Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Everything is subject to rebirth - movement in markets bring changes every day - A reader the other day posted an article about how the price of gas is causing the price of natural gas to come down which is making those who want to export natural gas rethink their investment.  I had already spoke about this - guys the low price of gas is a short story - Saudi Arabia is working with the US to squeeze the Russian, Iranian and Venezuelan governments.  All three are suffering major economic hardship.  Once we get what we want, Saudi Arabia along with some other allies will cut production and the price will go back up - really guys - how long do you think the major oil companies are going to remain silent in Washington as this foreign policy scheme plays out?

In time once the balance between the price of oil and NG returns, the investors will line up again and the development of NG for export will be up and running again.  I keep on reading about the Chinese Asian market for the export of the NG, but the European papers are talking about wanting to get away from their dependency on Russia - we shall see.

The port started as a dream and then became something.  It can and will become something again - everything has its cycles.  Brownsville and Cameron county have a lot of potential right now - I can only hope that the county commission picks a new county judge based on competence and not political promises.

Now is when we need a county leader more than ever.  I also hope that come may we will have a mayor who does not divide the city and who can work closely with the county to make the metroplex a reality.  We need leaders who are looking to harness our natural resources, and not making Austin happy.


What a week - first I finished building the case for my brother's VA disability - then I completed the process of finding Bela a home - 90 % moved - hope we can finish cleaning in the morning before the utilities are cut off. She is so funny - she is happy about meeting even more friends in her new school. I just hope all goes well with BISD and the transfer come Monday. And finally, today - I finished all of the research and complaints on a pretty big case

This is the problem with blogs - I love this story - it gets good - the state formally opened an investigation today.  I copied the complaint to DA Saenz and Chief Rodriguez.  I want to post the story, but I cannot because it is best I blindside the target..  The person I am helping wants me to next submit it to the special federal task force because my research showed the last time this person was targeted by a state agency two certain local elected officials intervened and the charges were dropped..

I hate holding the story - but until the blindside hits - it is better to hold the story.  This is the problem with blogging sometimes - sometimes if I go public with what I have learned I will mess up an investigation - so I remain silent.  By Monday I should have 5 witness affidavits to ad to the complain.

Also on Monday I will decide if I should file it with the new federal task force since press reports show two certain elected officials ran interference for the target of this investigation last time after the target guaranteed a certain someone a $30,000 loan at IBC bank.

I am asking the person I am helping to hold because I believe the Austin agency which is leading the investigation will do its job and does not need any help or interference from the feds.  But we shall see.  Last time around these two elected officials managed to get a state agency to drop their charges.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Yesterday someone posted a comment which was off topic.  I thought it was a great question so I gave it its own post.

Guys, if you have something to talk about - post it under the latest post and ask if I will consider posting it as a separate post.  If you follow the rules of no defamation or distractions and just want to raise a topic for discussion - just ask and I will probably give it a separate post from an anonymous reader.  Your ideas are as good as mine - so send them and let's see what happens.

You may see a problem in the community I do not see - well raise it - but do it in a professional manner and it will get a separate post

From the Reader:

"Changing the subject. Do you think that Sylvia Garza Perez should be given thirty more days like her Atty. has requested to C.C. commissioners court, so she can find a bonding company that can cover her? The law is clear, if she can not be sworn in like everybody else, and someone turns in a petition to the district courts to rule on her status on the first of the month, and deemed not in compliance by the court, do you think commissioners will be acting in the best interest of the voters? "

For the record - you can always redirect the BV to subjects of importance and this is how I will handle it.  You will get a special post.

First, hats off to the Cameron County Commissioners for not agreeing to fund the bond with taxpayer money.  This could be a good sign of things to come.

While it saddens me someone duly elected by the people may not be able to take office, if she does not meet the qualifications of office then she should not be allowed to take office.

I have done a bit of research on this and I cannot find a specific timetable.  The language I find is a bit vague as to the time line - but it seems to me the deadline should be the day you are due to take office.

The law should be followed. If commissioners court votes to ignore the law, hopefully a lawyer will step up to the plate to enforce it.

I am not 100% certain on the law, but I expect for commissioners court to follow it - it is that simple.  If Sylvia is declared ineligible to hold office I would hope commissioners court would call for a special election in May to align with the various municipal elections around the county.

Under these circumstances it would be best for Joe Rivera to remain as a holdover, assuming the law allows for that length of time.  This is the only fair way to insure everyone has a chance to throw their name into the process.  I would hope they could do this as an open election with a run-off instead of a mini-primary and then runoff.  There is always the chance in round one someone will get the majority.

Oh, if Joe wants to be a hold-over then she needs to agree to not run for the office.

Like I said, I can write an essay both in favor and against the legislation targeting Brownsville to give up land it has claimed under extraterritorial jurisdiction.  In terms of Brownsville the bottom line is, Brownsville will lose a lot of tax money if it loses the land - this  means either fewer services or higher taxes.  No right minded commissioner or even the mayor is going to vote to give up the tax revenues.

Since before Christmas I have been trying to contact Eddie Lucio III office locally and in Austin, and via email to get information on this issue - phones are not answered, and emails are not returned.  I want his argument for Brownsville having to give up the land.  Senator Lucio and Rene Oliviera are also on record as supporting Brownsville giving up this prime land for development to Port Isabel.

See HB

The Bills died - but not without protest

Good ideas can go bad when in the hands of the wrong people.  The concept behind United Brownsville is not bad - its what it has become which is bad.

To be frank with you we should form a United Cameron County headed by all the mayors, the county judge and one city commissioner from each city, and one county commissioner to work as a team towards developing Cameron county into a metroplex.  UB  most assuredly is an obstacle to a Cameron county metroplex.

I am not going to tell anyone how to vote in May as to the city commission.  I just want people to understand this issue so they can consider it when voting.

If a candidate running for  city commission works for someone being paid to push for the land to be given to Port Isabel do you not have a right to know that?  In some cases it will get you to vote for them and in others it will get you to vote against them.

