Saturday, November 22, 2014

For about three years now I have taken care of my own sleep apnea treatment.  I upgraded to a Resmed CPAP/BIPAP.  Maybe 6 months or so ago they asked for my current sleep study and then asked if for a fee I would test a new product.  The machine was free, so why not?

First and foremost the machine does its job.  What I did not know until after the test period was done was that the company had built in a wireless system to the machine to communicate with my wireless system to upload the nightly data to their corporate system.  Based on the serial number on the machine I then log in every morning about an hour after I take off the mask, and there is a summary for me to use with my doctor if need be.

For example I stopped breathing on average once an hour last night.  Do not fret - that is the purpose of the machine - at a roaming pressure of 16-18, there is a lot of forced air going into me to get me breathing again.

The daily information also tells me if I had a pressure leak and if so how to adjust the mask to prevent the pressure leak. 

The information also tells my doctor how many hours I wore the mask during the night.  This is important for the issue of compliance.  If you are not using the machine every night you will not get the benefit and your doctor needs to know your fatigue may be caused by your non-compliance. 

After the study they asked if I would help with the web page.  My part was simply to explain if I understood the information on each page.  As a user they wanted to know if the page was user friendly.  This is when I  found out about the wireless part.  At that point the hour on the phone answering questions was worth it. 

I will be a lifetime client of RESMED. 

If the data ever shows I stop breathing too many times in one night, I can pdf the information and send it to my VA doctor through a VA system known as secure messaging.  She can then use that data to order a new sleep study or to just have me increase the pressure to see if that solves the problem.

Medical technology gets better every day.


I travel a lot.  A medical device does not count as a carry on - that is good.  But security does require you take the machine, hose and mask out of the carry on.  I have had several of these CPAP's.  The carrying case is so user friendly and so easy to use at the airport for security.  This is just an extra bonus of this product.  The product used by the VA has a horrible carrying case.


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Bobby, can you please give us an address or phone number where some of us can get info on the cpad?

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