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He is so desperate he now uses his son to justify his actions.  Since September the students knew the ebooks and Pearson were not working.  I too have a stake - I help students at TSC - and you know what I wrote about it right away - where was his stake in his son all semester while he remained silent? 

He says my opinion should be discounted, but a year ago I said the ebooks and Pearson were a mistake - now that he says it, it is true and me agreeing means I am wrong - this guy cannot keep his nonsense straight for two seconds.

Adela is through - the trustees are mad as hell that she tried to embarrass TSC at such a critical juncture in the accreditation process.  She can now try and distance herself from Montoya all she wants, but everyone knows Montoya is about money - and if this was about his son, why did he wait until December to come to his son's defense, when I did it over a year ago?  Answer he is using his son for cover - how sad and pathetic.  His son has been suffering under this system all semester and he was silent.

Where have I said criticizing the administration is wrong? - I openly went after them over a year ago over the ebooks and Pearson - during a job interview wherein I said I would not use the system -  Montoya just does what he does when he has no defense - lie

I openly just yesterday and again today stated that Dr. Lily Tecero's micromanaging is bad - so how am I protecting her?  I am admitting to the problems

What I am not doing is making false claims about the bond ratings - which Montoya and Adela Garza were proven wrong, I am not making false claims about UB - you cannot suspend a payment which has not already been approved - Montoya cannot explain this lie away so he goes for the distraction.

He fails to tell you because he is a pathological liar who has melt downs every time he gets caught that the federal judge who went after me also said the allegations I made against Villalobos and Limas were fanciful and without merit.  The last time I checked they were both sitting in federal prison - but then that truth tells the truth and Montoya cannot have that.  If we are to believe this federal judge Montoya so praises, Villalobos and Limas were wrongfully convicted. 

He says he has a stake in this because of his son - the students are complaining about bad instruction - I have written about the students' complaints and then he bitches who am I who has taught at the community college, high school, a masters in education and American Government and a law degree - which is a doctorate by the way - to have an opinion about education. 

He has an opinion on everything based on lies and then attacks everyone who catches him in his lies with the same bogus claim - who are they to have an opinion?  You see only Montoya can have an opinion and no one else.

Now instead of mindless attacks which have never worked - how about Adela and Montoya outline and alternative to ebooks, Pearson, how Dr. Lily Tecero should deal with the incompetent staff she inherited - they will not because it is not about a stake in his son's education - it is about destroying Dr. Lily Tecero so Adela Garza can turn TSC into the failed Los Fresnos CISD she oversaw.  It's about power and now the other trustees are done with her and that my friends is why he responded the way he did because Adela is blaming his moronic argument that you can suspend that which does not exist on how the other trustees are responding to her - no Adela it is you - you are a bad - bad person. 

You watch Adela the personal things people are demanding I publish on your life which I will never publish Montoya will publish the day a counter offer is higher than anything you are willing to pay.


Yes, it's true people Adela Garza was going to that fictional U.S. Capital of DSC and on her own without the remainder of Congress implement every policy of her choosing. This woman suffers from such delusions of grandeur it is surreal.

Fast forward to minute 2:42 on the video for her bizarre comments.

Adela uses God in the most shameful and vile way to justify her lies, homophobia, bigotry and defamation of everyone and anyone who does not submit to her delusions of grandeur.  Let me tell you something Adela - even trustees who want to work with you have now committed to exposing you as the fraud you are.  They understand your goal is to destroy TSC by hiring a president who will be your puppet.  Even your supporters have contacted me to tell me - never - you are done for lies and injury to TSC.

I cannot figure Montoya's hate for me - without me Adela and others would not have to write him endless checks to keep the lies going.

Adela is so ignorant she cannot see how Montoya's bizarre, homophobic, defamatory posts and comments cost Luci Longoria, Oscar Garcia, Robert Lopez, and Shirley Bowman the election.  What you never see on Montoya's blog is any rational attempt to refute the evidence of his lies.  The only comments he can get are not comments with alternative ideas, but comments of ugliness, homophobia, bigotry, disinformation and distraction.  We are mostly pretty sure his comments come from about only three people.  But it speaks volumes about who he is, who Adela Garza is for paying for such ignorance, and who is willing to take time to post comments on his blog.

