Sunday, November 2, 2014


Cesar took the BV's advise and used the Herald's correction on Luci's lies.  In the eyes of the voters this is no longer Cesar v. Luci as to the truth, it is the Herald calling Luci a liar.  Once people see this ad first, it will make Cata look like even a bigger fool than she already did in her ad.

Robert Rodriguez also has been hitting the ads hard.  It appears Carlos Elizondo spent all of his money up front.  Yes he bought name recognition up front, but in the final stretch he disappeared from the race.  Joe Rodriguez also hit the ads hard again. 

Anyone who claims there are polls of any races in the LRGV is a liar - their source is nothing less than the voices in their head.  No one knows how the election is going.  We do know on average as of yesterday about 60% of the votes had been cast.  There is still time to move the result on Tuesday.  We shall see how Monday's ads look.  Maybe Shirley Bowman finally caved to Cata's demands.


No Democrat will win statewide office.  This is the only prediction anyone can make with accuracy.  Everything else is 100% made up by the voices in McHale's head.

Other than my one prediction I have no idea who will win.

Some people love the negative misleading ads and vote based on the ads - others hate them.  I do know this, Cesar Lopez, Robert Rodriguez, and Joe Rodriguez with their last several weeks of ads have made up for lost time - whether it is enough I do not know.  Among the rank and file, Mary Rey remains popular,  We shall see.

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