Friday, November 7, 2014


The lawsuit is ready and I expect to have it posted by noon - I have no idea if a judge will sign the TRO - but the law is 100% on our side.

People do not understand my sense of faith.  Yesterday I told someone I do not believe God ever punishes anyone.  If I lose my sight tomorrow in my mind God has his reasons and I will be a better person for it.  I will somehow use it for good, and that is how I know the loss of my sight would be the good work of God.

So many people of such diverse values and opinions have worked with the BV on this.  We have all put aside our differences for El Parque Del Milagro.  Even if we lose, Lincoln Park for me will always be El Parque Del Milagro for how it brought so many diverse opinions and people together. 

If we win I pray the community will remember we won because we focused on something good and put our differences aside.


Let there be no mistake - the BV has been merely a conduit for the research.  This only happened because of the many, many diverse voices who worked so hard to provide the BV information.  Without all of those people the BV would have had nothing.  The Voices of Brownsville made this work and they have proven when united the Voices of Brownsville can and will win.

God expects us to accept redemption and view people based on their redemption.  There will be a need for real redemption after this.  Some will be seen in the mere filing of the lawsuit.  But I do not see the people accepting Portillo, Chavez, Gowen and Martinez as redeemed if it takes a court order for them to see how wrong it was for Rose Gowen to not disclose she worked for UT.

But while the people may not find redemption in them, God will. God sees the whole of the person and not just the negative


Anonymous said...

Id Dian Dillard representing the city on the sale to the University?

BobbyWC said...

No comment until after lawsuit is filed

Bobby WC