Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pictured is my brother with our father - circa 1943 Brownsville.  I am at a loss for the total lack of help available to veterans when they are at their greatest time in need.  Things which should be simple with the VA and the Texas Veterans Commission are a complete nightmare. 
He lives on IH 69.  He is about two years away before through eminent domain they take 15-20 feet of his property for IH 69.  His neighbor offered to buy the land and house for 1/3 of the appraised value - knowing full well in two years he will get more from the feds for the part they need for IH 69, than he is willing to pay for the entire lot and house.  The For Sale Buy Owner sign has gone up.  So I ask do we really care for our veterans?
My brother did 25 years including 2 tours in Vietnam and I am fighting TRICARE to pay for the nursing home.  It does not matter he has the cash to pay - he did 25 years and earned his TRICARE.
So based on all of the problems I am facing managing his affairs and the total lack of caring by the State or the federal VA I say no we do not really honor our vets.  A parade or speech by some con artist politician means nothing.
I may very well bankrupt myself with all of the trips and money I am spending - but I will never ever consider spending his money - his money is for his care, and not me for managing his affairs.  The court will authorize it, but I would never ask.
People we need to stop the feel good parades and speeches and really reach out and honor our veterans by taking care of them in their greatest time of need.


pAUL said...

For me I am thankful for the men and women that have served.
It allows me to put comments on your post. It allows me to vote. It allows me to go to the church I want.
As to how our vets are treated after the fact; for that I / we should be ashamed. I am.

Anonymous said...
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