Like I said, this issue has a lot of good arguments for an against - but Oliviera, and the Lucios are interested parties through their representations of certain groups and this should cause people to pause and ask - are they pushing for this for the benefit of Cameron county or their clients?

A divided Cameron county means we all lose.

Monday, December 29, 2014

I would not wish handling a love ones' affairs on my worst enemy.  My brother and sister in law are not always very helpful.  His kids - two hours away are too busy to help - I'm sure they will be in probate court when the day comes - that two hours will become a short trip.
I went through the same nightmare with a sister - her kids could not help - they claimed ignorance of everything.  It took me months to gather marriage certificates, death certificates, birth certificates - military records - but I stayed at it and got my sister her Korean war veteran widow pension which is now helping to pay for the nursing home.
My brother is entitled to full VA disability because the activation of his neurofibroma can be linked to Agent Orange.  He did two tours in Vietnam.  He really does not need the money - except that it will guarantee between his VA and military retirement 100% of his nursing home care will be covered - which means neither he nor my sister-in-law will have to go on Medicaid.  their money will then be enough to pay for her nursing home care.
It has not been easy - but today an Angel who knew my brother was willing to give me information that maybe she should not have given me - but it is what I needed.  I can now move forward on getting him his benefits.  He will probably pass before the VA approves the request, but then my sister in law will get the benefit thereby guaranteeing payment of her nursing home care.
I have been rejecting comments about certain people not blogging - you know what - sometimes people just need time off.  Sometimes people have private matters which need attending to.  If all you have to offer Brownsville is bad mouthing bloggers for taking time off, all I can say is - get a life .
As bloggers we may disagree a lot - but we do our best to get information out there for people to consider - but sometimes time off is a good thing.


I do not care what the profession is, there is a brotherhood which tends to protect their own.  If you cannot rely on your brothers in profession to protect your back who can you rely on?  This is simple.

I am watching problems at the VA devolving into chaos because the administrators have pitted the doctors against one another, so the doctors are now compelled to run cover for one another - on my issue because I can document with the notes of the pharmacist I am going to the IG.  Nothing will get done locally - no matter how bad the pharmacist gets the doctors are not going to expose the truth to the administrators.  Why?  Because the Administrators mismanaged the situation and have forced all of the medical personnel into protecting one another, even if it means the veterans suffering.

For no better reason than ignorance two NYC police officers were laid to rest this weekend.  I spoke about this several weeks ago - how the opportunists on both sides of the Ferguson mess and choke hold case inflamed both sides to the detriment of all.  This weekend we saw the result. Two very innocent police officers laid to rest after being assassinated for no better reason than being police officers.

I get the police chief has to find a way to discipline those who need disciplining while also maintaining a professional and positive relationship with the officers.  It is a near impossible balancing act.

But this balancing act is made worse by the Police Brotherhood which seems all too willing to get defensive when the conduct of one of their own is called into question.  This feeds into the paranoia of those who see honor in assassinating two innocent police officers for no better reason than they are police officers.

I am not going to pretend it is an easy balancing act for the rank and file.  When should they circle the wagons and protect their own like brothers should - and when should they say - "you are not my brother because my brother would never bring such shame to our profession?"

It is an impossible balancing act.

But if the Police Brotherhood do not start doing a better job in working to expose among their own those who do not honorably serve the Brotherhood, more and more innocent police officers are going to suffer along with their families.

What is sad is, we are dealing with such an incredibly small number of bad apples I do not see why the Brotherhood seems so adamant to protect such a handful of officers which bring shame to such an honorable and essential profession.

And guys, I'm not talking about police officers who help fix tickets for one another's family members.  This is a professional courtesy done all over the U.S. - and to be honest - I am cool with it - we have to give them some extra benefits.  I am not talking about a police officer who allows a kid to walk on a warning for a small crime - such as smoking a joint.

I am talking about police officers who run cover for the bad conduct of other officers.  This is when the Brotherhood has a duty to say "no, you are no longer our brother."  This is when the police chief needs to say "no, this is beyond a common courtesy between officers." 

When officers falsify reports, use their badge to intimidate people into paying debts, or falsify evidence it needs to be the Brotherhood which says - "no - you are not our brother because your conduct is endangering all of us."

But if the Brotherhood continues to operate with the idea they  can do no wrong, more innocent officers are going to be assassinated.  This is wrong.  The Brotherhood better look long and hard at how these two officers died, before they continue to run cover for the officers outright abusing their office.

The opportunists who are exploiting the acts of a few bad apples or the innocent acts of officers just doing their job are not going away - they are going to continue to inflame people into not trusting the police - and this is bad for everyone.

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Click for Gillette videos

I remember being in kinder and my mother asking as I was walking out the door if I had  put on the cream.  Since I was a baby, I have dealt with armpit and groin rashes from the sweat glands.  Within a few months of my first armpit hairs I have been shaving my armpits - it was the only solution.  The cream and powder would not work because the hair held the sweat - thereby the smell and thereby the rash - it. would sometimes lead to bleeding. 

A few years back they stopped making miconazole cream, except for women in a vaginal product.  You can now buy it again.  Well after a major outbreak with lots of bleeding in the armpits and groin I was sent to a dermatologist - that is when I started to use the powder Zeasorb.  It has miconazole in it.  So long as I shaved my armpits it worked - but I can tell you with the hair the miconazole cannot do its job.

