Thursday, November 6, 2014

I still stay active in Dallas county politics.  In fact I donated to the campaign for the Republican candidate for District Clerk.  I have known him for over 20 years, and on numerous occasions against the known wishes of the powers he followed the law in terms of preserving the files and releasing them for public viewing.  I have always judged him on the content of his character.  The Democrat won.  But you should know Dallas County is probably 90% or more elected Democrats
So how did elected DA Democrat Craig Watkins lose to a Republican?  He is the darling of the Freedom Project.  He worked to free more black defendants than Lincoln did slaves.  On occasion there were claims that his standards were not as easy going for Hispanics. 
Dallas does have a lot of black and Hispanics working hard to heal the years of strife between the groups.  But unfortunately there are those on both sides who see gain in keeping the strife going.
Craig Watkins declared war on some Democratic judges - some being very well liked Latinas.  He declared war on the Democratic Party Chair - while I personally dislike her immensely she has kept Dallas County Democratic for a very, very long time.  While I immensely dislike her in ways I cannot describe without offending many of my readers - hey she wins and Texas would do well to have her as the Chair of the Texas Democratic Party.
Craig found himself refusing to prosecute elected officials who he favored.  In fact the AG's office had to step in to prosecute a JP over election fraud and ballot harvesting.
One thing lead to another and while he remained the darling of the attorneys running the Freedom Project, he became a target of Latinos and females.  On this the of public integrity he lost all confidence of the people.
So on election night no matter how hard Gilbert Hinojosa asked the Democrats to hold and reelect Craig Watkins, Dallas instead elected its first female DA, a former Democrat turned Republican.
I was happy with this because - when the Democrats controlled Dallas it was a mess - then it went all Republican it remained a mess but for a new group.  It is now Democrat again and corruption is being ignored.  Dallas will be well served with its new DA, Susan Hawk, who I hope will expose all of Craig Watkins years of corruption for the well being of the Party leaders in Austin - shame Craig never understood he represented Dallas and not the Plantation Democrats in Austin.  Oh, and he remains under a federal investigation.
My hats off to the people of Dallas for not voting the palanca.

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