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You know what, other than my subjective opinion I cannot explain how bingo is not the same type of gambling as with slot machines or black jack for example.  But the law allows for bingo in certain cases.  I personally think the distinction is silly, but I do not write the laws.  The distinction in my mind is even more silly now that I have been to International Bingo.


Bingo really needs to be better regulated.  A friend of mine will be putting in an application to have the beer license at International Bingo on Price road suspended or revoked.  Key to his case is the police saw the entire thing.  At this point my knowledge is what is being related to me by the victim and what the victim claims the police told him.

The scam they played last night was, if you showed up for at least part two of the bingo and bought a $6 card, you could stay for the after party and drink all the free beer you wanted.  This place needs to be shut down and shut down for good.

Last night the Bingo hall hosted a free party which included  free beer.  For Dram shops purposes you do not have to actually sell the beer - but an argument can be made that in order to be allowed into the party you had to spend money on bingo cards, then money was involved.

Anyway the police who were everywhere last night at the bingo hall [probably hired as private security guards] saw the man leave the International Bingo, get in his car and damage this man's motorcycle.  They saw him drive away. [I am not sure if it was a question because they were hired to guard the door as off duty officers they could not stop him once he left the hall, or something else.]  I am being told the police report will say he was swaggering when he left the building before he got into his car.  I do want to find out why the man was not stopped once they saw him swaggering. [This part sounds odd to me] Unfortunately for the man his mother told the police where to go find him.

For this man to be swaggering when he left the International Bingo hall means the bar tender knowingly served someone who was drunk.  The fact the beer was free encouraged over consumption.  If the police report verifies the story, International Bingo will have problems.  If the police report does not verify the story I will do a special post clearly stating the claims which are in the police report.


People go to this place because every game is $500, although I am told two nights two are $750 and 2 are $250.  You play 5 games the first half of the night.  You can pay $20 to allow a computer to mark your numbers, or $6 or $11  for paper cards depending on how many plays you want for each game.  A woman near me clearly in her late 70's or early 80's was playing two computers - meaning $80 for the night and for each half of the night an $11 card.  These means $102 for the night. 

After the first 5 games you have to pay an additional $20 for each computer you are playing and buy new paper cards if you want to play the second half of the night.  This causes for 30 minutes of chaos as everyone has to get on line to renew their computers, or buy new paper cards.  My friend bought me two $11 cards for a total of $22.00 for the night.

Elderly women everywhere were playing 2 and 3 computers - The numbers are automatically marked so all you have to do is watch the screen until you see a bingo and then call bingo.  Do you realize 3 computers for the night is $120.

At the Knights of Columbus I spend $17 on cards and I play a lot more games than I got for the $22 at this place.  Yes the prizes are smaller - but my chances are no better at International Bingo.  Plus the food at the Nights of Columbus is a lot cheaper.

It does not end there - all night long they play extra bingo games which are not part of the cards you buy.  Anywhere from $1 to $10 they sell these little cards you open which will have five numbers.  You only play these bingos if you are willing to buy the extra cards.  When I was on line to buy my first $11 card I saw two women each spend $20 on a game which requires you get a number to win when they play a game called the horses.   On the number one, it is called running the horses.  It means if you get a B number and the last number in the column with that B is called during regular bingo then you win an extra prize.  If at the end of the Bingo there is no complete column they continue calling numbers just for the running of the horses until there is a complete column and then the person with the B number wins the extra prize. But most cards have no numbers.  I watched these women trash $40 in cards. 

These extra games go on all night long, which interrupt the regular bingo - so you sit there bored or you spend more money to play.  Some are a simple line bingo - you have five numbers - they call the numbers and the first person to complete their line wins.  These seniors all night long are throwing out more and more money for these extra games.  It is not unusual for people to buy ten at a time - that is $10.

I wanted to puke as a saw women clearly in their 70's and 80's dropping over $200 for the night leaving with nothing. 

This is wrong - Texas needs to either just outright legalize gambling or limit how far these bingo halls can go with enticing these seniors in to giving up their money.  This was out of control.  I did not enjoy the evening.

Oh and the free party afterwards - after waiting on line for more than 30 minutes I got two tacos with about a tablespoon of meat and some cheese and a small lemon-aide.  I do not drink and drive so I did not have the free beer.

I can only hope that once I get the police report a valid TABC complaint can be filed.  Once I have the police report and verify the officer saw the man swaggering I will try and find an attorney who does DRAM Shop litigation.  While the man allegedly driving drunk according to his mother has insurance, I know how this works - the car insurance company will want to blame International Bingo, and International Bingo will say it is not their fault the man was drunk.  If the police report clearly has him swaggering when he left, International Bingo's insurance company will pay a reasonable settlement.  In fact the two insurance companies will probably just try and split the damages.

I hope DA Saenz prosecutes this guy to the max.  The last time this happened to this same man, Guz Garza in open court dropped the charges against the man who was arrested drunk after smashing several motorcycles. If the allegations are true we have International Bingo serving free beer to a man who was clearly intoxicated, the man damaging a motorcycle and then fleeing the scene all while drunk.  I think this deserves jail time and a full and complete investigation of International Bingo.


Anonymous said...

Knights of Columbus-- pendejo!!!

BobbyWC said...

You know if my life was so pathetic that I never made a typo I would probably just kill myself

How about helping the community understand the issue instead of being a miserable troll.

Any fool can see I missed the capital K during typing - that happens and the spell check will not pick it up.

So instead of being a troll how about adding something to the discussion

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I witnessed this last Saturday at b the Bingo Posada they weren't only giving Free beer they were also giving Free liquor drinks I myself had a Bacardi with coke and then they were passing out Free Tequila shots as a matter of fact the person you mention was sitting at my table and Yes he was dead drunk and bar tender continued serving him !! Fyi I had a designated driver

BobbyWC said...

I was told yesterday by the victims girl friend that there was really no bartender - they were allowing people to fill their own beer cups and she had to ask for help because she did know how to dispense the beer. She also told me they had people walking around with platters of shots and that you could take as many as you wanted.

This is beyond gross negligence - it was reckless endangerment of the patrons and the community.

I am very pissed at the BISD officers who were hired as private security guards - they knew what was happening and did not give a crap.

My research has shown because their own security guard has verified this happened in plain sight on their property and their employee did nothing to stop this man their liability is at the point of negligence per se.

The Texas Supreme Court has yet to answer the question of punitive damages under DRAM Shop. But in law there are cases which are so egregious courts tend to agree only punitive damages can alter the behavior. The victim if the lawyer will agree wants to hold this case all the way to the Supreme Court to see if these are the facts which will finally open the door to punitive damages or the courts finding the DRAM shop statute as violating the Open Courts provision thereby restoring common law which would mean major punitive damages.

Once the police complaint is done the victim will be asking Saenz to have his investigators complete the job the police failed to do - they had this mans address - the police saw him dead drunk - they saw him run over the motorcycle - they saw him driving drunk - they had his address and no one went to his home to arrest him for leaving the scene, drunk driving, or public intoxication - yet another major screw up by the Brownsville PD