Juanito's mind is so far gone from years of abuse he cannot even see when he concedes an argument.  I do understand budgets - they change all of the time - now I will go slow because I know English is not your first language - SUSPEND - you cannot suspend that which did not exist in the first instance.  And yes Juanito this proves budget decisions do change - hence the vote to SUSPEND THE PAYMENT TO UB.  Which is exactly what I said - but in your typical fashion of lies and distractions you claim I do not understand budgets - I have 27 credit hours in economics - how many do you have?  I oversaw the million dollar plus budget of the Hydraulic Machine Shop Production control on the B1B Bomber.  When I left to finish my master thesis in " Juridical Methodology" and then for law school my organization was the only one on schedule in the entire company, which is why the Air Force representative demanded the company give me a major raise to keep me.

Yes Juanito, budgets change - it is standard - so an item was put on the agenda to change the already approved payment to UB and suspend it.  The vote failed.  But since it had already been approved in August there was no reason to approve it again just because the vote to SUSPEND the payment failed.

So until you can explain how you suspend that which does not exist you are only digging the hole deeper for Adela Garza - the trustees were mad as hell - I got several calls yesterday on my post - they get it - they get what the witch Adela is trying to do - they may have problems with Dr. Tecero but they are not going to allow the witch Adela to destroy TSC - through you Juanito she just may have made her the enemy of every trustee.

Early next year the accreditation agency will visit TSC for its final decision. This time the application was accepted.  People like Adela Garza who wants to run TSC into the ground such as she did Los Fresnos CISD, want to bitch when Dr. Lily Tecero micromanages, but then when her micromanaging gets results Adela goes quiet.  Dr. Lily Tecero inherited the inept failed staff of Juliet Garcia - her choice was to try and do everything or fail.  She took control of the accreditation process - made sure nothing was missing from application on the third try and then got bitched at for getting too involved.

The Trustees need to spend more time backing her instead of undermining her.  Yes her personality forces her to dig in her heels and micromanage when she sees the trustees undermining her and the incompetent staff members using the trustees to run cover for them.  She can either be a failed puppet of a bunch of whiny ass trustees or a leader.  She will not cave to Adela Garza - Adela in her delusions of grandeur seems to think she can win against a woman who beat UT Brownsville, Juliet Garcia and Tony Martinez.  She cannot


At least 5 trustees have to make clear to Dr. Tecero in executive session there will be a new beginning.  They need to make clear they will back her in her personnel decisions and stop meddling to protect the inept employees.  The trustees have to promise they will tell every employee to take their complaints through the proper chain of command.

Dr. Lily Tecero has to promise that if she sees a need to micromanage any department or program she will justify it to the trustees with evidence of incompetence.  This will then allow the trustees to back her in removing the problem employees - thereby ending the need for micromanaging. This will then allow Dr. Lily Tecero to stop the micromanaging which is a two edge sword because sometimes without it failure is certain and with it failure is always certain.

The Trustees need to work double hard to rebuild the trust with Dr. Lily Tecero so she will not feel a need based on her strong willed personality to micromanage.


The trustees are done with you - you hung yourself by paying Montoya to print lies and deception to the detriment of TSC.  TSC is at a critical stage in its rebirth and Adela's actions have been like a failed abortion attempt - the baby will live, but her fellow trustees will never trust her again for her actions. 


Anonymous said...

this proves budget----what is this?

BobbyWC said...

Your comment makes no sense

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You still do not address the point Montoya makes; which is that Tercero dropped the ball on the ten million dollar EDA grant. That is the point he makes, you say nothing on the matter. Ten million dollars is a lot of money that the college desperately needs. The money was there for the college but the application was not submitted. Stop your distractions and address his point.

Anonymous said...

And if you had negative comments on Adela you would publish them. Stop giving us oblong by saying you would never publish them. You have proven you would publish anything to go after people you do not like at the time.

BobbyWC said...

Here's the deal you're full of shit - every institution Montoya mentioned which got money got less than $2 million - so your number of $10 million is coming out your ass which totally destroys your credibility.

Second Montoya has published no document which states how much TSC qualified for - so again given his history of lying about everything you are full of shit to believe anything he says.

Third - everyone is complaining that she is micromanaging - so if she oversees everything she is bad for micromanaging - if she leaves her staff to do their job she is bad for not micromanaging -

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

again you prove you are full of shit.

You have no idea how many comments I reject against people like Cata, Luci, Adela and so many others - I do not allow for the coverage of the personal family matters unless it goes to their character and their character has become an issue.

