Monday, November 3, 2014

Theyhave my letter which uses the same basic format I used to get the city to pull city plaza off the agenda over the TOMA violation.  Their general counsel and Board all have the letter.  I have to be honest, people with this kind of power care little about the law.  The key here is going to be getting the Austin media to take the story if a TRO issues.  It is not all that certain a lawsuit will be filed.  I have been told it is in the works, but who knows.

Tony Martinez is promising the world to everyone to keep them silent.  You can only promise so much - but the people taking the bait are too stupid to understand Tony cannot possibly deliver on all of his promises.

Where the city messed up big time is, and I learned this from a reader, in the TOMA notice they failed to say if it is a sale of gift.  A specific statute exists for listing it as a gift.  This means the notice is defective.  But the real mess up is in the package to the commissioners.  Tony Marttinez had it listed as a sale so as to confuse the commissioners.  Sale means there must be a public vote.

This is real simple - if the attorney follows through with the lawsuit we win.  The bad PR which will follow UT once the TRO issues is more than they can handle.  They will cut and run and blame Tony Martinez and Juliet Garcia for misinforming them and not following the law at the local level.

This is now in the hands of the lawyer.  Let's hope he follows through.  This battle will end the second the bad PR hits UT through the Austin media.

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Anonymous said...

Though I often disagree with your opinions, in this case you have my thanks and respect for making the effort to save the park.

A job well done.