Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Rather than do a long story I will do bullets.

*     Upon learning that the Indian agency in charge of extradition had recommended extradition DA Luis Saenz immediately called Mrs. Garcia, the mother of the victim.

*      The Indian government has released any possible hold on Amit Livingston for intelligence information he may have related to falsified ID's, passports, or money laundering. 

*       While only an estimate which DA Saenz cannot guarantee he is hopeful Amit Livingston will be back in the US within 75 days.  He will be transported by US Marshals.  There is a question of who will take custody of Amit Livingston upon arrival in the US, but DA Saenz expects the DOJ will simply turn him over to Texas.  There are federal charges pending against Amit Livingston.

*        DA Saenz stated that upon taking office he began work with the AUSA who handles extraditions and responded immediately to all requests for information which was then promptly forwarded to the Indian officials in charge of extradition.

*        DA Saenz stated that there will be a court appearance once Amit Livingston is back in Cameron county.  He expects Mrs. Garcia the mother of the victim will be allowed to make a statement to Amit Livingston during the hearing.

*        As to any additional charges against Amit Livingston that decision will only be made once he is back on U.S. soil.

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