I stayed away from the Father Martinez matter because it was no one's business. Further, everyone I know in Houston who supports his school told me the same thing -= he did not want people talking about his health - he only wanted people talking about the school and the children.

No matter what I felt about Tony I was not going to invade his family's privacy in the same way I will not invade Adela Garza's family privacy. It's off limits - but you can bet the second they offer Montoya enough money he will go with it and I will defend her 100% and then you will say there he goes again changing sides - no my side is family matters are off limits.

I have conceded mistakes have been made because of the micromanaging

BobbyWC said...

The problem is if she micromanages they attack her - if her staff messes up they blame her for not micromanaging - this is bullshit

The problems at TSC were created 100% by a bunch of whiny Trustees who do not understand their role as trustees. They created the atmosphere of distrust which has now lead to mistakes.

Dr. Lily Tecero's strong personality - the personality which started TSC off on a great start with lower tuition, pay raises and a good bond rating is now the same strong personality which is causing problems with the personnel - and the trustees are compounding it by getting involved in personnel matters in stead of telling staff they must follow the proper channels.

It is not good money was lost - but how about Montoya do a real story and instead of blaming Tecero find out who was assigned the project and how he/she dropped the ball and then go from there. I am actually doing that. I want to know the full story - but when I mention it to trustees they seem to be saying they knew nothing about it - bullshit - all lies - and if true what does it say about the trustees that they did not know TSC was up for grant money?. I am going to get the full story with accountability on everyone who messed up - including Dr. Lily Tecero if that is where the evidence pointes.

How about doing a real story and finding out which trustees were meddling in the process making it more difficult.

And instead of lying and saying it was $10 million dollars for which there has been zero proof how about Montoya do a real story and find out how much TSC may have qualified for instead of just lying.

Based on his own story every other institution got under $2 million.

How about telling the real story about how the trustees agree Tecero's management skills saved them millions when she took control. About how her skills in managing the money allowed for a good pay raise for all staff while the lowering of tuition - how come this money does not seem to matter to you?

For you if someone manages to raise millions to keep you afloat and then loses a million later - as a fool you would dump them.

I do not fire my broker over losses - I look to my overall portfolio for retirement - I am making more than I am losing - my broker will make mistakes but I am still making more than I am losing so you know what - he stays and that is exactly what any good investor does = the idiots who fire their brokers over every loss end up losing in the end.

Adeal and Montoya may be too stupid to understand this but the majority of Trustees are not.

My European banking portfolio was a huge mistake - I was told the stocks had hit rock bottom. Yea not even close - my investment is worth about 10 cents on the dollar of the original investment - did I fire my broker? NO - I am still ahead overall

And because I understand finance and mistakes are made and not demand everyone be perfect like you and Montoya - I hold

I will sit on the European Banking portfolio until hell freezes over if that it what it takes to break even. I am going on 57 - it may take until I am 65 - but then I will have the money when I am 65. I do not need it now and I see no reason to panic and fire my broker.

That is the real world of finance and not your full of shit lies and incompetence in how reality works.

BobbyWC said...

Why would I give an ounce of credibility to someone who cannot explain how do you suspend a budget item which has not already been approved. He is simply not credible.

He blames Tecero for the ebook mess - something I opposed over a year ago - but fails to ask why Adela Garza and the other trustees did not research the issue before they [yes they the trustees] voted for the ebooks - not Lily Tecero

Any fool can see he is running cover for Adela and the other trustees while blaming Tecero for their votes.

Why were the trustees not on top of this grant issue? - they knew the deadline was extended - where were they asking if the deadline would be made?

Any fool can see Adela puts the blame on Tecero because she wants Tecero out along with Kiko believing she will become the Board President and then will hire a puppet TSC president

Adela is in for the fight of her life if she thinks she is going to do to TSC what Otis Powers and Cata Presas-Garcia did to BISD.

It is not going to happen without a major war - a war Adela Garza cannot fund because the other side including trustees who are having problems with Tecero are determined to win against Adela.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

My European banking portfolio was a huge mistake - I was told the stocks had hit rock bottom. Yea not even close - my investment is worth about 10 cents

This is impossible. Only one bank has gone belly up, Banco de Espirito Santo, Portugal. What European bank stocks do you own that went down 90%? There are NONE.

BobbyWC said...

