Saturday, November 8, 2014


I am working with the entire Austin and now some national news media.  My goal is not so much the litigation but the history between Brownsville and UT - the endless taking of millions upon millions by one of the wealthiest university systems in the world from some of the poorest people in the U.S. who just happen to be Latino is reprehensible.  I am highlighting in part the disparity in how much UT  gives Anglo universities versus Latino universities.  I am highlighting the fraud in the original TSC UTB partnership created by Rene Oliviera and Juliet Garcia.  If you remember the deal said UT only had to pay the rent is the legislature put it in the budget.  Of course they never put it in the budget.  We were out some $10 million.

CNN, and all other national news services look to the AP wire for good stories.  This is why the AP wire picking up the story is so important.  The UT Board of Regents needs to be held accountable at a national level.  Once that happens major donors will start to make calls demanding an explanation of such things as Rose Gowen working for UT at the same time she is voting as a Brownsville City Commissioner to give away - effectively Lincoln Park to UT.  There will be no positive spin on this of this for the UT Board of Regents.

Click for Statesman and AP wire story

Getting to the national level could take a month.  It all begins with the AP wire.

It is essential community groups organize protests at Lincoln Park - A creative group can put on a play mocking the city commission and UT Board of Regents at the amphitheater in Lincoln Park.  We must keep this in the news until CNN or others pick up on it.


Anonymous said...

You are the man, the need for this awareness has been long overdue. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you BV!

BobbyWC said...

So people knows how this works - the key is to get it on the wires - the national news services look to the wires for stories - it was weeks after Villalobos conviction before it was picked up nationally - it is a process

The Managing Editor of the Statesman after reviewing documents and videos assigned a reporter - they then put the Herald piece on the AP wire for a short story while they develop the bigger story - it was Friday - they have to wait for UT and COB to respond to their questions

The bigger story will be developed and then placed on the AP wire again.

The local stations are looking at the pictures and documents.

It could take more than a week before they put something together - their managers are going to require multiple efforts be made to get UT's side

This is a process which requires a lot of patience and work

But the first step to get it out of the local media is always the AP wire

It use to be the reporters locally would submit their footage to the networks and wires in hopes of being recognized for a better job, but here in the Valley they do not know how to do that or they are not allowed.

Bobby WC