"Consider a new haircut. Pubic hair traps dampness and odors, and also makes it difficult for the underlying skin to stay cool and dry, Redbord says. You don’t have to shave yourself bare. But pruning your hedges with a beard trimmer can help keep gross odors at bay, she says."
If I do not manscape within 30 minutes of showering I can smell the sweat - even with the Zeasorb powder rubbed in.  Manscaping is not for everyone - but guys I am telling you your partner whether a man or woman will not tell you she/he do not want to go down there because it smells.  You may not smell it, but they do when they get close enough.
Guys, whether you clip it or shave it - it does not look bigger.  I like the video on shaving the pubic hair in the Gillette commercial because it is like he says - you just feel cleaner.
Of course this is not for everyone - but check with your significant other and see what they say - demand they be honest - ask - "do I smell sometimes?"
I know the idiots out there will have a lot to say about this - but the fact Gillette has now launched a campaign to promote manscaping and it does have health benefits, it is time to have the conversation.  Do not worry about what the idiots will have to say about it.  Talk to your wife, girl friend - boy friend and see what they say.  Try it once - see how you feel.  If it makes you feel cleaner - why not? - if it makes her happy - all the more reason to do it.  But guys also try the Zeasorb after you dry - it will insure when that moment comes she will not be turned off by a smell.
I use Nair for Men - which is hard to come by in Brownsville because of shoplifting.  The only place I know which sells it is the HEB on 802.  It is great for the back and shoulders.  I do my hairline every Sunday to keep my neck looking clean.  DO NOT - use it in your private areas.  The skin in your private areas is not like the skin on other parts of your body.  I can assure you it will burn the hell out of your scrotum - a friend did not believe me and came running out of the shower screaming like hell with a strawberry red scrotum.
Ultra Sensitive by Edge - also Nivea for men Sensitive is also good to apply after you shave - if that is your choice - it is also good for the face after you have been in the sun.


The lawyers will be from a preapproved list and know how much they will be paid per hour.  It is not like the defendant will be allowed to choose a lawyer who normally gets $500 an hour.

"The issue of trust has long been part of a larger discussion about the quality of indigent defense in the U.S. Now, the Central Texas county where Vaughn works will be the first in the country to give these individuals the ability to choose their own attorneys at the government's expense.
It's part of a pilot program in Comal County that could determine whether the idea could be adopted in other jurisdictions and provide a new wrinkle to how the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments are exercised."

Click for full Story

I was never on the list to be a court appointed attorney - but one day one of my favorite judges asked that I take a case.  Side not - this guy ran as an ultra right wing Republican and would seek the votes of the most right wing voters he could find - but he worked with me in creating a program wherein gay men caught having sex in public would have the choice of facing a trial and possible conviction or deferred adjudication if they completed 6 months of therapy with one of the local predominately gay churches which had counselors willing to volunteer, or with a private therapist - my point is - he was a cool judge.

Anyway I was the only one in the courtroom who spoke Spanish and he really wanted this guy to plea out so he could get him out of jail - his goal was to get him out of jail that day.  I took a good plea bargain to the guy and he said no - he was not guilty and he wanted a trial.  I explained it could mean a few more months in jail and he did not care.  I told the judge and the judge said he would find someone else to be the court appointed attorney who might be able to better convince the guy to take the plea.  So the defendant went back to the county jail until the judge could find a Spanish speaking lawyer who could convince this guy to take the plea.

The current system stinks - I like this new system - here in Cameron county it is too easy to get an attorney to throw an indigent client under the bus in exchange for an ADA going easier on a paying client.  In fact this is a state wide problem.  Under this system the lawyers who do nothing will soon get a reputation and find their court appointments will dry up as the defendants talk among themselves in jail.


Or like me you can oil the hardwood floors in the dining room, dust the entire house, and then mop.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Click for his Facebook Page

You can click on his Facebook page and ask him questions.

He promises to lower your taxes.  This will for sure not happen if Brownsville loses the extraterritorial jurisdiction issue.

But that aside ask him how he intends to lower taxes and:

Create more infrastructure;
Improve our quality of life;
Create a Veteran's Crisis Center
Build a library in the NE section of Brownsville; and
Expand Tourism

Now I have no problem with any of his goals - they are all good  - but do we not have the right to know how he intendeds to do this, while lowering your taxes?

Also, ask his position on Lincoln Park, Tenaska, Space X, Extraterritorial Jurisdiction, United Brownsville - these are all hot issues which in my opinion have valid arguments on both sides.  In many cases it is the process which is making the projects look bad, and not the idea.

Does he have a water policy?  Does he favor the weir dam?

Also ask about anything else which matters to you - post here issues which matter to you.

I am not limiting this request to William Garza - I am asking that my readers ask all of the candidates for all offices the same questions.

As to all incumbents you need to ask that they also list their accomplishments.

It is so simple people - just click on his Facebook page and send the message - you can invite him to post his response to the BV - I will not allow for distractions or nonsense - the only responses will have to go to his express ideas and solutions without insults.

Over the next few weeks as I know for sure the candidates, I will do a simple post with the same questions.  It is  time we start the discussion.  It is time we get to know the candidates without distractions- bogeyman associations and paid for defamation because an incumbent would not support someone's contract bid with the city.


We demand intelligent discourse from our city commission candidates, or face the same nothing.  If you want to be part of the distractions and lies, then you need to stop whining because you are why Brownsville cannot seem to harness all of its many natural resources to move forward.

My family knowing I love to read sent me a bunch of Barnes and Noble gift cards - I will use them in February when I go to McAllen to see my neurologist - how sad we do not even have a book store.

Friday, December 26, 2014

I am going to begin with a simple example.  I have a 2000 square foot home and a 1/4 acre.  I admit I did put a lot of money down because I wanted a smaller monthly payment.  Today I cannot rent a nice two bedroom duplex for the price of my mortgage.
In most cases people do not put down as much as I did, but within a few short years they do realize the benefit of a locked in mortgage - which you hopefully pay off in 30 years. [I pay an extra $100 a month with a few lump sum payments here and there so I will pay off my mortgage by age 67]. 
As apartment and duplex rents go up five years after the purchase of your home, your mortgage is locked in with the exception of maybe a bit higher insurance rates or taxes.  But it does not take long to realize you can never rent for as cheap as your mortgage.
Yes, up front the investment is high, but in time your costs are cheaper than had you not made the investment.  This is the same as with our investment in Tenaska - all investment is high in the beginning with savings to come at a later date.

I am not posting the chart I found because it is not dated, but the use of gas to run electric plans is lower than coal  [ the highest], nuclear energy and natural gas [about the same] and then oil and others - at the bottom.  The movement years ago from oil has been good for the US.  It has kept the price of oil from going up as demand goes down.