Do you live in a world where reality is a sin. I have owned Allied Irish Bank stocks for a lot longer than a year . this year alone it is down 22.32% - Greece nearly collapsed over its banking crisis - same for Spain - do you really think it helps your argument to post such verifiable lies.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The only fool that is "full of shit" is you. You start typing garbage when someone challenges your points intellectually. It is obvious you have a personal problem with Montoya. He can say the sky is blue, and immediately you will say it is green. His only point was that Under Tercero's watch,they lost millions on a grant,more the simple reason of not turning in an application. He also points out that a trustee sits on the work force commission, which makes the snafu worse. You mention the dropping of the ball for the first time, when I point it out to you , and in Bobby fashion, you start belittling people for it. Grow up. As for not going after families,mod you not think families are affected when you chose to say someone is full of shit, or that they are a dick, or that they are homophobic eunuchs. Spare us the holier than thou shtick when it comes to protecting families.....and when did this thread become about your portfolio?

BobbyWC said...

Your lack of intellect is made obvious by your post - and since you are anony exactly how does your family I know I am talking about you?

My portfolio was an demonstrative lesson in how finances work - you obviously do not understand demonstrative lessons - even if a big mistake was made - which is a lot more than a snafu - competent people do not fire their broker on one loss - they look to the total portfolio before making a decision.

The trustees do not agree on much but they agree Dr. Tecero's management of TSC made for the good bond rating, the pay raises, and the lowering of tuition - so you do not judge her on what may be a big mistake - Montoya's story is 100% short on facts.

The fact the trustees seem to be running from the story concerns me - there is more to this story and unfortunately I am going to have to get the information from an insider other than a trustee because they do not want to be tied to the story.

Agsin you say millions - but I defy you to post any document by Montoya which says how much TSC qualified for - his own statements show all of the other institutions got less than $2 million - which means it was not millions . and TSC being a smaller institution for all we know only qualified for $250,000. But even a smaller number will not change something went wrong - And I will stay on it until I can get all of the facts and not just those Adela Garza are pushing - there is a complete story - I am trying to learn how much TSC would have qualified for - that is the first question which needs to be answered so we do not have wild unsupported numbers being thrown out there.

Dude you need to learn the importance of demonstrative instruction - it will make getting educated easier for you.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Accreditation is not moving forward this spring. Tercero staff is saying the SACS visit won't happen til late summer or fall because the TSC application still has problems. SACS has to wait til their June meeting to see if Tercero clears up the applications problems before they can OK a visit if the issues are fixed. Tercero is lying to the public trying to hang on to her job! This means no summer accreditation for TSC AND no merger with UTRGV for UTB. This is all because of Tercero's incompetence and arrogance. You should be asking what happens to each school and their students now!

BobbyWC said...

Two trustees have verified for me they have seen the letter stating the application cleared - so you are a liar.

Since you are the one making the claim you must have seen the letter the application did not clear - so how about producing it to Montoya to publish and then the trustees will be forced to have a meeting concerning Tecero's continued employment for lying to the public

See how simple it is - Adela is obviously claiming it is a lie - so Adela just release the letter and I will be the first to demand Tecero be fired for lying about the process. This would be a serious breach of trust which merits immediate discharge.

When the truth about Baltazar Salazar came out - a truth I verified on my own - I demanded the BISD board fire him for lying - not even Montoya went so far as demanding his immediate discharge - he just used the scandal to embarrass the anti Cata people - I demanded he be fired.

My rules are simple - if the letter shows she lied about the application being accepted than I will do a post demanding her immediate discharge - I will not just play games and use it to attack the trustees for Adela
s advantage.

Montoya can never seem to keep to a standard - I have said Cata should be allowed to have her issues heard by the BISD Board - all she is going to do is make a fool of herself - so Montoya goes after the BISD and supports Cata's suit over the issue.

Could you imagine if the Democrats sued the Republicans in Washington over not being able to get anything heard in the House of Representatives - the federal judge would issue sanctions so fast -

So Montoya lambasts Powers and company for keeping Cata's issues off the table and then claims because Kiko Rendon allowed the issue of Suspending Payment to UB on the agenda - meaning he is giving Adela the voice she wants - it means Kiko is saying the money has never been allocated in the past - again you cannot suspend that which has not already been approved.

My point being Montoya attacks Kiko Rendon for allowing Adela to have her issues heard, and attacks Otis Powers for not allowing Cata to have her issues heard.

You cannot win with this guy.

My view is simple - Cata should be allowed to put any issue on the agenda she wants - period - it is bullshit what they are doing - we the people have a right to see Cata make a fool of herself.

Bobby WC