Wednesday, November 19, 2014


We spent an hour on the phone.  I did a quick follow-up with a key source.  This post will not be a tit for tat between the source and Sergio Zarate.  I will discuss his thinking and his positions.

For now I will say he denies meeting with Tony Martinez.  He also says he is on record with the Parks Advisory Committee as opposing the sale or conveyance of Lincoln Park.  He wanted my readers to know that DownBytheBorder [which actually works for the benefit of all special needs children and not just Down children] worked to have playground equipment installed in Lincoln park for special needs children.

Everyone who truly knows me knows I will take your call and listen and then do a follow-up story.  Our conversation was very cordial and productive.

I will say I told him that if he runs against Jessica Tetreau he could end up helping a Tony Martinez plant get elected.  It will be for my readers to decide what they want to believe.

It is still not clear to me whether Sergio admitted to making calls claiming Jessica Tetreau is not running.  He stated he did not do cold calling.  I said I was not asking about cold calling.  The conversation turned to a claim months ago Jessica told him she was thinking of not running.  Even if this is true, you do not call her supporters and claim she is not running without checking with her a final time before you start such calls.  He was not comfortable with this part of the conversation.  He never denied making calls - which could be as few as one.

Without me asking he stated that he was aware of Tony Martinez's strong dislike for Jessica Tetreau.  This would certainly be a strong political consideration in any run.  The fact he knew this and offered it tells me it was and remains a consideration in his mind.

But like I said, I originally held this story because I do not see Tony Martinez aligning with Sergio Zarate.  Sergio and his wife have a long history of losing and Tony is not one to back just anyone. 

What bothers me is, Tony Martinez's dislike for Jessica Tetreau was clearly on his mind and this does not bode well for his motivation.

I am certain Sergio Zarate's support for Lincoln park can be documented.  But any run by Sergio against Jessica Tetreau only benefits Tony Martinez' candidate.  Sergio says he cannot think of anything Jessica has done wrong - so what will be the campaign?

I will say in his mind he is convinced as a city commissioner more money will flow to special needs children. He is wrong.  For every nickel he can manage to get he will have to sell his soul to Tony Martinez. [Do not count on Tony losing - the establishment wants him, and he will not think twice about spending $100,000 of his own money to hold onto his office - it has become a major ego thing for him.]  In the event Sergio were to win and Tony were to lose Sergio would end up with less.  Negotiating 4 votes for anything is never easy - especially if the new commission sees you as someone who tried to help the defeated Tony Martinez.

If Sergio runs he will lose unless Tony makes him his de facto man.  Tony is not stupid - he will hold out the promise of more money for special needs children - such as he has done with Rose Gowen for her projects - and secure Sergio's vote.  Sergio will not turn down money for special needs children even if it means being Tony Martinez's boy.  So on a substantive level - a run by Sergio Zarate against Jessica Tetreau means another vote for Tony Martinez - Tony knows what it will take to buy Sergio's allegiance - this is politics people - and Sergio will never walk away from more money for special needs children - the price of Tony Martinez having another vote for his machinations will not be too high of a price so long as the money flows to projects for special needs children.

Sergio and Dolores Zarate need to remain out of politics and continue to do the great work done by DownBytheBorder.  The second Sergio sits as a city commissioner the entire organization becomes compromised because every politician in this town knows in order to get more money for special needs Sergio will have to cut a deal with every devil in town and in the end he will end up hurting the organization and in effect the very children the organization serves.


Anonymous said...

So without evidence or any thing of substance, you, (Mr. I will not print anything if I have not checked them out).... Now tell us that he did not meet with Martinez, like you printed he did, he does not share the views of you assured he did, so you are a liar like I posters have said. Only when the person in question has to call you on your lies do you do a half ass retraction. You are pathetic, at-least Montoya has a drinking problem to blame, what is yours?

BobbyWC said...

Where have I said my sources are changing their story? Nowhere - I said if denies the claims I would print that - that's all - A lie would be I had no sources -0 my sources are holding strong

So why do you presume my sources are the one's lying and not Sergio - what is your excuse?

Further I even have not finished the post and you go off on your lies saying I lied when I am clear my sources are holding

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Mr. Zarate if he does decide to be a candidate against Jessica T.

Anonymous said...

And I will not, so your vote is cancled

Anonymous said...

Each their own, may the best candidate win,..