Saturday, November 1, 2014


I never do cash back, but yesterday morning I was in a daze and was not really paying attention.  Once I said yes, I went for $40.  When I got home I realized I left it in the machine.

Here was my choice - if I looked at the video and it showed who took the $40 my only choice would have been to file criminal charges with a small chance of catching the criminal - well unless it was an employee, or let it go..

I thought about it and asked myself "for $40 am I prepared to destroy some one's life?  What if it was a single parent struggling to feed his/her family?  A retired couple on a fixed income?"

It was an easy choice - yes I am out $40, but in the bigger scheme of things $40 is not a basis to destroy some one's life.  Their life must already be bad if they feel a need to chance going to jail over stealing a mere $40.


Anonymous said...

Good Choice Bobby! That is why you will never lack for anything. Have A Wonderful Weekend!

BobbyWC said...

I live by the parable of JOB, which is why I could be on the street tomorrow and still have everything I need.

Bobby WC