In the northern part of the country, people still use oil furnaces.  With the discovery of natural gas such as places like Ohio more and more people are converting from oil drip furnaces to heating their homes with NG.  Just google oil and Ohio - click   Google NG electric plants - they are building them all over the US - as more and more NG comes on line and more pipelines are being built, demand for oil will go down.  This means jobs.

Have you noticed the price of gas?

The move to NG has reduced our need for oil.  I agree NG is just one variable.  But every variable makes a difference.  We are all saving a ton on our gas bill.  Yes, in our case that savings is going to be taken by our increased rates for electricity.  So we break even - but we are also investing in our future.  In time our cost of electricity will be stable while people who still rely on drip oil furnaces to heat their homes will be subject to major roller coaster costs in oil.  Electric plants which still use oil will have to charge based on the constant changes in oil.  Also how much do you think it will cost for this plant in 10 years?

If you notice your BPUB there is a Fuel and Energy Charge.  Once we get all of our electricity from Tenaska or at least significantly reduce our dependency on  Oklaunion Power Plant, the FEC should go down.   Oklaunion Power Plant is a coal plant.    New regulations are costing coal plants to be constantly upgraded.  Further, new regulations are making the cost of coal to go up.

In the short run the cost of a new NG plant will be higher than an established coal plant, but such as a mortgage in time while the NG rate stabilizes as the  cost of investment remains the same, the cost of coal will continue to go up because of regulations. 

Now there is a down side - as the price of gas goes down the demand for NG goes down - but there comes a point where the price of oil cannot come down any lower because of costs to develop the wells. Do not hold your breath on gas remaining low for too long - the geopolitical ramifications are significant.  For now I believe the Saudi's are helping the US by not reducing production so as to increase costs in order to squeeze, Russia, Iran and Venezuela.  The policy will only hold so long  - so the sooner we move to NG the better.


I just spent an additional $1,700 on energy efficiency on my home.  I did make a mistake - if you are going to replace the air conditioning ducts call the PUB first.  They come out and check to see how cold the AC is blowing before the replacement.  I only replaced 50 feet on the east side, but because I did not call the PUB first I will not get a rebate - it would have been very small anyway. Parts of the ducts had holes.  I could not get the east side of my home to cool the same as the west side.

I also had something put into my AC system to make it run more efficient.  We put the air I believe at 60, and it was tested at cooling at 55.  After 15 minutes the east side of he house was at 46, and the west was at 49.  The east side actually cools faster now than the west side.  Come summer my AC will run less since it is cooling the house faster.

I also had this solar run fan installed on the roof which pulls the hot air out of the attic.  If you get on the roof and feel the air being pulled out it feels like a furnace - this should help come summer.

We can sit and whine over the high short term cost of Tenaska without thinking of the long term benefits, which include lower gas bills for our cars because Tenaska means NG and not oil, or we can be proactive and make our homes more energy efficient.  But guys, I am telling you given how low gas is, I am still saving on my electric bill when offset by the price of gas.

Nothing is so simple as the cost of an upfront investment.  In time we will need to build another facility - would you rather wait ten years when the cost is higher?


Just google NG electric plants - they are being built all over the US - this is not some unique conspiracy to Brownsville. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014


I took down the posts on the different elected officials.  So let's start with a clean slate and see where it takes Brownsville.  The May election presents a lot of good ideas which allow intelligent candidates to argue opposing views without being rude or using distractions.

Brownsville has so many options on the table right now.  We need leaders who can put yesterday behind them, and look forward.

I've done my part - I can only hope that in the selection of the new County Judge our commissioners will look to who can best turn Cameron county into a metroplex while harnessing all of its natural assets.

I can only hope that the May city election will be about real ideas with intelligent candidates defending their positions on the issues.  But I will say - The BV is not going to sit quietly with promises of fixing everything while lowering taxes.  It is a con job promise which does nothing for the people.

The candidates need to make their cases to the people. 

I get that Cameron county commissioners are at odds with the City of Brownsville over extraterritorial jurisdiction.  There are valid arguments on both sides.  The candidates just need to make them to the voters.  The BV will be an open forum for the candidates willing to discuss the actual issues - but the BV will not be party to the endless distractions and bogeyman associations.

Brownsville and Cameron county can only move forward on ideas which have been well researched.  We have so many opportunities on the table right now - we just need the right leaders who can work together, who know when to agree to disagree, and make Cameron county and Brownsville the top agenda.

I was against Space X because of its impact on Boca Chica beach - but it is coming - so now let's make it work to our advantage instead of continuing with endless conspiracy theories.

The naysayers would have us live in caves because you can die in a house fire or continue to ride on horses because you can die in a car crash.  Many astronauts died to get us to the moon.  Probably many more will die in the future as we reach for Mars and beyond - but you cannot move forward without sacrifice - let those who want to continue to live in caves be happy - but do not let them stop us from reaching man-kinds full potential.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


The good news - I will move into my new home on Tuesday. A very nice man rented a nice home to my mommy, my brother and me. 


I always sit in my booster seat and wear my seat belt.  Tonight the police will be out to protect us from bad people and help Santa - so please be respectful and wish them a Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

