Friday, November 7, 2014

First some house cleaning.  I chose this picture because nothing in it indicates the office Luis Saenz holds.  Luis Saenz is being meticulous in keeping his office out of this lawsuit.  In a very clean message that he is acting as a private citizen he conducted the press conference outside the building which houses his office.  He also could not provide anyone a copy of the lawsuit or TRO because there was no time to run to a private service to make copies.  He will not allow for anything in his office to be used for this lawsuit.  Not so much as a piece of paper.  While it was an inconvenience to the press, it was a sign of good ethics.
I will post the TRO - but first - what is happening.
Luis Saenz, Mathew Kendall and their attorney are fighting not to keep Lincoln Park, but to force the city and the UT Board of Regents to comply with the law.  It is not that they do not care about the park, they do, all the court can do is look to the legal issues, and not the social issue as to the wishes of the people.  It is possible that Judge Nelson can order compliance with the law and UT eventually complies with the law and we lose Lincoln Park anyway - but for a lot more money.
The hearing will be November 19, 2014 at 9 a.m.
People need to understand, Luis Saenz, Mathew Kendall, and Michael Cowen need to stay focused on the legal issues surrounding Lincoln Park.  Even if they agree with some of the ancillary issues, it does not serve their cause to be party to things other groups may try and accomplish on the side.
For things we might do outside from what they are doing, we must be careful to not cause them problems with our actions.
I have said this before and will say it again.  What I am doing behind the scenes in Austin is my work - there is no evidence they support what I am doing.  Also I would say in some cases they would oppose part of what I am doing.  I say this because the PR campaign is not a legal campaign.  You cannot argue a moral result as a basis in law to win a lawsuit.  Michael Cowen is limited to the legal points.  In the end he can force UT to comply with the law, and they could still get the park, albeit for a lot more money.  He and his clients will handle the courtroom and lawsuit as they should - focused on the law.
We can still argue the moral issues to the Austin Press.  UT will not like it - they may in fact complain to Michael Cowen.  I am certain he will say he represents Luis Saenz and Mathew Kendall and cannot tell the people of Brownsville what to feel.
My first press releases with documents have already been released to the Austin press.  I have no idea if they will take the story.  The first response was, Brownsville is not their beat.  I said but the UT Board of Regents is.  They bought - we shall see.  I have so many documents I have to download so I can upload them for the press.  For now key news media has the lawsuit, without exhibits, and the TRO. I am still uploading the exhibits


Luis Saenz, Mathew Kendall and Michael Cowen have put their names and careers on the line.  We owe it to them to do our part.

Our only hope to change this is to either force Rose Gowen to resign - hopefully UT will give her a choice of keeping her job or resigning from the city commission.  This is not new to Brownsville.  Remember Charlie Atkinson

"Aug. 26--AUGUST 26, 2006 -- Customs and Border Protection has given notice to City Commissioner Charlie Atkinson that it intends to fire him. The agency, for which Atkinson worked as an inspector until he was placed on administrative leave in May, notified him of his Sept. 28 termination. "They're saying I voted on an issue pertaining to (the Department of Homeland Security)," he said. Customs also is under DHS. In response to CPB concerns about a conflict of interest or appearance of a conflict of interest in serving as an elected official, Atkinson promised during his spring campaign to abstain from any votes that involved federal funds. "

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The other choice is to force Portillo to change her position.  My sources are saying that is highly unlikely and Chavez is not even up for discussion.

Many of us believe there is a racial component to this.  Remember my research showed UT Tyler gets about $12,000 per student whereas UT Brownsville gets about $3500 per student.  The difference is Tyler is predominately Anglo and Brownsville is predominately Latino.  For PR purposes I need to push this in Austin.  But I want to be clear - those in the lawsuit are not concerned with this issue - it is not their issue it is mine and that of many of my readers.  Again the lawsuit is about the legal issues and process, not the motivation many of us believe to be behind these deals involving Tony Martinez and Juliet Garcia.

I will continue all weekend to work the PR issue.

I can only hope with UT now knowing they are facing a lawsuit, along with some bad press related to racial issues - they will just move on and leave us be.

To close this out - the racial claims are mine and not the parties to the lawsuit - again they are only focused on the legal process of the deal - nothing more nothing less.

We the people must make the social issue.  The social issue has no place in court.

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