Thursday, November 27, 2014


I am beyond blessed.  My life has been the most extraordinary adventure - high roads and low roads - you need both to keep it exciting.
How lucky am I - I was taught to use my hands - yesterday I rebuilt the piping system under a friend's kitchen sink - last week I refloated my kitchen ceiling, sanded, and then refloated it again.  It is waiting a second sanding before the hopper and then painting.  I prepared the wood for a shelf for my cable box and DVD  player.  When I got home from east Texas my ex had already made it - I was going to make it with a sliding bottom - but this is nice.

I watched my mother struggle at Hofstra university with 7 kids at home.  She was studying to be a social worker.  She taught me there were no limits to what I can do - a widow with 7 kids and English as her second language at age 44 entering the university.  It did not matter they could not teach me to read - I taught myself.  For the record I have learned through testing - I can read right to left twice as fast left to right.  My brain does not have time to wonder from the slow reading - so my comprehension improves dramatically.

God blessed me with the humility to know learning how to use your hands is as important as using your brain. 

God blessed me with the neurological problems which impacted my writing and depth of my critical thinking to remind me of the importance of humility.  I am reminded and beyond grateful that this new medicine Nuvigil will help restore my writing skills.  My critical thinking skills are enhanced within an hour of taking the pill.  I am still on more samples - but am hopeful the VA will approve it now that three specialists are saying I needed it and cannot take the cheaper modafinil.

God blessed me to know I must get all of my grammar books out and study hard.  God blessed me to know I probably need to go back to UTB and take several semesters of grammar to restore my skills.

God blessed me to not be discouraged by drunks, punks, and manic depressives because he saw fit to put me through this challenge to make me a better person.

God blessed me to know he would never challenge me with more than I can handle, and in knowing  he knows everything I need before I even know I need it. 

God blessed me to know I need not pray for anything except to keep my faith - for God knows what I need and to ask God for anything in my mind means I have lost faith in his love and omniscience.

God blessed me with two parents who lived life according to their moral compass instead of a contrived life created by miserable people who obsess with controlling how we should live our lives.  They taught me the value of being myself.  Both were born with silver spoons in their mouths and both chose paths of living outside the privileged classes. 
Daddy was rough on my older brothers - but they learned to use their hands and can do just about anything.  He spent endless nights in jail as a union organizer under FDR [not a fan btw]  He lost his job with Pan Am during the cleansing of commies because earlier in his life he was a member of the Little Kremlin.  Most Americans left the Little Kremlin once the truth about Stalin came out. 
I am proud of the fact my mother died in the very hospital which vilified her for forcing them to put signs in Spanish and English.  She died in a hospital she made a better place, and every doctor treating her knew who she was. She was working for the federal government at the time as a social worker and federal court translator and put the full force of her office behind making Nassau county medical center put the signs in Spanish and English.
Neither gave a rats ass what the drunks, punks, and manic depressives had to say - they followed the path they believed God placed them on.  They both were Christian Scientists.  Their life was anything but contrived - it was meaningful - filled with mistakes, wonders, and accomplishments.
Could I have been any more blessed?  Mistakes are good - they help us learn
And finally, God blessed humanity with the love of dogs - my girls - Keaton and Buster.
Oh btw that little wood box in the right hand corner in the TV picture is Keaton.

Life is wonderful - enjoy the day - but I will not share my pies - they are for gifts to families in need of good pies.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be grateful - just look and you will find something which makes you feel grateful.

Oh, thanks for allowing me to share my faith and memories.  What a wonderful day.  I guess I must also say [lol] I am blessed with so many faithful readers.  Trust me I know I am not perfect - how boring would that be? - I have made mistakes in some of my postings - but I have never lied or taken a penny for my work. -  So join me in not being perfect - life is more interesting that way.

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