This post relates to part of the problem with Lincoln Park.  I used the key quote I reference herein in my Master's Thesis on Juridical Methodology.  I have spent years looking for it.  I guess I could have reread my thesis - but life is not so simple.  This morning's NYT has an article wherein Associate Justice Scalia is using this key quote as his justification for changing his position as to the law.  When Justice Jackson made the statement in a dissent, he made it clear it was something to be used with justification and rarely.
"But if I have agreed to any prior decision which forecloses what now seems to be a sensible construction of this Act, I must frankly admit that I was unaware of it. However, no rights have vested no prejudicial action has been taken in reliance upon such a ruling. It does not appear to have been called to the attention of Congress and in effect approved by failure to act. Under these circumstances, except for any personal humiliation involved in admitting that I do not always understand the opinions of this Court, I see no reason why I should be consciously wrong today because I was unconsciously wrong yesterday."
"Again, in writing about one of his own Attorney General’s opinions that he believed should be overruled, he said in a concurring opinion, “I am entitled to say of that opinion what any discriminating reader must think of it – that it was as foggy as the statute the Attorney General was asked to interpret.” Then, quoting Lord Westbury, he wrote, “I can only say that I am amazed that a man of my intelligence should have been guilty of giving such an opinion.”
The AG Opinion Judge Nelson is relying on to allow Rose Gowen to engage in criminal conduct is just wrong, and anyone can see that. Why Judge Nelson is playing along with clear criminal conduct is beyond me.  I have been cautious with Judge Nelson because Michael Cowen and Luis Saenz need to be able to work with him if we are to save Lincoln Park.  He has been studious - only to the point of how he might get away with his conduct - and not in the pursuit of justice.
I will do my best by Monday to ask the District Attorney of Travis County, who has jurisdiction over this matter to either bring charges against Rose Gowen, or not interfere with me doing a grand jury referral.  It would be best if another attorney locally would have the courage of Michael Cowen to do the grand jury referral in Cameron county.  Because DA Saenz is the plaintiff, he is conflicted out in terms of prosecuting Rose Gowen.  On proper Motion a Judge can assign a special prosecutor to take the lead, but even that would require DA Saenz to make the request, and I am not sure if that is even possible because he is a plaintiff.  Of course all the motion says is he is conflicted out and the court should appoint a special DA to investigate if there is a crime.
With the special federal task force in place, the appointment a special prosecutor would be justified and in my opinion be looked upon by the feds as evidence local law enforcement is on board with cleaning house and ending the corruption.

Monday, December 22, 2014


As we approach Christmas day, do try and remember it is about so much more than a birth - it's about the message brought forward by the child who became a messenger.

Just because some days we fail at the message does not mean we should not strive to continue to live the message. Also, remember we are men striving to live in a world which challenges us every day in how best to be faithful to the message.  Just because the path can be challenging and conflicting does not mean we abandon the journey.  And please do not forget - God never imposes on you more than you can handle. God knows your needs before you know your needs.  Trust that God will provide every day what you need. 

My faith comes from a blessed journey which rarely gave me what I wanted, but wherein God always provided for everything I needed - that is faith -  In the Lord's Prayer God will provide you everything you will ever need.

 "The Lord's Prayer" with an interpretation by Mary Baker Eddy

Our Father which art in heaven,
Our Father-Mother God, all-harmonious,

Hallowed be Thy name.
Adorable One.

Thy kingdom come.
Thy kingdom is come; Thou art ever-present.

Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
Enable us to know, — as in heaven, so on earth, —
God is omnipotent, supreme.

Give us this day our daily bread;
Give us grace for to-day; feed the famished affections;

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
And Love is reflected in love;

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil;
And God leadeth us not into temptation, but delivereth 
us from sin, disease, and death.

For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever.
For God is infinite, all-power, all Life, Truth, Love,
over all, and All.


A candidate for city commission asked how much I would charge for an ad.  I said I do not do that, but if I did it would be $250 a month which would include a link to any web page or FB Page, and at their discretion a post twice a month talking about anything they want - conditioned it is about issues, and not attack pieces which serve as distractions.  You can say, I oppose Tenaska and my opponent supports Tenaska - that would be a fair issue - but it would the be fair for me to post a story by your opponent denying your claims.  My views would not change - William Garza who is running for mayor claims he will lower your taxes, while increasing expenditures on infrastructure.  It cannot be done, and I can assure you he could take out an ad with the BV and my position in covering the election will remain the same - he is not qualified to be mayor - But if William Garza is so confident in his positions he should not fear my coverage.  He should see his ad and link as a way to convince my readers I am wrong and he is right - which is how it should work. I will cover the issues.

I am not buying into this nonsense of anyone but Tony Martinez - that is how we got him in the first place - we were so anyone but Pat, we failed to do our due diligence on Tony,  Although before the election the BV noted Martinez had no water policy and in fact had been short on announcing any game plan.

The BV's city election coverage will try and be different than in the past - in parts - if I see any candidate playing games with lies and distractions I will expose them - no sacred cows on that one.

There are so many good issues which have valid points on both sides.

The weir dam LRGV water problems - Space X water needs - development of downtown.

Tenaska - I favor it for its long term benefits - Brownsville's cost for its 200 megawatts [I am being told the fine print on this is still being worked out]  of the power generated will be the cost of running the plant for the 200 megawatts , which includes the costs of natural gas.  The natural gas will be coming from Texas - and not some country which could hold us hostage over our foreign policy. 

Anyone who has ever built a business understands the upfront costs are always high - you must invest to make money.  But those opposed to Tenaska are so short sighted they cannot get beyond the high start up costs.  There are potential issues with natural gas where Texas and in fact the US could find the natural gas bonanza come to a quick end.  This is where the anti-Tenaska people are not doing their research - but every future benefit always has a risk - bottom line is intelligent candidates can make valid arguments for and against.

The extraterritorial jurisdiction debate has valid arguments on both sides.  There is no need to be nasty - just make the arguments to the voters and then let the voters decide.  I would love nothing more than for each side of the debate to post to the BV their argument as to why they are right and then let the voters decide.

What should be Brownsville's role in creating a metroplex?  This is an issue where good and intelligent candidates can make diverse arguments.

UTRGV and Lincoln Park - again - the candidates can debate this issue without being nasty.

So, the BV does not know what it will do about advertising. My readership numbers are propriety - so they are not for review - but if you want I can manipulate my google stats to make it look like I get a million hits an hour if that will make you feel better.  If as a candidate you think the better informed voters thrive to read soft porn, and endless homophobic comments then you know where your advertising dollars should be spent.

Again if I do it, there will be no sacred cows.  I will not want to hear from a candidate that their opponent is also advertising and once or twice a month posting a policy statement. Everyone who pays will have equal time.  Also, I will not want to hear complaints when I go after you for using distractions and lies to win.

