Tuesday, November 11, 2014


The person who sent me this is my favorite reader - I bet you did not know that.  Faith sometimes requires it show its face.  Many years ago during a key moment in my life through this person faith reminded me it's ever present.

I have been speaking to the issue Alameel speaks to for over 16 years.  Of course the drunk has vilified me for it over and over again.  But I live in reality and not waiting on a fix I get from someone paying me to destroy our community and anyone who speaks out against the corruption.

David Alameel needs our support.  We begin by sending Amber Medina packing.  We begin by if necessary starting our own Cameron County Democratic Party while very publicly renouncing the current Cameron County Democratic Party.  It will take just one county and others will follow.  I'm with you David - all the way.

I really needed this today.  I needed a reminder of faith to get me through the next few days as I deal with some complex legal issues for my brother.  Oh he is fine - but it is taxing when you have to work with so many people and so many of them are - "how much do I get before I help you?"  It is $4500 to move him from East Texas to Brownsville.  He has the money - but we will not spend it.  We will find a way.  There are no medical issues - it is really a comfort issue.

Alameel Calls for an Uprising in the Democratic Party

Election night speech below:
"Thank you so very much. I want to thank each of you, for all your support during this campaign.
I also want you to know that what started out as a campaign for U. S. Senate became a journey for many of us!
When I first announced that I was interested in running for the U. S. Senate, our Party Headquarters in Austin flat out told me not to run.
And if that was not offensive enough, they offered me a deal: that if I gave them a really big donation, like half a million dollars, then they would in effect bless my candidacy across Texas. 
When I refused, they decided to use all of their relationships against me and supported my opposition in the Primary, forcing our campaign to waste millions of dollars in unnecessary cost.
We became the silent partner to ignore, as if the U.S. Senate race did not even exist. I complained, volunteers and supporters complained, and nothing changed. They worked against me the entire journey except during the run-off when they panicked about Keisha Rogers.
When other candidates would sneeze, our party Headquarters in Austin would create a buzz all over their social media. But no matter what we did across Texas, my campaign was made invisible. Even my debate with Cornyn was shamefully ignored. 
They fought hard to undermine the Alameel campaign. They didn’t care that they had a good candidate with the right knowledge and experience to help our people. Even Battle Ground Texas told their volunteers that they could not mention David Alameel.
That’s why I know that we have a lot of work to do in our party. It’s time to start a new movement of Democrats whose passion is to fight for “hard-working people”.
Because, if we are to prevail against those who are dragging our people down, we have to rid ourselves of these elites whose out of touch ideology and corrupt tactics have infected our party. And they sure don’t seem to care much about us.
These self-serving elites have failed us for over 20 years and they have the arrogance to assume that they can tell us what to think and what to do? Well, from here on, we’re going to tell them what to do.
The endless poverty in the Black and Latino communities, which are desperate for help, have been ignored by our party.
And I assure you that talking to them about abortion & gay marriage, or paying a short visit during election time, is not the answer for their struggle, and they remain totally uninspired.
They represent 2/3 of our Democratic votes and we have to respect the fact that they’re all devout Christians.
They’ve been left behind by our system and Democrats always take “them and their faith” for granted.
But, the way they see it, when Democrats win they never gain anything, so why should they bother to get out and vote for Democrats?
It’s time for honesty and straight talk. Enough spin, hype, and fluff from our party elites. 
The truth is, that enthusiasm and support for Democrats across Texas is slipping away. 
But we can change all of that, if our Party gets serious about making a REAL change in the lives of hard working people who are struggling to make ends meet.
The reason our party managed to pull us out of the Great Depression, gave us the New Deal, and then gave us 50yrs of the best economy, the best education, and the best Middle-Class in the world is that back then our party used to be the “People’s Party”.
So tonight, I’m saying to you, as my friends and true supporters, that if we want to claim that we are the “big tent” party, that’s large enough to win campaigns, we have to change, and change begins at home, in our own Party.
We’re going to rebuild our party, starting at the local Precinct level with the help of County chairs, and instead of wasting money on Battle Ground Texas, we should raise money for County-Chairs directly to help us build our grass-root support across Texas.
This is just the beginning for David Alameel for US Senate. We knew going in that it’s going to be an uphill battle. But we also knew that we’re in this for the long haul.
So, I’m telling you tonight that we only lost one battle in the big war and I’m not finished till the job is done.
I’m a Democrat who’s committed to building a grass root movement, that will Reclaim our party, and start working for and winning the hearts and minds of our people.
Our journey to victory continues! 2018 is just around the corner and we have a lot of work to do…  Thank You and God Bless You!"


Anonymous said...

I am a democrat and I agree with Ameel. It's time to clean up the party starting at the top with the State Chairman!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Democrat, but the horrible corruption existing in the party, made me vote Republican.

Anonymous said...

The corruption at state and local levels would keep us Democrats from voting in this bunch of corrupt asses