Saturday, November 1, 2014


These are the memories which help to make children happy later in life.  I love Halloween - the superman kid whose mother had to drag him to get candy from me because he was afraid was a hoot - the 20-something father with his wife and 2 kids dressed as Snow White was hysterical - the truck load of kids who I told not to get down while we just passed around the pumpkin bucket filled with candy -[trust me the parents appreciated it]  all of the people who do not speak English who taught me Pedro is how Spanish TV refers to Fred Flintstone- the kinds actually knowing who Fred Flintstone is because they still show it on some channel known as Boomerang [TW 253] -how could you not come away from this with a big smile on your face?

Oh and Scarlet - the cutest little girl ever - she had on these very small pink prescription glasses - so, so cute.  The father laughed when I told Scarlet to be good and have a nice night. 

The kids loved my big Fred Flintstone feet.  Two different neighbors came over to spray me with Off - I was sitting on my tailgate in the driveway getting eaten alive.

It was a great night all around - next year - maybe I will go as Snow White -

It is sad that drunks and punks have no appreciation for the night when imagination rules and joy and fun does not require alcohol or drugs.

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