There are far too many good issues - Space X and the expansion of the airport as another two good issues for quality candidates to debate.

I will continue to post my views on the issues - but those are my views - my favorite anony post on Lincoln park was from a woman who said she favored selling Lincoln Park to UT, but did not like how it was being done.  It was a good perspective on the issue.  I do not want to give up Lincoln Park - but her position was well founded.  I'm certain if given a chance she could make a very persuasive argument for selling Lincoln Park to UT at a fair price.  There is no right answer to these issues - sometimes we just have to agree to disagree.


I favor Tenaska - but if you as a candidate work for someone getting paid by Tenaska to promote the project, and you favor Tenaska, like myself, I will still have a duty to tell the voters you are working for someone who is being paid by Tenaska to promote Tenaska. This is something the voters would need to know. 


I am considering the advertising issue as a way to redirect the conversation to ideas only.  If a candidate cannot come on to the BV twice a month and post a policy position without making false attacks on their opponent, then they should not be a candidate.  BTW - if I do - on policy statements I either will not allow for a response - or only allow for responses which go to the issue without being argumentative -

I want your views on two issues:

One, should I do the ads with the conditions I have outlined?

Two - how do you feel about forcing the candidates to use their social media to state their positions on these issues, and any others you may think are important - clearly my list is not inclusive of every possible issue.

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Doctors have a thousand explanations for seasonal depression - but no science to back it up. So instead of waiting on someone to explain why the Holiday Season puts you down - just Be Happy.

Yea, this year I am missing the Holiday Season in NY because I am busy with my brother and Bela - but who cares - I cannot wait to see Bela's face when she sees the Apple IPOD Generation 5 Santa is bringing her.  I may still go for New Years - I've done the Ball - after watching Katherine Hepburn in her last ever Broadway performance - this year I think I want to go to this restaurant on the shore - I think that may be the game plan.  Nothing like watching the ocean on a cold winter night.  But if they are just going to sit around at home - then I will not go.  I want to watch the cold winter waves breaking on the rocks.  Some will do their annual ski trip - but others will go out.

Come on guys - there has to be something to smile about.  Just think what you have and others do not and that should hold your smile for a while.


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Reynaldo Cisneros -1. Driving While Intoxicated (Class "B" Misdemeanor) 2. Duty Upon Striking Parked Vehicle (Class "B" Misdemeanor)

*All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law

Why was this man charged with DWI and Duty Upon Striking Vehicle, but in the case I highlighted earlier the police would not even pursue the alleged drunk driver.
UPDATE:  At least one trustee has now admitted to me that maybe they did not do their due diligence in the beginning on any of this.  But Dynamic Campus is nothing more that the company running the technology for TSC.  Yes, they oversee ebooks and Pearson - but they oversee them as part of the technology task given to them by the Board,.  The board - not Dynamic Campus chooses the ebooks or Pearson - Dynamic Campus just oversees the execution of these programs chosen by the board.  Blaming Dynamic Campus for ebooks or Pearson is like blaming the nurse for which surgical procedure the doctor chooses. 
Montoya and I are agreeing again, but for different reasons..  Adela Garza and the entire board at that time [there are new board members who were not part of the original decision] knew exactly who
Dr. Leonardo de La Garza was and his relationship to Dynamic Campus. [NOTE: Trustees are saying this was in fact not known - but are conceding a possible lack of due diligence on their part]  So the feigned shock over the alleged conflict of interest is not flying.  It is nothing more than Adela making noise which a distraction and damaging to TSC and staff morale.

But I was greatly disappointed the Board voted to continue the relationship.  This feigned shock by Adela Garza as to the conflict is as stupid as the propaganda resolution the majority voted to pass. 

18 months ago I argued against ebooks and Pearson.  Now 18 months ago the top universities in the world were all excited over this technology with no one really doing their due diligence in investigating these companies, and that included the entire Board and in particular Adela Garza.  But it also includes some of the best universities in the world.

But now with the research showing ebooks and that baby-sitting technology approach of Pearson is not in the best interests of the students it is unforgivable that any Board or administrator would recommend their continued use.  [TO CLARIFY FROM ORIGINAL POST - Dynamic Campus has nothing to do with this - they are just executing on the Board's decisions - I am being told the real problem is not with Dynamic Campus because they are doing their job, the problem was with not exploring is there is a better option.]

Adela Garza does not get to feign shock of some possible conflict of interest she knew about or should have known about and voted for from day one - it is typical Adela Garza.  Her focus should be 100% is, are the students benefiting from ebooks and Pearson?  The research tends to say no.  This is the winnable argument.

But for a majority to continue the agreement at this point showed a complete and total lack of interest in the best interests of the students. They should have explored if there are better options.  And I care about the students and not this endless tit for tat between trustees which is only hurting the students and staff morale.

