Monday, November 24, 2014

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Some things never change
Where is UT-Brownsville’s share?
UT-Permian Basin approves new 10-year facility master plan
Along with renaming the campus in Midland the University of Texas Permian Basin-Midland (UTPB-Midland), regents of The University of Texas System recently approved a 10-year facility master plan that calls for building new facilities for the Midland campus and the UTPB campus in Odessa.
The new facilities plan calls for about $264 million in capital improvements at both the Midland and Odessa campuses, with $88 million allotted for new housing units, $73 million for academic and engineering facilities, and $60 million for infrastructure and $43 million for an events center.
The new 10-year plan calls for building three large academic buildings, an athletic building and residential housing units at the UTPB-Odessa campus, said David Watts, UTPB president. The plan also calls for a 6,000-seat events center to host community and sporting events for the Odessa campus. The new facilities plan for the UTPB-Midland campus includes a 95,000-square-foot engineering building, on-campus housing and additions to existing buildings at that campus, Watts said. Regents must approve any plans to build new facilities before construction can begin at either campus, he added.
Information taken for the Texas Government Insider, Volume 10, issue34, Friday August 31, 2012

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Anonymous said...

Check the pedigree of Midland and Odessa and compare it to Brownsville's population. There is your answer.