Thursday, December 18, 2014


Of course the big alliance is Tony Martinez running candidates who will back his plans.

Another alliance being sponsored by the Lucios is related to Extraterritorial Jurisdiction. If you click you will see a good article which explains what is happening.

Now, people need to understand that the different sides have good arguments on the issue.  I have no problem with the fact the Cameron County Commissioners Court voted in support of the legislation against Brownsville.  Many of the commissioners represent the very cities trying to stop Brownsville's expansion.  Based on this reality I would expect them to vote against Brownsville.

But let's understand the issue - if when all done and said Brownsville must give up a lot of this land, it will mean our tax revenues going down, and our taxes possibly going up.

I am not going to suggest this is not a complex issue.  All I am saying this is an issue we as voters in Brownsville need to be aware of.  I can write strong essays for and against.

I concede all sides have good arguments including those in Brownsville who want Brownsville to give up the land even though it could mean a tax increase.

My job is to make you aware of the issue so you can decide, are you going to vote for the commissioners who have already taken a stand on defending Brownsville's control over this land to protect the tax dollars, or are you going to stand with the Lucio ticket which will concede the land to the other cities?

Again - this is a unique issue for Brownsville - the cities coming after Brownsville have their rights too - but elections are local and this is a local issue for Brownsville.  I am not discounting the rights of the other cities - all I am doing is making my readers aware of this issue and that they better make sure they do not vote for the candidate on the ticket which wants to give up the land, if it is their wish that we keep the land.

Get involved and be informed - then vote based on what you think is best for Brownsville - some of you will say hold and not give up the land - some will say conceded the land back - just be informed and know what the different tickets represent.

Now I know I have gone out of my way defending the interests of these cities coming after Brownsville, but the posts will come saying I am ignoring them.  No, I am writing solely on an issue which impacts Brownsville.  I am asking that the readers get informed and learn which candidates stand for keeping the land and which stand for conceding the land back - and vote according to what they think is best. All sides have valid arguments -

If you are going to post an argument for either side - keep out the moronic language and it will get through.  I have no problem publishing comments on why Brownsville should concede he land or why they should keep it - just make your argument without the bad language.

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