Adela and Kiko are going to end up taking one another out at the expense of TSC and that is sad.
I want to be clear about something - in my opinion the BPD Officers do an extraordinary job.  By no means is this post to be a reflection on the department.  It is only a reflection on those involved.
Begin by looking at the drawing.  Could the person who is driving the unit which hit the motorcycle have been sober?  According to off duty office Martinez, who was in uniform, and two other officers, Alejandro Paz walked out of International Bingo stone drunk.  Officer Martinez saw him get in his car and speed away, out of control and hit the motorcycle.  According to the victim Office Martinez told all of this to Officer David Trevino.  Why is none of this in the narrative?
I will admit my research is incomplete.  One police officer told me Office Martinez should have stopped Mr. Paz, because he clearly saw Mr. Paz as a danger.  My research shows, although not clearly stated that police officers especially in uniform are on duty 24/7 in terms of stopping crime.  In Texas the off duty police officers should call in to dispatch for an on duty officer unless there are exigent circumstances, or the person presents a danger to the public.  A drunk who drives this out of control clearly presents exigent circumstances, and a danger to the community.
The victim was in the Bingo Hall when he was called out and Officer Martinez told him what he saw.  The victim remembers three other off duty officers in uniform at the scene.  No one did anything to stop this man.
The police report lists the name of Paz's mother - who in fact told the police where he lives - in Harlingen.  This means the police allowed a man this drunk to get on Price road and then the highway back to Harlingen  thereby endangering everyone in his path.
Officer Martinez is an eyewitness that this man was drunk - an eyewitness that the man could barely stand - an eyewitness that he stood there and did nothing as the man got in his mother's car and drove drunk.
Do you now begin to understand why Officer Trevino left this all out of the report?  Officer Martinez had the authority to stop the man and chose not to - so now Officer Trevino in order to protect Officer Martinez must present an incomplete report.
The victim has asked that a formal complaint be filed with the new DOJ corruption task force.  No on expects the police chief to do his job and investigate and take the proper action.
DA Saenz will be asked to interview Officer Martinez for the truth so the man can also be charged with DWI.  Officer Martinez personally saw the man drunk, personally saw the man get in his car, and personally saw the man cause the altercation and personally saw the man drive on to a public road - all of the elements are there to charge the man with DWI, in addition to the class B for leaving the scene after striking a vehicle..
It does not end there - with these facts International Bingo should have its liquor license pulled.  Of course this would cause officer Martinez and the other officers to lose their jobs as off duty security guards.
I have interviewed other patrons who were at International Bingo on the night of the incident.  There was no bartender overseeing the distribution of the free beer.  They had the kegs out and the people were serving themselves.  You could be as drunk as a skunk and get as much beer as you wanted because the BPD off duty officers were turning a blind eye to what was happening - namely patrons serving themselves all of the beer they wanted regardless of how drunk they were.

So now we shall see what happens - the victim does have a lawyer ready to move on this if the insurance companies balk given the facts.  This was beyond gross negligence on the part of International Bingo, the driver and the BPD.  The victim told me he would rather wait two years to collect if that is what it takes to put officers Martinez and Trevino on the stand or through deposition to prove a cover-up to protect themselves and International Bingo.

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Our democracy fails when those duly elected by the people cannot take office.  The fact I did not vote for Sylvia Garza-Perez means nothing to what is at stake at  this moment.  I have seen the documents which explain why she cannot get a bond, as of last report - may have changed in last 5 minutes.  If people know how to search a lot of documents are very public.  But you know what, it is no one's business.  Life is more complex than a document - documents are created based on complex events which sometimes people cannot control - at least in part.


A simple question - if John Doe were to run for judge on what later turned out to be a fake law license, would he be allowed to take the bench just because the people vote for him?  No - because after the election we learned he did not meet the requirements of office.  We have now learned Sylvia Garza-Perez does not meet the requirements of office because as of this moment she does not qualify for the bond which is a condition of office.

 In the interests of the democratic process I hope she finds a bonding company willing to back her.

For me this is a perfect example of common ground.  Everyone knows that I am no supporter of Carlos Cascos or Sofia Benavides.  But this issue is a great example of Common Ground.  Cascos has publicly come out against taxpayer money being used to fund Sylvia's bond.  This is good.  Sources are telling me, but I have yet to confirm that Sofia Benavides has indicated she will not support the use of taxpayer money to fund Sylvia's bond.  Dan Garza tends to go with Cascos - so I suspect Montoya is correct [yes it can happen] when he says the votes are not there.  But for me this is not enough - I want to see Alex Dominguez and Dan Sanchez publicly come out against the use of taxpayers money to fund Sylvia's bond.
Personally I hope she can find a bonding company because the people chose her and not her opponent.  But if she could not meet the conditions of office, meaning the ability to secure a bond, then she does not know meet the conditions of office and should not be allowed to take office by using taxpayer money.
Common ground is when people who have something more to do with their life than taking sides and settling score can see an issue which impacts the entire community and can put aside their differences long enough to put the community first.

Of course the big alliance is Tony Martinez running candidates who will back his plans.

Another alliance being sponsored by the Lucios is related to Extraterritorial Jurisdiction. If you click you will see a good article which explains what is happening.

Now, people need to understand that the different sides have good arguments on the issue.  I have no problem with the fact the Cameron County Commissioners Court voted in support of the legislation against Brownsville.  Many of the commissioners represent the very cities trying to stop Brownsville's expansion.  Based on this reality I would expect them to vote against Brownsville.

But let's understand the issue - if when all done and said Brownsville must give up a lot of this land, it will mean our tax revenues going down, and our taxes possibly going up.

I am not going to suggest this is not a complex issue.  All I am saying this is an issue we as voters in Brownsville need to be aware of.  I can write strong essays for and against.

I concede all sides have good arguments including those in Brownsville who want Brownsville to give up the land even though it could mean a tax increase.

My job is to make you aware of the issue so you can decide, are you going to vote for the commissioners who have already taken a stand on defending Brownsville's control over this land to protect the tax dollars, or are you going to stand with the Lucio ticket which will concede the land to the other cities?

Again - this is a unique issue for Brownsville - the cities coming after Brownsville have their rights too - but elections are local and this is a local issue for Brownsville.  I am not discounting the rights of the other cities - all I am doing is making my readers aware of this issue and that they better make sure they do not vote for the candidate on the ticket which wants to give up the land, if it is their wish that we keep the land.

Get involved and be informed - then vote based on what you think is best for Brownsville - some of you will say hold and not give up the land - some will say conceded the land back - just be informed and know what the different tickets represent.

Now I know I have gone out of my way defending the interests of these cities coming after Brownsville, but the posts will come saying I am ignoring them.  No, I am writing solely on an issue which impacts Brownsville.  I am asking that the readers get informed and learn which candidates stand for keeping the land and which stand for conceding the land back - and vote according to what they think is best. All sides have valid arguments -

If you are going to post an argument for either side - keep out the moronic language and it will get through.  I have no problem publishing comments on why Brownsville should concede he land or why they should keep it - just make your argument without the bad language.

