Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The new Ford Dealers in town
The 1936 organization of the Pipkin-Manske Motors to handle the sales of the Ford cars in Brownsville and surrounding area brought together three men who had years of experience in business.
John Pipkin, Otto Manske and Maurice Tipton, had a long history of being in business in the Valley and/or in Brownsville, either in the auto business or in kindred lines.
Pipkin and Manske were operators of a service station which was then located at the corner of Levee and Ninth Streets, while Tipton, who came here form Mission, had been peddling fords since the early 1920s.
In announcing the new dealership the Ford Motor Company called attention to the high business standing of the members of the new firm and expressed confidence that the new firm would have a bright future in Brownsville.
And you know the rest of the story!

Below are the owners mentioned in the article


I have brother who buys the kits to make the old cars.  He uses fuel efficient engines.  He drives them for a while and then sells them.

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