Sunday, November 23, 2014


"This is a rather remarkable historical photograph of the Steamboat Bessie on the Rio Grande River as it is supplying Fort Ringgold in Rio Grande City. It is undated but it is very old. The Steamboat Bessie regularly supplied Fort Ringgold, in Rio Grande City. It also travelled 12 miles up stream from Rio Grande City to Roma as well."


Sometimes, looking backwards will inform us of our future.  For a history of steamboats on the Rio Grande - click  Brownsville Steamboats

One of the things Pat Ahumada had correct was the weir dam.  It solved our water problems.  It guaranteed development of downtown.  But Pat Ahumada never understood and still does not understand the social process of politics.  There is no doubt he is entitled to a lot of political capital for his help on Lincoln Park - but the bottom line is he still does not get politics involves finesse - a finesse he does not have - so in effect the political capital he has gained on Lincoln Park is zeroed out with his reputation of his way or the highway.

The boom to tourism and downtown with steamboats at this point would be immeasurable.  Expansion of UTRGV near downtown does nothing for downtown.  Students are not going to eat in high priced restaurants or use any downtown services.  They are mall shoppers.  But tourism brings hotels, restaurants, and shops.

Could you imagine taking a steamboat up river to Progresso - now that would be fun.  I would do it all of the time.  We got to think in the context of our natural resources.  Investing in UTRGV does nothing for economic development in Brownsville.  The jobs are few and will do nothing for downtown.  UTRGV is going nowhere - they know if they leave Texas A & M will move in.

The weir dam needs to be an issue in the May elections.  We cannot abandon downtown.  If we want to beat Tony Martinez on downtown development we must be willing to present a viable alternative to expansion of UTRGV.

We must also support candidates who can get along - no matter what Pat Ahumada says he cannot win because he is still Pat.  And I do not mean his problems with the check or Fly Frontera - I mean his personality.  We cannot afford another round of city commissioners opposing anything he favors because Ahumada has a knack for alienating everyone - even when he is right.

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UT-RGV has fewer employees and students than UT-B had and the tuition is increasing 20% for freshmen. The enrollment will decline because the local students in their majority are not academically ready for UT. No more open enrollment, NO INSCRIPCIONES ABIERTOS!!!