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Erasmo Castro put Bela's plea on his page and several people posted the name of several apartments.  Unfortunately only one included a number and I could not find phone numbers for any of the other apartments.  But see the previous post.  Rebeca Apartments did post and while it did not work out because of BHA rules, it was nice to know people cared to post ideas.

Bela says thank-you to the Cheez and his Ch-elves.

We finally found a perfect apartment - price - no background check - good energy efficiency - tomorrow it will be in BHA authority's hands - the owner needs an immediate move-in - the mother is ready to move - but the question is will the BHA allow her to move so fast.

Although they did their best to help with Bela's situation and the apartments are beautiful and well priced at $750 for a new construction 2 bedroom, the BHA has rules on how much clients on vouchers can spend.  Rebeca Apartments was ready to allow them to move in January 1, 2015.
They are on Jaime Zapate across from Palm Resaca. - between OPI and Robindale. You can call them at 956-550-0808.
The big mistake people make in buying or renting is they think they are saving with cheaper when they are not,  Bela's mom currently pays over $250 a month for electric in an old one bedroom.  The manager told me her two bedroom is running about $100 a month. 
You must inspect windows and doors for leaks - cheaper in rent is not always cheaper in overall cost of housing.
I highly recommend this place - not just because she was so kind to try and help, but because the place is beautiful and energy efficient.
Again, thanks for trying.

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I am certain I will get in trouble for this post - the mother will not be happy - but since I will have Bela and her mother live in my home for the next 20 years before I allow her to go homeless, I've decided to write this story.

Because Bela's mother has no credit report she cannot lease an apartment except from landlords who do not do credit checks.  She has a housing voucher for a 2 bedroom but everyone who accepts housing vouchers does credit background checks.  Since the mother has no credit report she cannot get an apartment.  It is really that simple. 

Now I can hear it - get a job - like it is so simple - she has been to the Texas Workforce and agreed to all of the training they were willing to offer - but people do not want to hire single moms with children at home.

Greg Abbott on child support is a worthless as a tit on a boar hog - I cannot tell you how many times we have provided the Child Support Office with the father's address, and nothing - they will not even try. 

I am working on getting a Dallas law firm to sue the landlord for defamation per se.  The entire thing started because some seniors did not want a certain male visiting his mother at the complex.  Bela's mother had no control over the situation and it was a different apartment .  When Doug Kvalvog the owner was notified that Bela's mother had no control over what was happening he started with some very serious false claims which are defamation per se.  He was mad he screwed up and was now going to punish this young mother for standing up for her rights.  He is a two-bit bully who never learned how to be a man and is a pathological liar.

The good news because he is the type landlord who would pay a lawyer to sue god for making him stupid he hired Christopher Lee Phillippe.  The lawyer probably knows  as much about landlord tenant law as he does open heart surgery.  He is as incompetent as they come.  This has worked to Bela's mother's advantage.

In the first agreement to extend her lease he did not request Bela's mother release Doug Kvalvog of the defamation per se charges in exchange for extending the lease for a short period of time.  A first year law student would not have made this mistake.

In early August she did find an apartment across from Perez elementary school which would have been a perfect location for a variety of reasons.  She signed a lease and paid a deposit - the day we went for the key the landlord said he had spoken with her current landlord and changed his mind. We were able to use that little stunt to extend her time again.

Then last month the mother paid the deposit on a duplex just down the block which means Bela would not have to change schools.  Her landlord then shows and tells her all is well and they want her to stay and would she please pay the rent.  So she paid the December rent.  In fact they gave her a few days to come up with the last $100 until she could get her deposit back from the other landlord.  The next day Christopher Lee Phillippe sends her a letter by hand delivery stating she needs to get out by January 9, 2015, or else the attached eviction petition would be filed.

Do you begin to understand how vindictive and the kind of bully Doug Kvalvog is.  He knows she is moving per the written agreement, he knows she has paid a deposit for the new place and then demands she pay the rent for December claiming all is well just so that she will give up the place she has found to rent, and then the next day has his lawyer serve her with notice to move in 30 days or get evicted.  This is twice she has lost a place to live because of Doug Kvalvog's conduct,

We need laws which shut down landlords like Doug Kvalvog.  I have read the petition for eviction and if the law is followed, it will go nowhere.  It is defective and the claim does not form a basis for eviction.  I have a signed document to prove the truth.  So Doug Kvalvog will pay Christopher Phillippe for a jury trial, and if Bela's mom loses, then another jury tial in county court.  This case will go on for as long as the law allows, and so long as Bela's mother pays the rent she stays.


Someone out there has to know some apartment manager who will accept the voucher for a two bedroom.  When you go by Bela's apartment her mom is the only one who decorates for every holiday - she keeps it clean.  I have seen how Bela interacts with the seniors at the complex - they adore her.  But the mother is tired of fighting Doug Kvalvog because his father never taught him you do not bully single moms after they point out you were mistaken.  He is a too bit bully who never learned to be a man, honor or integrity.  I know the evidence and will stand on my comments in court - I am fully aware this guy is so stupid he will pay Phillippe $100,000 to sue me to lose because he cannot conceive of the idea he is a too bit bully who needs to be taken to task and shut down.  I would love nothing more than to face him head on in court before a jury - I am certain I will bankrupt him and put him and his wife on the street where they belong.


Someone has to know a landlord who will rent to Bela's mother and accept the voucher.  Unless we find someone in short order I will not let them go homeless -they will live here - even though I know that means it could be years before they can move out. 

So anyone who knows a landlord who is not a heartless bastard please contact me so we can find a place for Bela to live - I will not release the name of her school for security reasons - but it would be nice if she would not have to change schools - she is good at the social game and loves her school, teachers, staff and friends - she hated Thanksgiving week because she wanted to be in school.

Oh, Bela knows how to play me on school - she says she needs a Touch Ipad for school and that I promised to buy everything she needs for school - well I am doing my best to have Santa bring her a Touch IPad - anyone know where they are going for a good price? - I some how do not think she needs it for pre-K but she is very good on the computer and she has outlived the usefulness of her original pad - so she does need something more advanced to better develop her computer skills.