Monday, November 24, 2014

The restaurant is located in part of Fiesta Graphics which was converted for the restaurant.  I went last week.  I can eat barbecue all of the time.  I have eaten barbecue all over the state.  What I have learned is it is done different ways in different places.  There is a chain in SA I do not like because they are very vinegar based.  Some people like that - I do not.
I got the brisket plate with two sides and a soda.  I do not remember how much I paid but it was a lot less than what I pay in east Texas.  The brisket was very juicy and tender.  The portion is very, very generous,  I could not finish my sides because I was full on the brisket.  The brisket is smoked with mesquite wood.

I hate people who review restaurants, movies or books solely on their tastes.  We all have different tastes.  For me if the brisket is not juicy and tender you have lost me.  Cooks use different woods.  I know someone who uses a lot of pecan wood - yea  I will not eat it.  I prefer the flavor of mesquite.  Some people use a blend of mesquite and oak.  This all comes down to taste.

But the bottom line is the meat is tender and juice.  You can clearly see the smoke ring from the mesquite.  The sides are good.  But again every one has different tastes.  The place in SA makes a mash potato, potato salad with vinegar added - it is real bad - but people like it - not me

Here you will get a basic potato salad.  Some people like their coleslaw moist  others dry.  Theirs is a  wet coleslaw.  I just love coleslaw so I do not care.

For the portions and price you cannot go wrong - give it a try.

My long time readers know I prefer to promote locally owned restaurants over chains.  I eat at the Oyster Bar, Captain Bob's and Big Daddys.  All of them are good and locally owned.  I will now be also eating at Big E's Smokehouse.

Support our community and eat locally own.


Anonymous said...

I thought you said you were a vegetarian.

BobbyWC said...

I talk about meat dishes all of the time - although I can go days on a no animal protein diet - it all depends on my mood

I love a baked potato covered in cream corn and white cheese

Happy happy dinner - or refried Nicaraguan beans and rice - gallo pinto

Bobby WC

Michael Cowen said...

Ernie Hernandez served BBQ at his gas station back in the 1980s. My brother and I loved it (and were able to charge a brisket sandwich on the gas card my dad let us use).

If he is using the same recipes I'm sure Big E's will be good.

BobbyWC said...

It is sad for the comments I rejected. This is a simple restaurant review - nothing more nothing less. I liked the food - you may not.

Virtually every elected politician in this town used ballot harvesting - I opposed it. Ruben Pena and I worked together. I sent the trial transcript to the AG and Margarita Ozuna was indicted and convicted. Since her indictment there has been no evidence of mail ballot harvesting in Brownsville or Cameron county at large elections.

Yes, in an election after the Pena/Hernandez election the politiqueras broke the law and have been charged - but at that time it was not known Margarita Ozuna was going to be charged.

To blame one family for what nearly every elected official did makes you pathetic.

It was a virus which forced people to use the process even if they knew it was wrong - in my conversations with several elected officials who used ballot harvesting they are happy it is something of the past.

Emotionally stable people move forward.

I like barbecue - they serve it - I like their barbecue - it is that simple

Move on or play the McHale Montoya game of defaming anyone who will not pay them money on demand. The Hernandez family refused to advertise in his Rocinante and he attacked them for it. It was fine with them until they refused to pay - if you consider that a moral compass worth following - then I feel sorry for you

Now stop being pathetic and go and try the barbecue - you may find you like it and you may learn Ernie and Norma do not have the horns you think they have.

Also I have interviewed a lot of the old guard in this town and 100% of them credit Ernie with bringing Continental to Brownsville.

You will die miserable if you wait for a perfect angel as a politician - there is good an bad.

Everyone makes money as an elected official - grow up and stop blaming one family for something which happened county wide

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

It will end when imps with nothing better to do than troll the blogs to bitch and ad nothing of a constructive nature find a reason to live

Bobby WC