Sunday, November 23, 2014


This morning's Herald story on Lincoln Park is informative at several levels.  One it tells us the Herald sees money in terms of sales in keeping the story alive.

The story also informs us that Rick Longoria was moved in his vote by the outcry at the park meeting.

Finally, the story tells us that if we the people stay engaged the Herald may be willing to give us a voice.

I think in the long run we will win this.

My view is - and many disagree with me - but it is time for a recall of Debbie Portillo.  Some see it as a waste of time.  It is not.  Public outcry moved Rick Longoria.  The city is now on record with the court that no deal has been cut on the sale of Lincoln Park - this is all the more reason to start a recall on Debbie Portillo.  Before that vote comes a real effort at a recall could change her vote.  It will also keep the story in the news.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, what is your opinion on the mayor's race? The Herald reported that Tony Martinez is seeking another term.

BobbyWC said...

His announcement was nothing more than posturing to send a message he is unmoved by the lawsuit and protests.

I am not saying no one can beat him - but right now Pat Ahumada and William Garza are just helping Tony by splitting the anti-tony vote.

Look - Pat gets a million points of political capital for his work on Lincoln Park.

Pat had the vision on the weir dam - but Pat is Pat and he does not understand the social game.

Hey I am guilty of the same thing - only in the last 5 years have I finally mellowed enough to get the social game -

You need to find a way to hold your ground but to also bring in a strong alliance without having to make everyone mad at you.

It is the art of mediation and compromise. Pat gets an F on this - but on ideas with the exception of Fly Frontera he was pretty good at pushing good ideas.

And for the record, while others will care about Fly Frontera and the check scandal - I do not - I want what will move Brownsville forward and do not give a rats ass about a person's past.

The weir dam would have brought millions to Brownsville - I want the issue front and center during the election.

But I have been working on a piece I think you will like

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Is Pat trying to revive the original Brownsville three amigos? Maybe Pat is thinking of filling in for Butch's spot. That's not a good idea for Brownsville, but, the weir dam was. Too bad that wasn't the vision PUB had.

BobbyWC said...

All Pat can do at this time is be the spoiler - unless he can understand he can do more as a voice of reason and the people as an unelected official.

He needs to let the 8 liners go - he needs to focus on good public policy and use the political capital he gained on Lincoln Park to promote the weir dam and other good public policy.

We may not always agree - but I believe he can do more for the community as an unelected voice than being elected and having his hands tied by he process.

I do not give a rats ass about the check issue, the 8 Liners, or Fly Frontera - I want to hear his ideas and if they are good for Brownville - that is what I will care about

The past is the past

But if he runs his past will be all the naysayers will talk about

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

People if you cannot believe in redemption you will never be happy and never move forward

Bobby WC