Thursday, November 6, 2014

Now you watch, Sarkis will pay Montoya for an ad, failing to realize that paying Montoya to promote your campaign is toxic, and Montoya will attack me by saying - it does not matter Limas dismissed felony charges against Sarkis, without so much as an appearance of an attorney because the feds cleared him.  But here is my issue.  The feds cleared Judge elect Juan Magallanes but once the soon to be ex judge Oscar X. Garcia paid Montoya Judge Elect Magallanes was guilty as sin.

Below are the documents I retrieved from the DA's file.

If someone with a long term memory of the ADA's might look to page four.  On the bottom right hand corner  there is an entry - restitution paid and then initials.  Does anyone recognize the initials. [ I since learned the attorney was David Coronado who now works for either the DOJ or Willacy county.]

The DA's file was basically the same as the public file with the exception of the bounced checks from 2002, and page 4 attached hereto.

Here are his bankruptcy documents from 2008

The DA's file had no notes which indicate an attorney ever communicated with the DA's office for Sarkis.  A court ADA is not authorized to dismiss a felony theft charge - especially which is 4 years after the fact when it appears restitution occurred - without the permission of a supervisor.

There is nothing in the file to indicate when restitution actually happened.
Bankruptcy and thousands of dollars in bounced checks - come one people - people make mistakes sometimes over 420 dollars - but not two checks totaling more than $13,000.  Does anyone believe when he paid Cardenas Auto he believed he had that amount of money in the bank?


Anonymous said...

I do not have the facilities to check but I would guess writing out a check in a foreign languare invalidates the instrument. As would writing the amount in foreign currency.

BobbyWC said...

Nice catch - on the language issue not an issue - the legal consensus is the vendor can require English - but the bank will honor it based on the written amount and signature

But nonetheless nice catch on the language issue for how the check was written

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

By the way this story ran before Montoya was even a factor - the story is - Limas dismissed his felony charges without so much as Sarkis having an attorney

The standard was set if you were helped by Limas you should not be elected.

This is separate from the felony charge and bankruptcy - none of which has to do with Montoya. In Dallas Sarkis would be destroyed by the press for these things.

My only point was watch how Montoya changes his view once Sarkis writes a check - that is the only Montoya factor.

I exposed Sarkis twice before with Montoya not being a variable - the reality hurts.

On the other matter because third parties who know me are no one's business - I think Candy Cascos' wife is about to get a call Crissy pooo

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Your a dick, I dare you to post it, because you only post crap you want on comments

BobbyWC said...

To the anony whose comment I did not approve - you need to give me more information - I ran the business address and names - nothing -

For you Martin

I will be posting the tax suit and foreclosure

Why would I not post such a vile comment - it only proves to my readers how low you are - keep them coming

Bobby WC