Monday, November 3, 2014

The BV is merely a conduit for many people and groups willing to provide the BV the information needed to prove our claims to the Austin news media.  We can do this - the lawsuit is key - a TRO will guarantee the Austin news media picks up the story.  It is best we win this battle in the press than in court.  It will send a very strong message to U.T., - enough is enough.  Next we will be fighting to get our $2.3 million back lost on the Casa del Nylon building because of U.T., Tony Martinez and Juliet Garcia.

This appraisal proves U.T. is engaged in theft.  It is time someone asks the FBI to investigate.  You cannot win big battles without big moves - what do I care if they ignore my complaint?  But what if  U.T. decides once they read the complaint association with Tony Martinez and Juliet Garcia are not worth it?

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BobbyWC said...

Actuallt that AG opinion is very helpful and works in line with the apprsisal I posted earlier - It will be in tomorrows post

Thanks for helping

Bobby WC