Tuesday, December 30, 2014


From the Reader:

"Changing the subject. Do you think that Sylvia Garza Perez should be given thirty more days like her Atty. has requested to C.C. commissioners court, so she can find a bonding company that can cover her? The law is clear, if she can not be sworn in like everybody else, and someone turns in a petition to the district courts to rule on her status on the first of the month, and deemed not in compliance by the court, do you think commissioners will be acting in the best interest of the voters? "

For the record - you can always redirect the BV to subjects of importance and this is how I will handle it.  You will get a special post.

First, hats off to the Cameron County Commissioners for not agreeing to fund the bond with taxpayer money.  This could be a good sign of things to come.

While it saddens me someone duly elected by the people may not be able to take office, if she does not meet the qualifications of office then she should not be allowed to take office.

I have done a bit of research on this and I cannot find a specific timetable.  The language I find is a bit vague as to the time line - but it seems to me the deadline should be the day you are due to take office.

The law should be followed. If commissioners court votes to ignore the law, hopefully a lawyer will step up to the plate to enforce it.

I am not 100% certain on the law, but I expect for commissioners court to follow it - it is that simple.  If Sylvia is declared ineligible to hold office I would hope commissioners court would call for a special election in May to align with the various municipal elections around the county.

Under these circumstances it would be best for Joe Rivera to remain as a holdover, assuming the law allows for that length of time.  This is the only fair way to insure everyone has a chance to throw their name into the process.  I would hope they could do this as an open election with a run-off instead of a mini-primary and then runoff.  There is always the chance in round one someone will get the majority.

Oh, if Joe wants to be a hold-over then she needs to agree to not run for the office.


Anonymous said...

I believe you are right on, on this one. The election was on November the fourth. Sylvia had more than enough time to get her bond in order. Her lawyer asking for one to two months more is just buying time to see if her status may change. It takes two days to get a bond, Two days at most, and she wants up to two months? Follow the law, if she can not take office, have the courts rule that she is ineligible, and move forward.

Anonymous said...

Why does she not put up a cash bond?