shirt on for God's sake Blimp. You gross people out with that image. No one cares about your bingo drama and your attempt at being Tim the toolman Taylor.

BobbyWC said...

First of all I had no bingo drama - but you seem to think it is okay for them to take money from these senior citizen women and allow drunks to destroy people's motorcycles - I suspect like other drunks you are in the minority.

And you missed the point - I'm shocked - of me comparing my ability to do handiwork while working on complex legal issues.

I am arguing the importance of balance and that just because you do one does not mean you cannot do the other.

It also hopefully helps people learn doing both can be relaxing.

I can tell you - show me wood and my table saw and I jump with more energy than you can imagine - my energy level goes through the roof when I get to use wood and my table saw and other tools.

When I get an email for a complex legal question - my energy level sores -

The point is to show happiness - you try it - it might keep you from being a troll on the internet doing nothing but trashing people

Try being happy as opposed to being a negative troll.

As for the shirt - I never wear a shirt in doors unless I have female guests or a business meeting.

I have had Myofascial Pain Syndrome since age 19 - on my own I have developed some very effective forms of physical therapy. But key is allowing the muscles to breath - I get significant relief when I do not where a shirt. Further all fabrics have chemicals in them which enhance the pain.

I was lucky because I was a gym person and early on learned to use a specific exercise for physical therapy - people spend decades going to endless doctors who never provide relief - there is no permanent cure or treatment - I use a specific physical therapy to keep my trigger points stretched out and not wearing the shirt - it relieves 90 % of the pain - and for the record there is no known painkiller to treat the pain. So I am sorry if me being relaxed offends you.

You might not be so offended if you could learn to love the body gad gave you and accept yourself for who you are -

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, there will be spineless, anonymous haters everywhere. I guess they have perfect, flawless families that they are so bored, so they have to hate on others and lower themselves to bullying and name calling. Oh ! such dark and bitter hearts....

Hasta lo que no comen les hace dano.

Anonymous said...

If you want to have bingo done away with, why don't you start by stop going yourself? You are conspiring with the Bingo to rip off the old ladies. Isn't it the same as you say with Montoya?