Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Randy in the red wrote the lyrics. I have known Randy for 17 years and he is exactly like the song.


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that even the most partisan Democrat would not think that a change in the balance of power in the US Senate was not needed. Harry Reid has blocked legislation for 6 years and the simple fact that congress has not even passed a budget since Obama has been in the Whitehouse should for any thinking adult enough to say that a change was needed. I hope that this election, which was about "hope and change" propels the Republicans to take third branch of government which would be the "Executive".
This is just the start of an awakening that the United States is still not ready to be a completely Socialist government.

BobbyWC said...

A completely moronic statement which reflects your total lack of knowledge - President Obama had no control over the budget - had you paid attention in school you would know Congress passes a budget not the President.

Further in the same way the Republicans barred the Senate from moving forward on a budget, the Democrats with the draconian Senate rules will bar the Republicans from moving forward on a budget - and my position that we need to end the current use of the filibuster will not change - the Republicans won fair and square and they should be allowed to rule - but the Senate rules will not allow for that - but I am sure you will blame Obama for that too.

You clearly have never looked up the term Socialist - you are as clueless as to its meaning as anyone could be.

You are the sap who loves to repeat the drivel you hear as if it is reality

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Well so much for furthering the conversation, personal attacks and berating are nothing more than sour grapes; and no where did the previous comment say that the fact congress has not produced a budget is Obama's doing. Although in Obama's own words: "I am not on the ballot, but my policy is; all of it." So yes I believe President Obama, his policy was on the ballot and it was rejected over overwhelmingly. This is the most important election in 20 years and the win was achieved by the Republicans promoting disciplined candidates that took on Obama's policy and made a clear choice to follow his lead or change course. Don't be a hack your guys lost and deservedly so.

Anonymous said...

Wendy Davis was never even a real candidate, she lost by 20 points and you buddy and now Governor Abbot got more votes in Cameron County than the one message mirage Wendy Davis. Instead of a reaffirmation of the failed democratic agenda (socialist agenda) and spiraling down the toilet of the US economy the PEOPLE have spoken.

BobbyWC said...

You are delusional. My retirement account and that of every other senior has grown in leaps and bounds since Obama took office - on what planet are you on - there are more billionairs and millionaires since Obama took office

-24 percent: Decline in the Dow during President George W. Bush's second term from 2005 to 2009, dropping 2,522 points to 7,949.

On Friday the stock market closed at 17484, that is up 10,000 unde Obama - unemployment is down, the deficit if finally decreasing

Clinton left us with a Budget surplus - Bush with record deficits

Again exactly what planet are you on?

I made it clear from day one Wendy Davis was a one trick pony stealing money needed by the Senate candidates - she wasted 30 million -

Bobby WC