Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Any hope Healthsmart had a Cata majority would help them with the settlement is now dead.  It is on BISD's agenda for action.  This could mean settlement.  We are at a point Healthsmart and their insurance company either settle of face a jury in a very hostile Cameron county.  The people here are tired of being ripped off. 


If BISD secures millions from Healthsmart it in part is coming from patience.  It has been a long haul with Cata and Luci paying a desperate drunk to vilify me for fighting for these millions which were stolen from our children.  I am certain if it settles their paid desperate drunk will spin it as Cata and Luci acting as spies to secure the information needed to force Healthsmart to pay.  You cannot stand down from a battle just because the likes of Cata and Luci will pay and in fact illegally launder campaign money to have a desperate drunk to vilify me to aid in the theft of millions of dollars from our children.

That same patience is guiding me on Lincoln park.  I have no problem waiting 3-4 years for the FBI to look at this matter.  Things are happening behind the scenes which have nothing to do with the lawsuit.  Michael Cowen and Luis Saenz are not part of my separate actions.  There are rules.  They will follow the rules as professionals.  But those rules do not apply to me.

There will be a full criminal investigation of Tony Martinez and Rose Gowen.  I am close to proving why Chavez went along with Tony Martinez on all of this mess.  The big question is was the $5 million given to Rose's boss to study management of diabetes a bribe to get Rose Gowen to go along with Lincoln Park, Casa Del Nylon an other deals?  I think it was.  But it is the type thing which could take the feds 3 years to unravel.  The UT Board of Regents know what I am doing.  Their lawyers know everything they do at this point could be used as evidence of the bribe.  But they are arrogant so it may not matter.

Now is the time to sit back and be patient.  Michael Cowen will execute on the lawsuit in a professional manner.  The law is on our side.  It is sad image does not matter to the UT Board of Regents because if nothing else the Rose Gowen mess has caused them problems.

It has also come to light through witnesses Rose Gowen has engaged in professional misconduct in a way which could end her career at UT and having anything to do with diabetes other than billing Medicare and Medicaid as a private doctor.  The UT Board of Regents is aware of the complaint.

My fear is they are so arrogant they will not care.  This is why patience is so, so important.  It may take 3-4 years to bring justice to the people of Brownsville - but we waited on Healthsmart and the reward may come tonight. 

Patience is the word of the day.


Anonymous said...

Great news!

Anonymous said...

Any word on Cata's lawsuit?

BobbyWC said...

Just checked Pacer for you - nothing new - it is on the agenda to include possible action - but I am sure it is not settlement.

If Luci had an 1/16 of a brain she would direct her attorneys at this point to nonsuit her part - but she will not - she really believes she will walk away a millionaire on the backs of our children

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Since you have direct contact with the DA why doesn't he go after Rose Gowen as a DA? Montoya brought up a good point why should there be any difference between indicting Gowen like he indicted Mara in Harlingen?

Please answer this question now that you finally have the DA ear again.

BobbyWC said...

I have posted the same story several times on Marra and Martinez - the story is not new.

In my post before the lawsuit was filed and about 20 minutes before I was told the name of the plaintiffs, my original post indicated I was formally asking Saenz to go after Rose Gowen. I then updated it once I learned Saenz was the plaintiff. Saenz as the plaintiff brings a lot of attention to the lawsuit - so I am very good with this.

My answer does not come from Saenz or any discussion I have had with him on the issue.

Ethically, he is now conflicted out because he is the plaintiff.

But this makes it easier for the Travis County DA to take the case. She will understand and see how Saenz is conflicted out. It will not appear as if he is not doing his job.

The other option is, a high profile lawyer - not Cowen because he is the attorney, can do a grand jury referral - Saenz will tell the court he is conflicted out and the court will assign someone to oversee the grand jury referral.

This way no one can say Saenz did anything to as the DA to influence the civil lawsuit.

For example he could file a motion asking the court to assign someone to investigate - but at a minimum that would have the appearance of unethical conduct.

But a grand jury referral by a high profile attorney would result in Saenz simply doing the ethical think and informing the judge over the grand jury his office is conflicted out. This allows the court then without Saenz actually asking for anything to appoint an attorney to investigate

We do not want Saenz to be put into the position of appearing to use his office to win the civil lawsuit.

They would use that as a weapon. Saenz so for gets an A+ in distancing his office from the civil lawsuit. - Not so much as one piece of paper from his office has been used for the civil lawsuit

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I forgot, the only double standard is the drunk - after my letter to the editor on this very issue, but in the case of Martinez the drunk did one of his long diatribes vilifying me - how dare I question Saenz. I guess Saenz is not longer writing checks so not he can start copying my stories - the very stories he has vilified me for

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Why Does Juan not mention that Luci Lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cause she pay s for his silence

Anonymous said...

She's so sore, that she was not at the meeting tonight....by the way, they re-scheduled it for Monday.